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Years of Experience


Drs. Ian and Lindsay Hoffman opened Chiropractic Health & Happiness in Encinitas to help practice members achieve optimum levels of physical, biochemical, and emotional health through their knowledge of nutrition, fitness, and advanced chiropractic techniques. Their practice has a strong focus on safe chiropractic care for pregnancy, gentle chiropractic for children, family wellness, and sports chiropractic. Chiropractic Health & Happiness is conveniently located in Downtown Encinitas on the historic Coast Highway 101, just blocks from Moonlight Beach.

Chiropractic Health & Happiness is best described as a family owned, state-of-the-art wellness center with a boutique feel. Drs. Ian & Lindsay Hoffman practice mission based healthcare. They are on a mission to help people live naturally healthier and happier lives, not through pain management alone, but by using addressing the underlying cause of health for each individual and working with the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Drs. Ian & Lindsay are certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association (ICPA) to specialize in safe & gentle care for pregnant woman & children.

They are both certified in the Webster Technique which has helped many moms who receive chiropractic care during pregnancy to experience less pain, faster than average labor times, and safer births.

As parents, Drs. Ian & Lindsay feel passionate about providing drug-free and proactive healthcare for kids. Parents often report that their kids experience better sleep, better behavior, and stronger immune systems while under care.

Dr. Lindsay has completed 180 hours of advanced training by the ICPA and is one of only six San Diego chiropractors additionally Certified by the Academy Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics (CACCP).

Dr. Ian also enjoys working with athletes. He holds a Bachelor's in Kinesiology and has completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training program through CorePower Yoga.


  • California State University, San Marcos
  • Life Chiropractic College, West


  • Webster Technique - Pregnancy Chiropractic Specialty

Awards & Publications

  • Alumni of the Year 2013 - Life Chiropractic College West

Insurances Accepted


Blue Cross



Health Net




American Specialty Health


Beech Street

Office Hours

Mon3:00am - 1:00pm
Tue5:00am - 1:00pm
Wed5:00am - 1:00pm
Thu3:00am - 1:00pm


Consultation & Adjustment$100.00
Follow Up Adjustment$50.00
12 Adjustments$499.00

Patient Reviews

Overall Rating

I had a great experience at this office. I was referred by my massage therapist since I am newer to the area and still trying to find the right providers for me. Dr. Ian was very thorough and walked through every step with me. He works from a more holistic perspective, which is a must for me. The idea is to heal the entire body and systemic issues for best performance. Dr. Ian seems very passionate about his career and is extremely knowledgeable. One note, they do not bill insurance, so if you want to do that you will have to get receipts from them and bill your insurance on your own.

Overall Rating

Have to say that I have always been skeptical of chiropractors. I've kinda thought of them as some kind of voodoo docs. But last year I had a bulging disc in my lower back and decided to give chiropractic a try based on the recommendation of my massage therapist. Dr. Ian was a tremendous help in stabilizing the condition and helping to reduce my pain. I also did physical therapy and yoga as well (as I got better). Dr. Ian and Dr. Lindsay are an amazing team and bring a tremendous amount of positive energy to their practice. I've worked with Dr. Ian on my back for the past year and the results have been remarkable. I am back to running, doing yoga and playing golf. Now I try to go in once a month, or whenever I feel like my neck or back is out of alignment. If you've lived in pain, you understand that preventative is the best medicine. Dr. Ian and Dr. Lindsay definitely believe in "whole body wellness" and will help you to feel better. One downside, they do not take insurance, but I guess you get what you pay for in this case. Highly recommended!!

Overall Rating

Drs. Ian and Lindsay have set up a very welcoming and peaceful chiropractic office. They are knowledgeable, personable and inviting. I now have a better understanding of how chiropractic treatment works specifically for my body and I feel better after having gone to them.

Overall Rating

I found Chiropractic Health and Happiness through great online reviews. My lower back and my neck had been causing me pain on a daily basis for months. I knew I had to see a Chiropractor and soon. Right from the beginning Dr. Ian, Dr. Lindsay, and their staff made me feel comfortable and welcome. I walked away from my very first visit with Dr. Ian feeling better. I found his positive energy, knowledge, and love for what he does so refreshing. I continued to feel better with each week and in less than 2 months I was having little to no pain at all. It has been 3 months since my first visit and I feel great and am completely pain free!! I am also sleeping better, more motivated to work out, and just feel better in general. I had been wanting to live a healthier lifestyle for awhile now. I wanted to eat less processed food and have a cleaner diet. Weight loss was also a goal. I wanted to do a cleanse before but never knew where to start or which one to do. Dr. Ian had recommended the Standard Process Cleanse and I honestly feel that it is life changing. I just completed the 21 day purification program eating fruits, vegetables, lentils, brown rice, lean meats, tons of water, and supplements. There were a few tough days but overall I could not be happier with the results. I feel that I have broken lots of bad eating habits and am happily surprised that I don't even crave those things anymore. My body is feeling full off of nutritious foods. I feel that my body went through a great detox and can now it can run more efficiently. Not to mention I lost 12 pounds!! I will continue to live a healthy lifestyle and I truly thank Dr. Ian for helping me get a jump start on the new me.

