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Excellent service,more than satisfied. everyone was helpful, kind, and fast. I am more than happy to make cascadia eye my permanent optometry office I have been as far as Seattle and have not seen better results in Medical testing and inspection than what I have received from Dr.siapco plus it's way closer

-Good service, -Receptionist, kind , clean &neat all rooms, with the smile.. -Assistant ,they’d assist your services -Doctors kind , neat, explained clearly etc.- -I already Recommend this clinic , actually I transferred myself as well, likes services, the stuffs and the Doctors and the place, nice quiet and clean, Highly Recommend.

Everything about the visit was exceptionally professional, thoughtful, well organized and reassuring. The notable exception, however, was the lack of efficiency and interpersonal skills at the front desk. While I had been asked to arrive 10 minutes before my appointment time, I had not expected to spend all those minutes and more standing second in line at the desk while the receptionist chatted with the first patient about all and sundry (weather, ancestry, etc.) and the clerical tasks were accomplished at tortoise speed while the line grew behind me to the door. Not a very reassuring introduction to or impression of the clinic.

Everyone was so helpful and nice. I would recommend Cascadia Eye to others.

It was different than other eye places and more professional

Very friendly, welcoming and clean. Made my 8 year old daughter feel at ease and comfortable, she said she really liked it there. Thank you for making our experience a good one. We for sure will continue our business with you!

Live Dr. Periera..front desk slow..waited 10 minutes in line for check in making us late. Someone needs to step up when there us a slowness..

Doctor Siapco and all the staff at Cascadiaeye clinic are always friendly and caring. I appreciate all their work and they do their job excellently.

It was okay I guess I went there need to check my eyes and that's

All were welcoming and professional. The only confusion was about which part of the building I should go to. I was there early and both doors were locked. All in all a safe place to come to and be taken care of!!! Thank you!

for all the years i have been with Dr Siapco, ( i believe 14yrs) i have valued his kind and knowledgeable care and instructions. He, for me, has been the best! Total explanations and great surgeries for cataracts and other care where needed for my eyes. Thank you.

Very thorough. Good explanation . Professional.

Staff and Doctor are just great. Everything on time.

I woke up with an issue with one eye. They got me an appointment that day. Very professional and through.

Would highly recommend. Had cornea transplant and everyone was friendly and helpful throughout the many hours there, made a stressful time not as stressful. Dr. Pereira has a wonderful bedside manner and treats his staff and patients with respect and kindness.

Great experience,love that clinic!

Friendly and professional.

I was so pleased with all the staff that helped me thank you

As always, very professional, caring, and thorough.

Is always a pleasant trip each time that I go for a checkup. Dr. Siapco is very thorough with his examination. He takes time to listen to patients questions or thoughts.

Wayne had a very good experience. He was seen by Dr. Santoro. Everything was explained to us, even how to leave our room!! Wayne's wife Janice.

Once I got to see the tech and doctor it was great!! But it was about 40min after the appointment time. The waiting rooms were in very bad physical condition: carpet frayed, peeling up, very stained in several places, and the chair arms and cushions were warn and fraying. Lastly the air conditioning was set at an extremely low temperature, making it extremely uncomfortable, painful in fact. Other than these things, it was fine. I’ll make my future appointments at one of your other offices next time.

very good with complete information.

Friendly staff

exam excellent wider selection of mens frames

I was ushered in almost instantly and had a quick check and questions with the staff. The wait was a bit long to see dr. Sciapco but his visit was very thorough and took time with me. All in all it was good.

Everything was great except I wasn't given my script for my contacts. Found that out when I went to Costco the next day to get my contacts. They said I only had a script for glasses. Tried calling this morning but umpire not open yet.

enjoyed the visit - only comment. I was surprised that the assistant did all the work. She did a great job - but I have never been to a doctor that did not do the eye test- vision one that is .

The office is clean and professional. Everyone , from front desk to the Dr.s are great. My only gripe is that there is often a long line to check in. At least a couple of times when I am checking out, there isn't anyone at the ""check out desk" and then it is back in line out front. How hard is it to have a second person help out at peak moments?

Timely, like the office staff and Dr Kassem.

Everyone was very friendly and informative about the procedure and what to expect.

Staff was prompt and professional and conducted tests in a timely fashion. The office and exam rooms were clean and tidy with plenty of hand sanitizing between procedures. History information is updated each visit and a thourough exam completed.Everyone smiles and listens and makes sure all concerns and questions are dealt with to your satisfaction. After 20 years with Dr. Crowell, I would not go anywhere else. Thank you all

The nurse & doctor were very through as well as polite. The woman who assisted me with my new prescription glasses was extremely helpful as she gave me options to select which I made a wise choice thanks to her!

