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Having practiced traditional physical therapy for many years, I knew there was something missing in my approach. Often faced with patients who would get ‘almost’ better, or who would have recurrances of injury, or who had symptoms that could not be resolved, I knew there had to be more. Now, mind you I LOVED (and still do) the advanced orthopedic approach I learned as a CFMT, but there was still a void with some patients.

After studying with the Barral Institute and really connecting to this body of ‘work, I began to see these types of cases resolve. I began to treat only the high-level challenging patients and was happy to work alongside several physicians who were willing to give me a chance based on my reputation as a PT and the results they were seeing for their own patients.

“In 2012 I started my own practice, Alternative Physical Therapy, with the clear vision of treating those individuals who seek relief from challenging problems. Reaching beyond conventional treatment by applying advanced, state-of-the-art, effective therapeutic techniques I can offer patients hope and more importantly…..results! I am dedicated that each and every person that crosses my path will restore their quality of life through an improved state of health. I am devoted to each and every individual and will do
everything in my power to make that happen for YOU.”


  • The Institute of Physical Art
  • Ohio State University

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  • American Physical Therapy Association


  • Certified Functional Manual Therapist

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