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Very professional!

The numbing was painful but they did a great job otherwise. The surgery is only the first half. I have to see in a year if it was worth it

extremely friendly staff. I felt like I was well taken care of.

The whole staff was great, surgery was painless and surprising (to me) easy. All the instructions for after care were explained thoroughly and clearly. Overall I’m extremely happy with the process, looking forward to seeing the finished product once hair starts to grow in!

The fact that he always answered his personal phone after the procedure was done with my questions was amazing. It's good to have a doc that actually cares.

its been great--Great Job to all! Steve

Very professional staff, very little discomfort overall. Face swelling and bruising was more than expected. Looking forward to hair growth .....

They are professional and friendly! I enjoyed it and looking for seeing results!

Results were great and I’m very happy I chose this clinic for my procedure.

i had a great experience with Dr. Meshkin. His staff, personality, professionalism is top notch. you can truly see that he knows what he is doing. thank you, for changing my life, and i can’t wait to maybe visit again in the future!

Nice helpful staff. Doctor Meshkin answers questions honestly and frankly

All of the staff was extremely friendly and very understanding. All of the staff, including dr. Meshkin are very available, I could call at any time and they would help me with any questions or concerns I had.

excellent service.

Excellent service.

So far so good. I'm on my 2nd months now. I don't see any problem but excited to see more hair growing!

Great results and great service.

Very courteous and informed staff!

seeing patient on time, fast and accurate.

Excellent service

Great service.

Dr. Meshkin, is very knowledgeable & takes his time to answer all your questions.. the staff was very kind & pleasant. I recommend him to all

The office atmosphere was very good. Clerical staff were professional & helpful, Doctor's assistants ( Nurses, Technicians) were great & friendly, Dr. Meshkin was knowledgeable about his profession & well experienced. NOW let's wait for the result.

Great service, amazing results. Highly recommend. Professional team, made the whole process very easy, straightforward very happy about choosing dr. Meshkin.

Great experience! Only one month and so far no issues.

Quick,fast,and professional

Very personable and skilled

Thank you

Dr. Meshkin was great! The whole procedure was easy and i was back to my normal life within 3 days. Thanks again for everything!

The appointment was nothing short of wonderful. The experience was pain free and I was accompanied by the best in business. I was accommodated well with instructions before the procedure and everything was instructed with the utmost detail. Dr. Meshkin was very professional in a manner that eases the patient.

The entire experience was very smooth everyone was very helpful

Very helpful and responsive at every step of the way. Donor area seems to be healing well. Excited to see how it will all turn out!

My experience at Dr. Meshkin's office has been great so far. Caring and professional staff and of course physician made the process very smooth.

Very professional and I had a great experience!

The procedure went smoothly. The staff is very supportive and polite. Dr. Meshkin returns the phone calls promptly and answers all questions in detail.

Answered all my questions and was very nice. Everything went great!

Great experience and Dr. Meshkin is a real professional !

Great visit


Great visit. Thank you

The service at Dr. Meshkin's office was excellent. The nurses were all incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, and Dr. Meshkin was very patient and thorough in explaining the procedure. It was definitely the easiest and most enjoyable experience I've ever had at a doctor's office.

Great visit, so far all good

Everything was great . I hope I will see a good rust after couple of months .

I traveled all the way from the east coast to come to Dr. Meshkin medical clinic because of all the great recommendation and I am very happy I did this procedure. Highly recommended!

Courteous and friendly staff. Dr. Meshkin did a great job restoring my hairline. Happy with the outcome.

first off, i want to thank the staff because they were excellent! i was comfortable and never felt out of place or scared. with that being said, Dr Meshkin is an amazing doctor. As soon as i stepped into his office i knew he was the one i wanted to get my treatment done with. he's funny, friendly, warm hearted, & i can't thank him for being such a professional and honest doctor. thank you to the staff and dr. meshkin! i appreciate your help. you changed my life forever.

I appreciate Dr. Meshkin's follow up call following my procedure. He answered all of the questions I had.

Very happy

Dr. Meshkin gave me expert advise. He explained the procedure in detail which was reassuring.

I have been very happy with the services provided to me. Thank you.

I came for a visit that costed over 5500$. And this was fine. I did see why it was necessary for them to sell me a bottle of saline and shampoo and charge me 20$ for it. The money is not important. It is the principal behind it.


2121 San Joaquin Hills Road, Newport Beach, CA 92660