Dr Siapco is the best. Never rushes and always so pleasant. The staff is wonderful, especially Les. Irene Zucker

Overall, happy with the care I received in the clinic. I did find it a bit odd that there were Christian evangelistic materials on the table in the waiting area.

Calm setting, friendly knowledgeable staff, down to earth, professional doctor and no wait time at all! Their reputation was correct. Glad I chose them!

Good job. The lenses do what they should.

Everyone is polite and professional.

Dr. And nurse were nice and tried to keep the mood light during a painful Chalazion removal. It was a terrible procedure, but the did a good job and kept me calm.

Jackie as the tech who tested my mother for vision was amazing. My mother has advanced dementia, but I felt it was important that she be tested & get a new pair of glasses. Jackie knew how to test her even though my mother was not capable of answering questions typically asked during an eye exam. Dr. Santoro was equally amazing. He knew how to complete a thorough exam as he examined the inside of her eye. Your optical staff was very helpful in helping us select a new, stylish pair of eye glasses! Diane Jackson, Daughter of Joann Jackson

My visit was great and everybody was very kind. I was excited to learn from Kristen that Costco had switched the prescriptions on my contacts. I wasn't seeing real sharp but it was almost OK; but now that I have the correct prescription in the correct eyes it's much better. Dr. Rasmussen was very thorough and caring. I look forward to a follow-up visit in a couple months with him in Mount Vernon. My only complaint is regarding the receptionist Jannea. She seem to listen in on other employees and patients conversations and helped with them while she was processing me. Because of that she set up my next visit to see Dr. Pereira on August 27. She even highlighted it on the sheet of paper she gave me. Because my eyes were dilated after she gave me my paperwork, I went out to my car and drove home without looking at the paperwork. I called back to the Stanwood office and talked with the receptionist there. She made sure that the error was corrected and I would not be seeing Dr. Pereira. Had I not looked at it until closer to the appointment time I would've wasted my time and Dr. Pereira's because I was scheduled to see him. My understanding is that Jannea did not notice that her computer was set on Dr. Pereira instead of Dr. Rasmussen. That could've been avoided if she were paying more attention to me instead of those people around her. Thank you for asking for my opinion and I look forward to my next visit.

Everyone is always friendly and helpful. Very thorough exam and good to explain each test and what is needed. Dr Pereria is very helpful. Explains what needs to be done, what My choices are and what he suggests. I trust him to not push something that isn't best choice.

What an amazing Clinic! Not a grumpy face anywhere 😊 Highly skilled Doctors and Staff! I might just pop in for a cup of coffee one day 😉 Thank you for the terrific care!

Always very accommodating and welcoming

I always love coming to have my eyes checked. Your business are always so polite and nice.

Much better experience in Mt. Vernon than Stanwood. They took the time to ensure our satisfaction and went above and beyond to fight the insurance company on our behalf to get what we needed! Thank you:-)

My eye exam was great. Everyone was friendly, helpful and professional. Thank you to all involved with my visit.

I got good and competent help. I appreciated the service in checking out the situation of my eyes.

Excellent in every area! Timely reminders, efficient check in, courteous capable efficient and friendly staff. Thank you

I am extremely happy with the entire staff in both Mount Vernon and Stanwood.

Gave me time to ask questions.

My eye problems were identified and I have an appointment to get them fixed

it was great. will be doing it again soon.

The physicians & staff provide comprehensive service. All members of Cascadia Eye are patient oriented by providing information in lay terms. Patients are respected.

On time, friendly, efficient; good visit.

Efficient Professional

Very professional tech Very helpful and caring doctor

Very patient , thoughtful & nice staff

I like the staff & many choices for the frames & lense shades.

Dr Perrera was kind and considerate and helped us with trying to find a solution. This clinic has always treated us well!

I would recommend Cascadia Eye to any one looking for a place to go for their eye care.

Was impressed with all the technology and honesty of the doctor’s recommendation.

I always receive excellent care at Cascadia Eye. Friendly, professional staff.

Please do not send me feedback requests

Your staff were informative and courteous and while they were checking out my eyes, I got to check out there ears.

On time and professional as usual.

Thank you for the great service and Quality Care! The staff makes you feel welcome and comfortable and they're very competent.

Cheerful and yet business-like atmosphere. Came almost an hour early and was able to leave within the hour. Sure made my day a lot easier. It would still be nicer if this appointment were possible in the Anacortes office, maybe again some day in the future.


Excellent team care. Friendly, efficient, competent staff.

Good job taking care of my eyes

Appointment was on time and all staff were friendly and professional.

Your staff is friendly and efficient, and DrI Pereira is the greatest...I trust his judgement and he is a good listener as well. I often recommend you to friends.

I was very happy with your service. I would definitely recommend your clinic.

Awesome clinic and super friendly and helpful staff highly recommended to anyone

Very nice people . Explained everything they did very well.

