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We can all benefit, at different times in our lives, from good, affordable counseling.
Some seek out counseling for self-understanding and personal growth; others do when symptoms (anxiety, depression, anger, grief) don't seem to ease. Many contact us because they feel 'stuck', out of control, without clarity,perspective or tools to manage their important relationships effectively.

We also face difficult transitions in our lives---leaving home, changing jobs, marriage, parenthood, loss, retirement and aging to name a few.
Support, feedback, and suggestions from an experienced counselor can be invaluable at such times.
Both my partner (Ellen Eichler, LCSW) and I have practiced counseling in San Diego for over 35 years.
I am a father to three adult children and a husband. Ellen and I co-direct The Relationship Counseling Center and Parents As Partners Associates in Mission Hills.

I would described my approach to counseling as broad-based, direct, and engaging style. Clients (who usually call me Dr. Jack, have described my 'style' as 'involved, down-to-earth, intuitive, supportive and pragmatic'.
Whether working with individuals, couples or families, I emphasize self-awareness, clear and honest communication, meaningful contact and connection, and viewing relationships as dynamic ('It takes two').
Oftentimes, clients need to re-build damaged self-confidence or to find more passion and meaning in their lives. Effective counseling provides support and guidance for all of these difficulties and concerns. Many couples, in today's stressful world, seek counseling to help them develop more meaningful and intimacy .

A bit more about me, professionally. I have become an expert in the areas of new parenthood, fathering, and men‘s issues—having taught, written and counseled others since 1980. I speak to professional and parenting groups and have appeared on national television and radio. My first book, Pregnant Fathers: Entering Parenthood Together has been translated into six languages. My latest book is Fathering Right From the Start: Straight Talk About Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond I also collaborated in developing and appear in To Be A Father, hosted by Ray Romano and Antonio Banderas.

Our practice accepts many insurance plans. Feel free to visit our website: www.AGrowingRelationships and email us with your questions or to set up an appointment.


  • Ph.D., California School of Professional Psychology
  • M.A.T, M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh


  • PSY6099, California Board of Psychology

Awards & Publications

  • Fathering Right from the Start: Straight Talk About Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond (Pregnant Fathers) – May 2001
  • Numerous articles and presentations to professional and lay audiences about parenting, fathering, building and strengthening relationships.
  • Pregnant Fathers: Entering Parenthood Together – May 1995. Translated into 5 languages

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