Overall Rating

Dr.'s Ian and Lindsay Hoffman are such an amazing duo. Their combined knowledge, compassion, and skill has made such a remarkable difference in my life, both physically and mentally. I initially saw the doctors following an injury to my shoulder caused by a snowboarding accident, and was getting no relief from the prescription anti-inflammatoy I had been taking. I was reluctant at first, because my pain was so severe and I didn't think any "little" adjustments would help. I'm happy to say that I was totally wrong!! Dr. Ian is very gentle, so even after my first few visits I wasn't aware that these adjustments were remaining active within my body. After about a week and a half I was COMPLETELY pain free. It was miraculous. I was able to resume my routine exercise, had more energy than ever, and felt a sense of balance and harmony within my body. Not to mention I was sleeping great, had a significant decrease in depression and anxiety, and for the first time in my life was "regular" with digestion. These two are truly skilled professionals. They really care, and Encinitas is lucky to have this team!

Overall Rating

I Started seeing Dr. Ian about a year ago for general back pain. I was blown away by all the knowledge and advice I received. I was having sinus headaches minimum twice a week. Migraines to the point where I saw spots. PMS and irregular menstrual cycles. After weekly chiropractic care, lifestyle changes, and supplements for the nutrition my body was lacking. I can't remember the last time I had a head ache!!! Back in September I shattered my elbow and had to have surgery. Thanks to Dr. Ian's guidance and chiropractic care. I healed quicker and had less discomfort than expected! If you've never tried chiropractic care. Chiropractic Health & Happiness is the place to start. They treat you like family and will go out of their way to help you reach your optimal "Health and Happiness"!

Overall Rating

Dr. Ian and Dr. Lindsay are two of the most caring and thoughtful people I know. I have had such an amazing experience with my chiropractic care that I can't imagine my life without it! I started getting severe migraines during the summer of 2012, for no apparent reason. I was also experiencing fatigue, exhaustion and foggy-headedness on a daily basis. It got so bad to the point where they were occurring on a daily basis. I was struggling to keep up with the demands of work and school; all I wanted to do was crawl into bed. My doctor ordered an MRI and when it came back showing nothing, she put me on an antidepressant that would help lessen the severity of the migraines. I was very reluctant to go down this path; I wasn't entirely sure how the medicine would affect me mentally or physically. During a bout of self-pity I thought to myself, "how is this possible? I am in my twenties! I shouldn't be having to take medication!!". After venting about it to my co-worker, she recommended I make an appointment with Dr. Ian at Chiropractic Health & Happiness. At that point, I was willing to try whatever it took to get rid of the pain. Before I started my care, I never really thought much about the spine, the surrounding nerves and their relationship with the rest of the body. Or about how a small imbalance can have major and lasting effects on your health. After only a few months, I started feeling a difference. I was sleeping better, able to concentrate at work, and my migraines were only coming on a few times a week. Dr. Ian had told me I wouldn't get better overnight, but that the improvement would come gradually with time and commitment. A year later, I was getting migraines only once or twice a month! The fatigue and exhaustion slowly disappeared; I was able to give up my 3-4 coffees per day. When I wake up, I actually wake up. I'm no longer a zombie! And to top it off, I am no longer on OTC daily allergy medication. I have had severe allergies ever since I was a kid, I figured they'd be just a way of life, but now they're no longer an issue. Now, I am still visiting Dr. Ian each week, to maintain my health and manage the effects of stress on my body. While I am still working towards being my healthiest self, I could not have gotten to where I am now without Dr. Ian's help. It still amazes me sometimes how much improvement I've made over the past year and a half...I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat.

Overall Rating

When I first visited Dr Ian, I had so much pain that my range of motion, sleep and quality of life were all diminished. Like any good chiropractor, he helped me get my spine back in alignment. But his care didn't stop there. I've faced some of my hardest health challenges during my time at Chiropractic Health & Happiness. Dr Ian always takes the time to check in and ask questions. He's quick with suggestions- information about supplements, an exercise to try at home, or a referral to another health practitioner. He goes above and beyond! There were times when I became discouraged because it seemed nothing would help my food allergies or digestion. But Dr Ian stayed positive and encouraged me to keep seeking different treatments and doctors. With his help, I finally found some relief! Now I'm back to surfing/swimming, my sleep is restful and I love my life again! Thanks to Dr Ian for making the healing journey an interactive and educational one. Now I know how to take better care of myself and where to turn for support when I need a little help.

Overall Rating

Dr Ian is amazing. Seriously. I knew I needed Chiropractic care for a long time now but I never got myself to go. One day I had serious pain in my neck/shoulder area so I looked on yelp to find a local spot and was amazed by all the 5 star reviews. I called that morning and was able to see Dr. Ian that afternoon. The entire journey has been amazing. I always feel fantastic after each appointment and I really feel the chiropractic care is helping me. Although I still have issues from time to time, Dr. Ian is always great about addressing them and helping me when possible. I still have a lot of progress to go but I am so happy with the results so far. The whole experience from check in to check out is fast and easy but I never feel like I am being rushed. Rachel at the front desk is a doll and I love chatting with her before and after my appointments. This is one of those places that deserves more than 5 stars but I think with all the other reviews, people know that already. Thanks again Dr. Ian (and Rachel). Keep up the great work.

* Reviews have been sourced and collected through a mix of verified Doctible patients and other publicly available directories.

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