Got in and out quickly and the staff what very helpful and kind!

Professional, efficient and friendly

The vision tech & optician were highly competent, and DrSiapco is the best . I have trusted my vision to C E care for years with 100 % satisfaction. We are very fortunate to have such competent care available to us .

Short notice appointment due to a cancellation. Really appreciated!

Great Service, easy to get in and out of appointments.

You were ciurteius, timely and gave good information

Well after living with double vision for the last few years, I had come to accept it, believing that there's nothing anyone can do about it. Then when one of my lenses fell out of my prescription glasses resently, I went in and met Alisha Wright. That's when everything changed! She experimented with different lenses and scheduled for a new eye exam, which resulted in new prescription glasses. When they arrived and Alisha had me try them on, I literally "couldn't believe my eyes!" I fought hard to hold back the tears. My double vision was gone!!! And when I read from a book or magazine, I didn't have to close one eye for the sentences to underneath each other! Before, each sentence would all be at 45 degree angles all over the place, making reading, driving, everything very difficult to say the least. But now, I can finally see normal. Many thanks to Alisha for being so thorough, and professional, as well as the rest of the staff at Cascade Eye.

Friendly reception, competent providers, good care.

Great Team! Everyone was very friendly and efficient and Jackie really made my visit a special experience. She was so professional and compassionate and is also a cat lover. Thanks for everything.

On time appointments. Professional and fully capable staff. Little or very little time waiting for the step in the exam.

Everything went well

Very frendly and i felt comforable going to both offices.

Appropriate time was spent with me, my questions were answered by tech and doctor

Excellent caring staff

Quality experience

Love the staff made getting my eyes check wonderful!

Very good experience. Clinic was well run. Staff was knowledgeable and friendly.

Christina, who did most of the eye exam, was great! Personable, methodical, focused. And Emma was really good and took extra time to compare the figures on my older RX with the new prescription figures. Dr. Sciapco came out to get me to see if Emma had finished with me. As it happened, she had. I don't know what would have happened if she and I were not finished. But Dr. Siapco was not wanting to relate much. He had talked to me some time ago, about his swimming with a parachute, etc. for strength, and I asked him (as we were walking to his exam room) if he was still doing it -- and he just kept walking - ahead of me - and said something non-committal -- without turning around. It seemed he did not want interaction -- perhaps a bad day -- or he was tired or had his own issues. Understandable if this was the case. I missed his personal touch. Additionally, during his personal exam of my eyes, he mentioned something like "I don't think you have glaucoma" and I didn't know what that meant or where that statement came from. (Later, in the car, as I reviewed the typed notes from the entire examination, I saw that Christine had written down, in her notes, something about suspected glaucoma -- but neither she nor Dr. Siapco, talked to me about that. I believe I should have had that piece of information from Dr. Siapco, since he knew about it from seeing Christine's report. He did order an x-ray because of some optic issue -- I wish I had more information about the suspected glaucoma. That's a scary issue. All in all, from reception to the end, it was a great experience, but it would be good to have some explanation about why the "suspected glaucoma" statement was written and what it means -- Perhaps Dr. Siapco could e-mail me some information about why it was "suspected" and why he said he didn't think I had glaucoma. I know this is a really long statement. Thank you for reading it. Valerie Tibbett

I have been very happy with Cascadia.

Heather was super: very professional and efficient. Doctor Crowell was good as usual.

Great experience. Fast, professional and friendly!

Very professional and friendly. Staff seemed very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions.

Very positive experience, as always. Please thank Kristen Janda for her professional refraction job. Very pleased with Dr Rasmussen and the scheduling staff also.


Everything went great

Nurse was very informative.

I was very pleased with my visit yesterday & meeting my new doctor. Everyone was so helpful - Kim Sawhill was especially so.

Everyone was very pleasant. There wasn't a long wait. Staff is very professional, I just wish Nanette was still in Stanwood.

Always professional, informative and friendly, from receptionists to the doctor. Thank you for continuing to serve your patients with such wonderful care.

On time. Very helpful in optical.

Prompt, answered questions, gave me a printout of the yearly exam and recommendations.

Thanks for your great service.

Love going to you office everyone is so nice and courteous. We always have a great time with Dr. Siapco.

Service is always professional and courteous

Very pleased with 1)short waiting time 2) friendliness and professionalism of staff 3) complete confidence in Dr. Pereira 4)Optician, Alicia, exceeded expectations and gets 6 stars! Thank you all.

Everyone treated me with respect.. The atmosphere was very good.

I actually had to cancel my last appointment so I don’t actually have any feedback.

Great experience

Friendly, efficient, professional in every way

Thanks for the friendly staff, the first person, Ashley was very friendly and smiled a lot. The doctor was very nice and friendly too. The optometrist, Joann was also super helpful and attentive. I will definitely be a return customer.

All staff personnel were highly competent & extremely friendly

All of the associates at Cascadia were both friendly and professional. Dr. Pereira was very thorough and spent considerable time making sure we understood the findings of the exam. We were even given printed instructions prior to our departure. Thank you!

Very friendly and professional.

the appointment proceeded on schedule the personnel doing the work were very courteous and accommodating. I received excellent responses to my questions, thank you! Looking forward to continued care from your facility.

Very good

Very good service.

Very professional, little wait time

My daughter and I have a great experience. It reaffirmed why we go to this practice.

Everyone was very friendly and H

Very helpful and kind. Didn’t have to wait long.

Knowledgeable & professional staff.

Good examiners.

On my first visit to Cascadia Eye everyone was totally professional, from the receptionist, to the technician, to the doctor, to the person at the check-out desk. I left feeling that I had made a good choice.

Everyone was so nice and helpful

Excellent customer service,very knowledgeable Great experience

I normally don't do surveys but I feel that your staff was so friendly and helpful that you all should be commended. Would I sue your services again , most definitely . Thank you .

I love the staff at both SW and MV. Their very patient and tolerant with all my questions. I’m always greeted with smiling faces and written notes about my visit when I leave 😊. Thank you Vickie Best


Friendly staff!

Quick appointment and friendly workers

Everything was very good.

I am always treated very well at your office. I have always recommended you to others. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. Thank you. Audrey Carson

Good service

Good service

Clean, professional, well organized clinic.

I am happy with everything & have been going to North Cascade Eye since 1999. The only problem I have is when I need to contact your office recently...I call the correct number but then seem to need more information than I have prevy to & usually just hang up. Sorry but there must be a better way. Caroline

My experience, was great until check out. Today I had to call & get a couple things straightened out, that should have been addressed. Everything is now good. Thanks

CascadiaEye is a group of highly professional & knowledgeable people. I am most thankful to have them as caregivers for my eye care. The front staff, assistants, and doctors are polite, kind, and helpful. Thanks so much and you are all appreciated!

Very courteous,all questions answered to my satisfaction

My in my experience was very well as usual

Efficient and courteous support staff. Professional staff carried out retinapothy exam in a competent and efficient manner.


staff and Dr. were very helpful

Efficient. Prompt. Got what I came in for. Will be back


I was a little taken aback at how long I was in the office. Just over an hour and a half seemed a bit excessive this time. Had a long wait with two people ahead of me waiting to see the doctor.

Pleasant staff. Questions answered. Recommended treatment carefully explained.

Wonderful office! All personnel were friendly, helpful and informative. The selection of frames was the best experience I’ve had after many frame purchases- very helpful input! I also like that lenses are created “in-house.” The exam was thorough and painless - no puff of air in the eye!! Feel very confident that my eyes are in good hands.

Staff very friendly and professional. Thanks

Saw the dr. Need laser on both eyes. I am in process of moving. He told me he would do it next day. I just finished. No pain. Extremely good service all around

Very good appointment with complete explanations and exam. Quick scheduling for pre-op. Very satisfied with care.

The staff was very professional. Kristin is wonderful. Very courteous and knowledgeable. Becki was a huge help in helping me find the frames, and walked me through the warrenty of my new glasses. Everyone was so helpful with this being my first experience.

It was frustrating that I scheduled 2 weeks in advance and provided all my insurance info by the phone so it could be hacked in advance and it wasn't. So my visit was over 2 hours because I had to wait and try to figure out what the issue was in finding my benefits and it turned out you were calling the wrong phone number. I was also told if I left before it was resolved that my bill would increase by $150! I've always had great experiences until now. I hope this was a learning experience for all. I will still continue to come back in the future and do thank the staff for their patience and help.

Sense of humor with eye doctor!

The technician performing my exam was very thorough and I felt she cared deeply about providing an outstanding service.

Prompt service, smiling faces, good advice and reports

I was checked in by gracious staff. My appointment was within minutes of scheduled time. I liked my technicians who were efficient and friendly. I enjoyed Dr. Who took the time to explain any ? I had. I enjoyed all workers office was clean. Would recommend to others.

Great Bob

Every person I talked with was very pleasant and knowledgeable. I feel I am in very good hands.

Taking me in when my appointment was.

Was. Really pleased

Exams and times with Les and Carlindo were superior as usual! Front office reception was a little awkward: arrived at 12:05pm for a 12:30pm start but noone was at the "check out" terminal and only 2 persons at the "check in terminal" and both were either on the phone or checking in patients while other were waiting in line. Patients "checking out" over ran the patients "checking in" so people waiting to check in got slow service (i.e., up to 10 minute wait and out of order check ins, etc.

Thank you I did have a problem with my eyes after visit if dr could call me it would be appreciated

Your staff and office was great. Everyone was very thoughtful about helping us get the right product for our needs. Thank you

Great team at Cascadia eye! Very informative and thorough exam. Professional and fun!

always good to know that things haven't and quilt a lot and need my eyes.

Very friendly and helpful staff.

None at this time

Wait time was minimal, person who performed eye testing was knowledgeable. DR was very thorough and always so pleasant and friendly.

Appointment went smoothly

Great people!!! Friendly, professional and looking to make this a great experience! Great, through Dr... Would recommend these folks to EVERYBODY✔️✔️✔️

GREAT care and easy to schedule. A few weeks out for an initial appointment but well worth the wait. The staff and doctor really took the time to listen to all of your concerns and answer them. Would definitely recommend this clinic.

Most professional staff and very up to date equipment.

The visit was all in all very very good everybody was so nice


Everyone was pleasant, friendly and carried their smile well. It brightened my day, thank yo!!! I was pleased with my eye exam report. Thanks again!

Kim was excellent, calming and nice.

The tech was very personable, she answered all my questions.. The Doctor does a great job, he aslways does.

The Best in the world!!

Excellent and thorough Exam and on time.....

Very professional and responsive to my questions

As always I love Dr Crowell. But I also thought the person who did my intake and vision exam was so nice and very thorough and careful with me because I had 2 health related issues affecting my vision. I felt I was taken serious and she answered my questions. When I went to get new lenses for my glasses, I was very happy with my new prescription. It had actually decreased. I was very happy she found this out. Emma helped me with my glasses. She was very sweet, not pushy. She explained my insurance benefits and glasses that would work best for the areas I need them for the most. I was very happy with all aspects of my appointment.

Even the eye dialating was a decent experience. I recommend your clinic whenever I can. Thanks again.

Very thorough with complex medical history. Clear explanation of process.

Personnel were friendly and helpful.

Good customer service

Excellent service!

Usually there is a big wait time in the office, but this time things went smoothly.

Awesome and complete service


Was in and out in no time. Never a bad experience . Everyone is so professional there. Would not go anywhere else.


Good exam

Everything about my appointment went smoothly and professionally. Competent individuals.

All of the staff are friendly, caring & helpful. And......Dr.Siapco is AWESOME!!!! I can't recommend Dr. Siapco & everyone at Cascadia Eye enough!!

Quick and efficient. Friendly professional staff.

I really enjoyed my time with the technician Clare. She is very competent and very personable. She made me feel right at home and in good hands. I also saw Dr. Rasmussen and felt well served by him.

A very nice staff and doctor did my last check up and were helpful and pleasant.

Both Dr. Siapco and Les were very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient.

Prompt, courteous and professional service in all respects. A+ all around.

Dr. Siapco is personable, friendly and very professional.

Dr and staff very attentive to my questions and needs thank you very much

Awesome! Everyone was nice, helpful and professional. My son and I really enjoyed our experience together getting new glasses!

Professional and pleasant. Keep up the great job.

Very smooth appointment quick professional and on time!

Cascadia Eye did a great job.

Everything was very good until I went to get my perscription fild. There was nothing written down for my by focul lends. So Costco will be calling you to get that part. Otherwise my experience there was just fine

Everyone was very professional and kind

Always friendly staff and on time appta

Everyone is friendly and helpful.

Great place

Very happy with our eye doctor!

I completed a survey yesterday. The whole appointment was great. Thanks!

Excellent care and compassion.

Wait time good. Dr Pereira was thorough.

Great visit. I’ll be back in Jan for new lenses.


Very professional. Very friendly.

The staff was outstanding and very helpful. Especially Becki. I enjoyed my visit and the Dr explained everything very well in terms that I could understand.

Quick and efficient service

Nice staff. Excellent, communicative doctor. Clean. Easy drive and parking.

Everything about my visit was great. I will be back for sure and plan to shop for frames soon.

I am very happy with Dr. Siapco . However my wait time was extremely long.

Staff is always pleasant and helpful. Was called in to appointment within 10 minutes of arrival.

Everyone was extremely nice and professional. It was a much different experience with mid levels doing the majority of the exam. Being shuffled to different care givers takes more time and I did not plan for over 1 1/2 hr appointment- with that said I was immediately accommodated when I needed to leave for another appointment. This may be the trend in patient flow but a brief overview might be well appreciated by your new patients. Thanks so much for asking!

A very friendly, knowledgeable group of people, and you told me what I wanted to hear. Everyone seemed to enjoy what they were doing. It gives one confidence in the place.

Pleasant staff. Very thorough. Excellent service, as always.

Nice service friendly

Good explanations of how my eyes are doing... thorough exam. Doctor was ok but not very friendly.

Dr Heffernan and his staff were very courteous and informative.

Great off, great service, all very professional.

Very courteous and knowledgeable and somewhat prompt

I've been met on each visit with very friendly professionals on every level. You have my confidence.

I will put my comments in my patient portal thanks

Well informed regarding the surgery. Pleasant staff. I appreciated the prayer offered br Dr Pereria.

Friendly employees, professional and courteous a job well done.


We were so impressed with Aidan's doctor. He related perfectly to my son, kept the appointment lighthearted but informative and we found the solution we needed to take care of the eye issue. We got into our appointment right on time and the front desk staff even interacted with my other kids so we could get through the appointment with ease!

Katrina, aid to Dr. Nanerden is a real jewel! My entire experience was good. Thanks

Friendly and efficient!

A very pleasant experience at Cascare Eye. Everyone is professional.

Great caring very professional ! Dr S, is the best!

Was a very experince.

My visit was great, staff is incredible and very professional.

The wo=hole appointment went very well. The only thing I wondered about was that you had my blood pressure down on the report and my blood pressure was not taken. The listing was my blood pressure taken four months ago.

Quick service. Questions answered to satisfaction

Everybody was professional and courteous. I have very short waiting times and was pleased with the service.

Seeing Doctor Crowell is always fun....we go back so many years when she only had her Sedro Woolley office and her girls were so young. Thank you, Nannette, for so many interesting classes on nutrition too.. Susan Faller

Staff very wait...

Very pleasant appointment as always

The staff were kind and professional. The only complaint I would have is the long line waiting to check in.

I phoned ahead of time to tell the receptionist that I would be 5 minutes late my appointment was at 1 I believe and I phoned at 5 to one. She said okay but if I was 15 minutes late I would have to reschedule however when I arrived I had to wait 30 minutes before they called me in to the back. So it appears your time is special but I guess my time doesn't matter in addition I was only 5 minutes late like I thought I would be thank you

Every thing went well. Your staff was very efficient and friendly. Also not much waiting around - very much appreciated.

Explained questions I asked, Were helpful with looking at glass frames. Front receptionist could be a little more friendly in greeting you.

Melissa is excellent. Office is professional and proficient. No complaints at all.

There is alot of Eye Doctors in Town But none of them cant attend 5 years old or younger. Bummer! but did Some Research And Found this place Was very Happy And When They saw My son Everyone was Very Helpful! Only downer is Appointments are schedualed Months later had to Wait about 4 months. But other than that Thank You Guys Awsome job!

Office reception and check out slow, doctors and staff where outstanding

I ave already completed survey once

Too expensive

Great appointment with Dr and his assistant!!

On time No wait Very professional Dr Pereira tech is amazing

Always professional, everyone seems to care and treats as individuals. Confident with their reports and recommendations.

Easy check in and a short wait

To long of wait


Fast check in, great service, very friendly.

All. Were very helpful and professional

Ever since I first started coming to see your doctors, some years ago, it has consistently been high quality Care by all personnel. I am glad to refer others, and have already done so more than once.

You provided the information that I sought,


Awesome team

I appreciate Dr. Pierre answering my questions so thoroughly. There was a friendly atmosphere except at checkout. Thanks

Everyone at Cascadia Eye was so helpful when I called with an eye emergency. I wasn't even a patient of theirs and they had me come right in (right before closing too!). A week later my eye feels great & is healing. My family and I will definitely be coming to Cascadia Eye for all our future eye needs! Thank you!

Just about everything. Excellant.

Friendly, efficient, comfortable place,.

Very professional but very "human." Very comfortable. Everything was explained very well.

Very professional and answered all my questions. Very nice people...

Very satisfactory office visit

Everything was great until I got to the optical department the girl did not help at all about the insurance and sad that she could not find us and BSP if she would’ve just done a little more research she would’ve found out or if she even cared she would have at least made a call to BSP and found that I was covered under Ves

Nice people, long wait.

The medical staff did an excellent job. The administrative staff caused some apprehension by messing up my surgery schedule

I thought all the staff was very polite, considerate and thorough. Dr. Periera answered all my questions carefully and in a way that was easily understood. He seems to be a considerate, caring, knowledgeable doctor. I had a very good experience from the start to finish of my visit.

Front staff was not very friendly and not very helpful. Called 3 different times to check insurance coverage and never got a response back. Back staff and doctor was awesome!

Good communication friendly services thanks!!

Explained things well

Excellent experience. Staff very professional and Dr Siapco is the best!

I have been seeing Dr Siapco for several years and have been pleased at the office efficiency and competence and the feeling that Dr Siapco had actually reviewed prior years results and gave me opinions on what I should expect with ageing.

Jackie did a great job.

Very thorough, took time to answer questions. Comfortable waiting areas.

I appreciate how you were willing to work with my schedule. Thanks for everything!

