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My name is Leilani Wilde. I am a mother of 4 sons and 2 step-sons. I am a board certified Lactation Consultant and I have been a Postpartum Doula since 2006. I have always had a passion for newborn babies and their families. Being a new mother came very natural for me, and because it did, I didn’t realize that other women had struggled with different issues along the way. Once I became aware of it, I found myself offering advice and support whenever they asked. I decided to become more thoroughly educated so that I could be of more help to the women and their partners during the early months of caring for their newborns in my community.


  • UCSD


  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

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Tue10:00am - 6:00pm
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Virtual Consultation$75.00
Breastfeeding consultation$75.00

Patient Reviews

Overall Rating

Leilani is a saving grace. She helped me through a difficult time with breastfeeding due to a tongue and lip tie. We would not have made it through without her guidance and support. She responds to texts immediately. Leilani is genuinely caring and compassionate about what she does. And most of all she makes you feel comfortable. If you are in need of a LC, I would strongly suggest contacting Leilani for assistance. Our story...From the first time my son latched it was painful and bleeding. This is my second son so the hospital thought nothing of it since it was not my first born. At 5 days postpartum I could not stand the pain any longer and found Leilani's information on Yelp. I texted her on Sunday morning and she was at my house by Sunday afternoon. She immediately taught me a few techniques to obtain a better latch and scheduled a follow up appointment for 2 days later. At the next appointment she confirmed that my son had a tongue and lip tie. After doing some research my husband and I agreed that it was best to get our sons tongue and lip tie clipped, which we did the following week. Then Leilani came back the day after the clipping to provide additional guidance and support.

Overall Rating

Leilani was an amazing resource to have for my pregnancy, labor and just after giving birth. I originally didn't think I wanted a "Doula" because I wasn't sure exactly what they did. After all, I was going to have my husband and my mom there, and wasn't that enough? NO. It was not. You have no idea how much value a good Doula brings to the table. She has been through labor with many women - and knows exactly what to say, how to touch you, and how to react. This is a very valuable skill that you don't even think you need until you are knee deep into serious contractions. I had a very difficult labor, and I know without Leilani's support I would never have gotten the vaginal birth and delivery that I was able to have with her help. She stayed with me for nearly 20 hours, and guide me through the labor, helped capture an amazing video of the birth, and got our breastfeeding off to an excellent start. By the way - because of her guidance on breastfeeding, I have an exclusively breast-fed very heavy, happy, and healthy little boy. Leilani was also amazing to have in the days following the birth. She was responsive to every single little question or concern I had, and helped me with breastfeeding, diet, postpartum issues, you name it. All-in-all the money I spent on her services was the best value spent in the entire process. I highly recommend her services.

Overall Rating

Leilani was great. My wife was having major pain and issues with breastfeeding, and we needed someone to come help ASAP. I called about 10 lactation consultants, until I hopped on Yelp and found Leilani. She squeezed us in and was awesome! She immediately pin pointed all the issues with our baby's latch and made breast feeding much more enjoyable. She also had a bunch of other pointers for natural remedies which all worked!! You need to work with will be the best decision you make. it was for us.

Overall Rating

I'm so thankful for Leilani Wilde and her lactation consultant services. I was struggling to nurse my newborn after only a few days. He had stopped nursing and I was scared and didn't know what to do. Leilani was extremely knowledgeable, responsive and gentle. She was able to come almost as soon as I contacted her. She was kind and confident and knew just what to do. After only one visit she was able to help me nurse my son again after I didn't think it would happen. She came back out a few more times when I had other breast feeding concerns and I'm so glad she was able to help again! She was so encouraging and patient each time she came and I trusted her knowledge and expertise. I know I would have given up on breast feeding had she not been there to guide me through the difficulties. I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with nursing!

Overall Rating

The pediatrician who performed our little one's tongue and lip tie release suggested that we see a Lactation Consultant and Leilani was one of the four LCs he recommended. I am so glad we chose Leilani. She was a true savior! We scheduled an at-home consultation with her and She was very professional, calm and reassuring from the start. While waiting for our little one to work up an appetite, she gave us helpful tips on how to handle the baby. Once my baby was fussy, she asked me to latch as I normally would and proceeded to modify the technique and position. She also gave clear instructions on how to identify if the baby is feeding or simply pacifying using the suck-swallow patterns. As first time parents, we had quite a few questions and she addressed them all. After our consultation, we have called and texted Leilani with our concerns and she responded very promptly every time. Thanks to Leilani I am confident and comfortable while breastfeeding. I will definitely recommend her as a LC to my family and friends. If you have any breast feeding issues, don't hesitate to give Leilani a call!

Overall Rating

This review is LONG overdue, Leilani was so sweet to us during our first meeting as we interviewed her for our potential birth doula. She answered all of the questions that my husband and I had. She made us feel very comfortable and we didn't feel rushed with her time at all. Leilani gave us a folder with all of her qualifications and references, we found her fee to be very fair. We were especially thrilled to find out about the home visits included and that she is also a lactation consultant. During our home visits before the birth we learned coping skills, and relaxation techniques. Our time with Leilani for the birth was very long (she said after, it was the longest yet she has attended) and we were very worried about not having the birth go as we had planned. Leilani stuck by us as we were kicked out of Best Start Birth Center and sent to the hospital, I was devastated but she made us feel at ease and helped make it the best possible experience. She even took pictures for us at the hospital. The day after the birth at the hospital Leilani was able to identify a latch issue right away that was missed by two of the hospital lactation consultants. She also helped TREMENDOUSLY when I was having all sorts of troubles with breastfeeding, she helped us with a supplemental nursing system, low milk production, a pumping/feeding schedule, and she recommended an ointment that potentially saved my breastfeeding relationship when even my OBGYN wasn't helpful. I have now been exclusively breastfeeding for six months thanks to Leilani and look back at our birth experience with her as invaluable. I also highly recommend her lactation support group which proved to be just the help I needed. