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Very excited to start this journey. Very friendly staff, and Dr. Greg was open and honest, answered my questions and made so much sense.

For me, for many years chiropractic was my daily routine... until I moved away, and new routines happened, BUT I always knew something very important was missing. I noticed when people around me would have complaints of minor aches, sever pains, random ailments that I would always recommend chiropractic care to heal the body from the inside out. FINALLY, after 22 years, I am heeding my own recommendations and getting myself back in alignment for my overall health and wellbeing. In these past 22 years, I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Grave's Disease, both of which I would like to be able to control naturally... that is my goal! I have much appreciation for Dr. Greg and his family for taking the time and getting me and my daughter back on track for a longer, healthier lifestyle! Thank you! Kris and Sydney

Excellent service

Absolutely love you all. Such a caring place. Thanks a million

Treated us with respect. Talked with us not down or above...but explained so we could understand. We left with hope for our health. It was a positive visit.

Excellent care and everyone is warm and friendly. Highly recommend.

Thank you all for always being such a support and welcoming me at the last minute as usual! God bless you all❤️

We feel the Lord has sent you to us! With only one treatment, we both feel better! We look forward to continuing treatment after the crisis is over. Blessings and prayers, Larry and Floretta Barlow

Always smiling, knows us, short waits, quick treatments and clean Neat facility. Good people!

Exceptional staff and exceptional equipment they are the best they do amazing things and yet keep it affordable I am going to be a work in progress as my number is starting low but with their help will reach amazing results as they have started to do with my wife and friends they are timely and quick at appointments plus they send you reminders of your appointment and you are treated like a friend or family member I am excited and looking forward to my plan they have for me

Excellent as always. Karen Choate

Health-Revolution has totally turned around many of our family members' chronic back and pain issues. They have done it with expertise, kindness, and ease to the patient. Thanks guys, we sure love and appreciate your focused care.

I love how nurturing you all are! I ALWAYS leave feeling better!!

Very through and pleasant

The visit was good since it really helped my back and left side. But my neck was even more painful for the next few days. Nevertheless it has slowly gotten better so I can at least turn it from side to side without too much pain.

Great service as always!

Had a wonderful adjustment, and a very relaxing massage. Thanks for the great care. See you next month.

Your a very caring and helpful in everything someone needs with care I feel very taken care of .

I’ve been going to Dr. Greg for years. My health has improved greatly. My neck had given me much discomfort for years. Now only an occasional ache. I highly recommend Health Revolution!

As always, professional help for those of us with medical issues. Very little wait time and the procedure always makes me feel better again. I would highly recommend there services.

Made me feel better, move easier and feel like getting out and doing something. Thank you

Very comfortable atmosphere with people who really care. I highly recommend this organization. Very knowledgeable and takes time to explain.

Gred is awesome, I walked in with tons of pain and walked out feeling amazing

It is always a pleasure to come to the office...everyone is always so friendly!

I have seen Dr. Greg periodically for the past six years, and every time I’ve had a joint or back problem, after an adjustment, the pain has gone away. If anyone is having joint problems, I highly recommended they see Dr. Greg for an adjustment. It is effective.

We are always given caring, compassionate, engaging treatment where we are able to interact with our care provider, and get the personal service we have grown accustomed to. This family is committed to our health!

I truly feel like family when I’m there and they treat me like honored guest.

Everybody was very friendly! They explained the process and reasoning behind each test performed. The doctor gave a very thorough review of the results taking time to ensure I understood. This is the fifth chiropractor I’ve seen in six months and I wish he was the first. Finally somebody caring enough to dig for answers and develop a solution to getting my health back. No more painful adjustments and wondering if the treatments were doing more harm than good. Excellent staff and excellent technology!

Always good !

Awesome every time I go in. Like family

Dr Greg and his staff are always friendly and helpful. Dr Greg explains what he’s doing and why. I was hit by a car recently and Dr Greg has been effectively reducing my pain.

I highly recommend Health Revolution Chiropractics Services from adjustments to massages to all around Health care. Dr. Greg and team are amazing!

Always helps me to feel better, and always great to see everyone, thankyou so much for your care👍🌝♥️

As always, Dr. Greg knows what to do.

Very friendly very knowledgeable and informative. Highly recommended

As always. Friendly fun experience.

Excellent massage as always, Ashley knows how to release stress. Our area should be proud that we have the talent we have at Health Revolution.

We have always been treated with kind and compassionate care, in an atmosphere that promotes healing and responsible self-improvement. We feel like this is a teamwork effort with everyone involved, from the person answering the phone to regular adjustments, massage therapy, workout room, and including each person in proactive decision making for our own betterment! We feel like part of a bigger family! ❤️️

Love it

Good job as all ways get right to the problem! Go till healed !!

Got us right in. Worked wonders.

Great as always. Thanks for your service!

No doubt my back was out of alignment and Dr. Greg did a good job of putting it back. Still some pain but not anywhere near like it was.

As always I have good results from your office

Explained everything well. Patient with questions. Got appointments quickly but realized I should not have made appointments 2 days in a row... receptionist maybe should have brought that to my attention.

Threw my back out at our County Fair. One treatment and nearly pain free.

Always great

I have been coming to Dr. Blanchfill for over 16 years and have always been treated with respect, kindness and compassion. Without these treatments, I would not be able to function without pain.

Love the encouragement as I work on getting back into shape! Have had some setbacks from overdoing it. ...but Doc has kept my body aligned running like a precision instrument. Thank you Jesus!

Getting my head put back on straight is always a delightful experience !!! Thank you for always fitting me in with my last minute calls for an appointment!!!

Thank you so much I always feel like I am all well again💕

The staff is always warm, friendly, and very accommodating. Dr Greg is the absolute best Chiropractor I have ever known. He is not only knowledgable with expertise in his field, but he also has a very compassionate heart and ear. I have been going to him for a while now. He has helped me through car accidents and falls. He always gets me back in alignment with his high technology knowledge. I highly recommend Dr. Greg to others who are looking for a good and understanding Chiropractor. I'm always passing out referrals to people, because I strongly believe in him to help you get your needs met. Give him a try, you will be so glad you did!

Amazingly my neck doesn’t crunch when I turn my head & the pain level is getting better with each visit The pain in my hip is much better with each visit also, just after 3 visits. The time they spent educating us on the damages we have done to our spines & seeing & feeling the difference

Thankyou so much, always helps me. Dr Greg, and everyone you always have smiles encouragement and I always feel helped. Thankyou kindly xo

Thank you Dr. Greg! Having been a patient for approaching 25 years I have personally experienced a consistent level of professional care that never disappoints. From quality of life maintenance to injury recovery he is the best! You can always count on Dr. Greg and his kind staff to provide amazing care.

I always have such a nice experience visiting Health-Revolution. It is always upbeat, uplifting and such a warm atmosphere. I feel encouraged by making a healthy choice getting an adjustment.

Always a great job

Super satisfactory not only with the improvement in my health but so refreshing to know the staff really cares about your progress. Dr. Blanchfill has made me feel very comfortable and is willing to listen to repeat complaints and does everything to improve my condition. Thank you to the entire staff. Will continue treatments as long as needed.

I always feel better after a treatment at your office. I tell people about your treatments all the time. Thank you

Dr Blanchfield’s professionalism & knowledge in Chiropractic was high on my list & he is awesome! Requiring a complete assessment wIth an X-ray first before starting treatment is very important as well! My condition has improved in my first two visits & will continue services. I have highly recommended him to my coworkers, family & friends! He’s great!

Great service as always, whether chiro or massage. Great people to work with, friendly staff and very professional.

We are fortunate and blessed to have an ongoing teamwork with our practitioners of choice, who don't prescribe drugs, but rather help us deal with our weaknesses and strengths to maintain our optimum health and range of motion, as well as constant instruction and access to proven regimens that work! ❤️️❤️️

Dr.Greg listens to me and always corrects what is out of place. When I first leave I always think I don’t think there’s any difference. I get a good night sleep. That’s The first thing I notice. Next pain is substantiallay less. So it was corrected. Now the healing process. Thank you so very much.

Never a disappointment when i leave. Dr. Graigs office ! And his staff is over the top also!! Highly recommend Health-Revolution Chiropractic center in downtown Roseburg , Or.

Dr Greg & his staff are all awesome. Wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for an adjustment. Great place to go to be treated.

Outstanding treatment as usual

Appreciate the caring environment, the tests before treatment, and Dr. Greg’s compassion and thoroughness of consultation.

As always a great visit with Greg & enjoy visiting with the office staff. Oh “I came home with my head on straight”.

Myran took it easy Friday and little work yesterday but is continually feeling better. We feel that the adjustment he had was just what he needed.

Both doctors are Very professional. They genuinely care about your health and do there best to make sure your visit is their number one priority.

One of the nicest experiences I have had in a Drs office. Attentive staff and so friendly. I look forward to my appointments knowing I am not only going to feel better physically but mentally because of the welcome I receive as I walk thru the door. Dr. Greg is eager to help and see that I am getting results from the treatments. Thank you to the entire staff.

doctor greg is always wonder as is everyone working there. I always feel soooooo much better after just one adjustment. thankyou all so very much, trudi moore

Always a warm and welcoming atmosphere

Great professional care, also they always go over and beyond working with any problem you might have. From scheduling, to needing extra sessions. Love the Chiropractic supplements they have available in their office.

We LOVE our visits.. always feel better when we are done and makes our week go great!

Thank you Doctor Greg for getting me in Monday ! I definitely needed the chiropractic adjustment! Feeling much better now!

it's always friendly. pleasan


Prompt, professional and friendly always.

Your front desk staff is smiling, positive, friendly and efficient. Your facility is clean and uniquely designed. The chiropractors are good communicators and efficient with the equipment. And the appointments are quick and precise Thanks!

Always courteous, listen well, always make me feel better.

Always do and feel better when I get an adjustment and massage.

I love your dedication to making me healthy and comfortable...even when my body is stubborn!❤️

I love coming in. I feel like family and am treated like a king. Thanks so much for the love and care.

Always a pleasure visiting health revolution! Great staff & an awesome doctor!!! I always leave feeling great! Thanks guys you are the best!!

Always a pleasant experience. Drs staff is attentive and friendly. Do Gregg is always interested in my current status and ready to help me get past the pain by correcting the misalignment in my body.

Patiently working with real people to achieve the common goals of Life, Liberty(Freedom), & The Pursuit of Happiness!!

As always short, sweet, professional and therapeutic.

Friendly and very helpful staff and the dr. Is super!😊

What an amazing place and an amazing way to view your health. They focus on implementing an overall healthy lifestyle and how getting adjusted plays a major role. Great place great atmosphere great people.

Very friendly and considerate staff. Easy to get in for adjustment. Sure wish is was less expensive!

I like everything about your office! Everyone is friendly, helpful, and welcoming! I have referred people to your office and have only good things to say! Keep it up!!!

The best thing that happened was that it was an "emergency" visit for Christy! And you worked us right in. She had a severe whiplash injury and needed her neck adjusted. Went from severe pain pain and unable to move freely to almost zero pain. BLESS YOU! You also let me do my adjustment a day early which turned out great! I had to deliver the cooked turkeys Wednesday afternoon to Celebrate Recovery Thanksgiving extravagamza : ) Thank you all. What a team! SO THANKFUL!

It's always good to be there everybody is friendly kind and it has helped

Helped my shoulder greatly.

We love Dr. Greg and staff. So happy to have found them.

Dr. Greg & staff are awesome. It's a place you walk into in pain and come out feeling a whole lot better, especially if you get a massage too. Thank you everyone for making my life almost painless. KT

Although I presently owe a bill there , Dr. Graig didn't hesitate to treat me for being out from head to toe with nothing but concern for my well being!! That says it all right there for me!!!

Very friendly staff, neat Dr. and I think it’s working. I’ve only had two treatments but so far so good. All in all a good experience.

As always very professional and very glad I was adjusted. 5 starr rating.

Caring, Compassionate, and Professiomal Therapies with an emphasis on partnership to maintain health and overcome injury! Love this family of healers! ❤️️

Very warm and caring staff. My needs of getting adjustment were met. God bless Dr. Blanchfill and I highly recommend him. He is the best Chiropractor I have ever been to. He uses advanced technology to evaluate your chiropractic needs and he gets the job done! He is the best! 😂

Always a good experience. Support staff very friendly & walk away a little straighter.

A great visit as always. Everyone was friendly and my appointment was right on time. Just a really good experience!

Always the best in care. A caring environment with wonderful staff. Always staying in touch to be sure treatments are providing me with good health and working with me to make sure I am getting better.

My visits to your office could not be more rewarding. The most pleasant experience I’ve had in a doctors office. . Treatment results are astounding and staff is outstanding. I’ve recommended several others and will continue to do so. Thank all of you. Carmen

This time around, I have been going to Health-Revolution for a year now with very positive results. Thank you Dr. Greg for coming back to your hometown providing a much needed service. Teresa Beverlin

The office is always clean, the staff always friendly! Dr. Greg is fantastic and has helped me to feel like I have my life back! Costs are reasonable and well worth every penny!

Pains I was experiencing before finding HRC, are no longer an issue

My visit was excellent as always.

When I arrived without an appointment , Dr Greg Blanchfill took time away from a staff meeting to treat my back. Using electronic feedback technology he is able to detect exactly where the spine is out of alignment and apply treatment to that area.

Happy with treatment

Loved it

Your staff is awesome!!

It has helped me immensley I would recommend you to my friends

Very good hot good. Vibes from viisit. Thank so much. Everyone was so nice ❣️

All I know is I can feel the difference!! The adjustments have improved my ability to continue to do my job and not hurt like I was when I first started this program . Tests gave me a diagnosis and an explanation as to why the hurt was there, the treatments have greatly helped. Thank you Dr.Greg Your staff are great too!

Love my Health Revolution family! Definitely feel better when I leave than when I arrived! Can’t imagine going anywhere else!

As always excellent service and results.

Always great-love Blair!!!

Adjusted my sinuses and my neck. My congestion and headache was gone within a hour.

You get me moving and fix all my hurts. The staff is outstanding. The doctors are great at suggesting how I can keep myself healthy.


193 Main St, Yoncalla, OR 97499