I liked the doctor. It was nice to be reassured that I was not going blind. Thank you

Great personal service, and staff.

-Good service -answer all the concerns -they're work to scheduling -

everyone was very nice

Promptness is appreciated. I was seen on time and Breilin (sp?) was professional, kind, and answered all my queries. Dr. Siapco was helpful and positive as usual. I wonder if having written info for patients on in my case punctal cautery which he encouraged me to consider would be helpful in deciding on having this procedure. I'm curious about complications, long-term isssues, if any, how many he's done. I appreciate he's pressed for time so handouts may be useful.

I had a very good appointment. The Doctor and his assistant made me feel very comfortable. I left feeling like I had a good exam.

Very happy with the medical assistant, the doctor and Devon, who was patient and informative while helping me pick out my glasses. Over the years I've gone other places, but always return because I get the most accurate prescription from you.

On time, professional attention, courteous help. Great doctor/patient experience.

Everyone there is very progessional and friendly

Everything was great. We opted to have info sent by portal but my (Virginia) future appointment date didn't show up. I will check again.

What great people there! Professional, friendly, kind. Through examinations on my eyes with great consultation regarding results afterwards.

It was a awesome experience from the begining. Thank You


Nice place

Very friendly and caring staff. Would highly recommend to my friends.

Great eye exam. Will return for future check ups. Choice of frames not so great. Found more choice and more competitively priced spectacles elsewhere.

Dr. Crowell very caring and feel like I can trust her.

Some mis-information re: getting frames with Davis vision-was told I could get exam but not frames at cascadia

Friendly staff, thorough

The appointment was right on time. The staff was professional and friendly and the Doc rocks!

Everyone was very professional and competent. I would highly recommend your clinic to anyone. Thank you for your good service!

There was a time when these appointments were hours long. They have really stepped it up. Other than that the service has always been great.

Pleasant reception and great professional staff

I needed more measurement they. Fitting me in so I didn't have to come back I live in Clinton and I never know how long the ferry wait is going to. be

I think the day of surgery was wonderful. Your staff is so full of life and makes the experience actually almost a joy.

Pleasant staff, smooth operations with reasonable wait times, all staff were informative and helpful.


Well done. Courteous and on time.

Efficient and on time visit.

Very professional and knowledgeable staff.i felt quite at ease as a client should feel.

Great experience!! Please stop asking for feedback

All staff superb, knowlegable, efficient and caring. Patients' needs and comforts always put first.

Everyone was friendly and professional. Exam was thorough and feedback was helpful. Left with the feeling of time well spent.

Nice folk, efficient doctor, thanks for your attention

Very thorough check up. Will return for our next check up. Dr explained all the tests.

When we were checking in the receptionist was friendly and very efficient. Dr.Pierre and his assistant was very informative.

The doctor and staff were very friendly and helpful. They answered all my questions and were very courteous

I am very satisfied with everything about my recent appointment. I had conjunctiveitis and Dr. Siapco picked up on the fact that the lenses in my most recent glasses (November '17) from Cascadia were wrong & could have been a partial cause for the eye-strain. This is being remedied now, He also prescribed Restatis for dry-eye. The Staff are all very pleasant and helpful. I will continue to go to Dr. Siapco. Thank you for the great service. Jan Stavig

All was well

MY appointment went just fine The staff who checked me in and performed the tests were courteous and helpful and explained things clearly.


Friendly greeting to kind and caring service throughout my visit. Thank you so much. Love you guys

Fast, Things explained pretty well. Not too clear on how to do the pre operation drops but I will read the materials again tomorrow. Cleaning the eye lashes is confusing. I wonder how important that is. Trying to sign up for your secure group email communication system was a fiasco. .

Very personal and friendly

Efficient process, very thorough.

Great dr. And excellent help selecting glasses! Everyone at the clinic was helpful.

The staff is very calming and thorough. Efficient and nurses during my procedure were extremely kind. I was scared to death but the put me at ease.


I rescheduled my happy.

I a very satisfied with Dr. Pereira. The staff are pleasant and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him.

It is nice to get to know some of the staff better. Dr. Pereira wants to give his patients the best of care and is very patient and kind.

Doctor and staff helpful.

Really good experience, very helpful people, really knowledgeable.

Thank you for another excellent appointment--Donely reason it wasn't five stars is because at the end of there was a mix- up and I was told my child should've had glasses for the past two years. It was a total of about seven minutes confusion, but it was pretty hairy :-) and the only reason I complain is made me forget to make an appointment after all that !

Quick service

I appreciate how awesome you've been in reguards to appointment flexibility. Life happens to everyone and its great that when it does your understanding. So Thank you.

We think very highly of our primary care doctor so it was great relief to have him refer me to your clinic where he, himself had good experience. I especially appreciated friendly and efficient response when I called for appointment and was favorably impressed when time of appointment came.

