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Years of Experience


Dr. Alissa Cannon was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Growing up, several of her family members worked in healthcare, and from the time she was a little girl, Dr. Alissa always knew that she too wanted to pursue a career in the health sciences. She attended the University of Pittsburgh, where she earned her B.S. in Biology in 2001.

While at college, Dr. Alissa developed an interest in nutrition, fitness and natural health. This led to her post-graduate studies at Life Chiropractic College West. To attend chiropractic school she moved across the country to the San Francisco Bay Area, where she received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree, and in the process met her soon-to-be husband, Dr. Bernard Cannon. Upon graduation, the two moved to San Diego and have been practicing here ever since.

Dr. Cannon’s focus in her chiropractic approach is restoring symmetry within the body, spine and nervous system. She is committed to lifetime learning in her field and holds certifications in both Chiropractic Biophysics (a research-based chiropractic technique that emphasizes optimal posture and spinal alignment) and the Webster Technique (a chiropractic analysis and adjustment of the pelvis for pregnant women that can help facilitate optimal fetal positioning for birth).

In 2008 she completed a yoga teacher training and became certified as a registered yoga teacher through CorePower Yoga. She often utilizes yoga postures in addition to chiropractic adjustments and postural exercises to help her clients achieve balance and symmetry in their bodies. She believes people of all ages and levels of health benefit from chiropractic care: from pregnant moms and newborns to great-grandparents; from those who are well to those with chronic health challenges. Dr. Cannon adores children and especially enjoys taking care of families and providing them with lifetime wellness care.


  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Life Chiropractic College West

Office Hours

Mon8:00am - 6:00pm
Tue8:00am - 6:00pm
Wed8:00am - 6:00pm
Thu8:00am - 6:00pm


Consultation & Adjustment$70.00

Patient Reviews

Overall Rating

Still going back every single week to be adjusted. Dr. Alissa and Bernard have become more like friends than just our doctor. Their place has become a place we look forward to going every week! Our little one, who is 7 months old now, has been adjusted by them literally from the day after we brought him home! And for me, I definitely felt like i needed an adjustment, considering I just went through labor and delivery. I believe it helped speed up my healing and helped me be able to take care of a newborn. i would recommend them to anyone. Especially as my LO is growing so fast, every adjustment counts especially when a mommy's body goes through so much physical activity during each day. i'm pretty sure we all compromise our body to make our LO happy. They are truly the nicest people and in terms of knowledge, professionalism and expertise, I can easily say I trust them without a doubt. They've helped us along from pregnancy till now, 7 months after. If we didn't feel like it's beneficial to our wellbeing, we would not be going back. And for my LO, his overall development has been phenomenal and above average, considering he was a one month premie. Like another reviewer wrote, park on Walnut. One side doesn't have meters while the other does. Also, there is usually one spot open for customers next to their building, but it's only available if it's empty.

Overall Rating

I have been going regularly to Pure Life Wellness for a few months now and it is the very best thing I could have done for myself!! I had been going here but not regularly. I feel better all the way around. My health is better, I sleep all night, my chronic back pain is gone, my neck pain is gone too, but most of all I value the free range of motion that I have now! That alone was worth me coming in weekly! I can now do things I did as a kid like play jump rope with my granddaughter, slide down the slide, run, jump and many other things that I thought I had lost from aging. But it is not it is not true. We are told as we get older our bodies have to get stiffer and hurt more, but that is a myth. Coming to Pure Life Wellness weekly has giving so many things back to me that, I thought, was gone forever but they aren't. Thank you Doctors Bernard and Alissa Cannon for everything you do and give us by taking care of all of us so we do not need doctors after things go wrong. They are the best chiropractors that there is anywhere! I will take prevention over sickness any day of the week! You both have given me a priceless gift that I am thankful for everyday!!!

Overall Rating

Alyssa and Dr. B are top notch! I've been a patient if theirs for almost 2 years for preventive care and I always look forward to coming. They're friendly, quick, accommodating, and knowledgeable. They answer all my questions and take extra interest in their patients' lives, which I think is super important for any holistic health practice. They also have a new massage therapist, Jason. If he's anything like their last one I can't wait to give him a try! Looking forward to next week! :)

* Reviews have been sourced and collected through a mix of verified Doctible patients and other publicly available directories.

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