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Years of Experience


I have owned LifeSource since 2006 and have been studying chiropractic since 1998. I had a mentor who helped me in my 20s to drastically improve my health. I like to stay fit and have fun, usually by swing dancing. I have a wonderful little boy named Kade born in 2008. I grew up in Orange County.


  • Doctor of Chiropractic, Southern California University of Health Sciences


  • License: #29301 - State of California, Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Office Hours

Mon1:00am - 11:00am
Tue1:00am - 11:00am
Wed1:00am - 11:00am
Thu1:00am - 11:00am
Fri1:00am - 11:00am
Sat1:00am - 11:00am


Follow Up Adjustment$65 ~ $75
Chiropractic Massage$100.00
Consultation & Adjustment$65.00

Patient Reviews

Overall Rating

Dr. Sanders is a GIFT to us all! On several occasions he has corrected severe pain in many places with ONE VISIT! I have seen several chiropractors in my life for years at a time for old car injury scar tissue, and a broken tail bone which caused me some problems. I have never had such fast and full relief like this from anyone. I do not feel like a cash cow with this Dr. as I did with others, seeing them for years only to have a little relief here and there. If you want to get well fast and stop your pain, give yourself the gift of this man's talents.

Overall Rating

I have had lots of chiropractic experience over the last 16 years having worked in the field of alternative medicine. I had the pleasure of getting adjusted by Dr. Charlie this past weekend, and he is top notch! Very gentle and thorough. My body felt great, and the sore throat I was coming down was gone by the morning. This guy is masterful, and I am going to be a regular! :)

Overall Rating

I saw Dr. Sanders for the first time today. To sum it up in one word...Awesome! Before doing anything he took the time to explain how my body works, what the current state of my body was and the importance of taking care of myself. After my visit with Dr. Sanders I literally felt like a new man. I'm excited for my next visit him and I would recommend him to my closest friends and family.

Overall Rating

I had a debilitating workout injury and had went to see practicioners of all sorts for months, even chiropractors. After no progress, dollars spent, and nearly all hope was lost, I was referred to Dr. Sanders. He helped me see how I created the injury in the first place by adjusting my mindset, breathe, and alignment, and in a week my back was healed. I'm working out again and back on track to reaching my physical goals. And best part of all, I now stand straight with no strain or effort. I am more relaxed than ever.

Overall Rating

I was rear ended while driving my car in a minor accident and was having continual neck and upper back pain. After just 5 visits with Dr Sanders, the pain was eliminated and hasn't returned.

Overall Rating

Yet another great Yelp find! Thanks to his great reviews, I started seeing Dr Sanders a couple of months ago, and my body feels awesome. I have been to two other network chiropractors in the past 3 years, and I am getting the best results with him. For people who aren't familiar with network care, I would explain it as a method of using breath and sound, along with very light touches, to open up "blocked" or painful parts of your body. Your body actually adjusts itself naturally, without any cracking adjustments. After my first visit with Dr Sanders, I was able to dance and horseback ride with little to no pain, and I've had a DRASTIC reduction in migraines. The best part of network is that it's sustainable. You aren't relying on a chiropractor to adjust you because your body learns to adjust itself. He does like to give regular cracking adjustments to speed up the movement process, but I've had better outcomes with just network care. He is very understanding about what you feel is best for your body.

Overall Rating

If you are looking for a network chiropractor this is the guy to go to!. I had Network for the first time 15 years ago and I have gone to many chiropractors, the first time that I went to Dr. Sanders, my whole body had movement that I didn't even recognize, that felt amazing, when I left I was in a high! with no drugs! LOL! He is a fun character who integrated body, mind and spirit free of judgement of wherever you are. I strongly recommend him. I trust him with my children. And his treatments are different from anything else I have seen.

Overall Rating

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Sanders to anyone & everyone -- especially those (like me) who need to loosen up a bit. I always feel so much more relaxed and refreshed after he works his magic. Also, he's helped me get over some chronic aches & pains. Overall, very knowledgeable, intuitive, and passionate about his work. Cost is reasonable, too. WELL worth it!

Overall Rating

I will be definitely going back each week untill im 100%. When I left I could walk straight down the hall without tiring, when I got in my car, I could feel the pedal through my shoe. Woke up in the morning, the tingling and tight feeling was gone in my legs and right hand (left hand didnt have any issues) and I could feel how soft my childs arm was again ^_^; with my dominate hand! Dr. Sanders is worth more than 5 stars, i would give him the universe if I could, thats how stellar he is. ^_^v I met Dr. Sanders awhile ago, I disclosed to him that I have MS and the drugs ive taken made me worse, so he told me to come in and he can adjust me. I was skeptical so I just brushed it off. Then I started to get worse to the point that I couldnt feel the pedal when I drove, my legs were feeling swollen and tight, I was walking as if I were drunk. I begrudgingly needed to breakout my walking stick. So I thought of Dr. Sanders, called him, he got me in promptly. He educated me on the nervous system and chiropractic, informed me of what he was going to do. Extremely well versed to say the least. He did his magic on me. When he was done, he had me do some tippy toe exercises, I was flabbergasted that I could do more than five without getting fatigued!

Overall Rating

Went to Dr Sanders, explained that I was on my feet all day because I work in the restaurant industry, let him know what parts of my body was tense. He work his chiropractic charm on my legs, back, and some where I didn't realize I had tension, my jaw. He's the best, make the experience feel safe and comfortable!

Overall Rating

I drove 131 miles from LA to be Adjusted by Dr. Sanders... he's that Amazing and worth it! For at least 8 years, the tension in my neck and shoulders has been building and became an everyday chronic pain. I've also been living with a pulled/strained muscle in my right arm for 6months

* Reviews have been sourced and collected through a mix of verified Doctible patients and other publicly available directories.

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