Professional in every way.


My exam went smoothly and I got everything I needed. Thank you

Timely, respectful service.

Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Caring doctors

Everything went smoothly!

ALL of the staff was extremely friendly and courteous. What I'd thought would be stressful and frightening to me (the surgery) turned out to be a very comfortable/pleasant experience, and I sincerely thank all of you for that!

Professional, competence of staff, courteous and efficient. Thoroughly informative on current condition; provided course of treatment, options, next steps. Impressive interactions with doctor and staff.

Great work, fast staff,

Thanks for your patience! I know babies don't like to cooperate. Everybody was so nice!

Very kind and explained what they were doing

Great experience-love our doctor

Yes, I got all the information I need Very clean and professional environment I'm planning on going ahead with the procedures in October/ November

Fast, professional, and very friendly.

All went well and and in a timely manner.

She was very professional. Even the lady that made my next appointment was very nice, it was her birthday.

Great service!

Exceptional experience!

Pleasant and efficient experience. I appreciate how promptly was appointment was handled.

Everyone was friendly and professional from check in through exams and glasses selection.

Clear instructions, friendly service.

Had a great experience fixed me right up.

Very fast and Friendly.

I had a very pleasant visit. My vision is great.

Too many patients at a time Waiting room over crowded

Good process and very helpful

I was checked right in for my appointment......The people that worked with me were very professional!! Thankyou!!

pleasant, caring staff. Everyone listens to your issues with your eyes and addressed solutions. great atmosphere.

I felt very welcomed, friendly office, made comfortable for my first eye exam with your organization. Would highly recommend.

The wait time was reasonable. Staff friendly.

Fast and friendly

I was in and out in an hour. That was fabulous!

Friendly polite staff

All went well

Pleasant staff

Everyone is always polite professional and pleasant.

Professional service

Everything went smoothly and I would recommend you to others.

Friendly and informative

I was very impressed with the whole experience

Very friendly and professional service. Wonderful listeners and communicators. Fast service, great follow up. Thank you for everything, RJM

Attentive, thourgh and professional. I would definitely recommend North Cascades to friends. I was referred by a friend.

Very professional, everyone was very pleasant, courteous and helpful. Everything was done in a timely manner.

All the personnel at Cascadia did everything well and made me feel most welcome and that my eyes were a top priority with them. It's been that way every year that I've seen them. Thank you!


A lot of tears but no pain

Explaining things when I didn't understand

The service we received was good. There were some wait periods that were longer. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I would like a larger selection of frames. Also, we ordered our glasses before seeing the doctor who said I would need surgery but it was my husband who asked if that would effect the glasses we had just ordered and paid for. The answer was yes and we were able to stop the order. That is something that should be considered in house and not relly on the patients to think of.

Very helpful and professional

It was the whole process from checking in to a routine exam making it easy as possible.

Cascadia is a very organized and courteous place to keep your eyes healthy. I always feel very comfortable visiting your office and know when I leave that my eyes are well taken care of.. I also appreciate the friendliness of Dr. Crowell and her staff.

Great visit. Terrific Doctor (but I already knew that). Will go back. Thanks for asking.

You were very friendly and gentle. Asked a lot of questions to make sure you covered all the bases. We are very pleased.

It was a pleasant experience. Great doctor, assistants and office staff.

Everyone friendly


had stiches removed, lady was very gentle

Seems strange that the assistant spends more time with you than the Dr. Happy the one who met with me was experienced not a new trainee.

did it already.....:)

Great people and wonderful doctor!

Quick and efficient.

Dr. Epley is so nice.

Very friendly costumer service​.

My experience at the eye clinic was great, as usual. It was completed in a timely fashion and the results were presented to me while I was still there. So now I know what to look forward to and when for the next one.

Cleanliness, friendliness, professional.

The appointment went well, however I was disappointed to learn that the procedure was going to take 6 appointments between Dr. Sciapco and Dr. Wald.

Thank you

The office itself is pleasant, the office people are easy to work with and I like and trust the doctors.

We appreciate the professional and friendly treatment. Always feel welcome.

I was checked in quickly and I was not kept waiting very long for either the technician or the Doctor.

Friendly, efficient staff.

Everyone was very friendly and took the time to completely answer all my questions.

Very professional and comprehensive exam.

The entire experience from the front office, to the optician, the eye frame center and, lastly, the doctor was outstanding! Friendly, organized, efficient, caring and my eye health was explained in detail! Thank you all very much! Sherri Prather

Always have a good experience at Cascadia. Professional and courteous, they spend time with me. Will never go anywhere else.

Excellent service, friendly staff. A joy!!

Time spent was quality time with a lot of pertinent information.

I like the professionalism and friendliness!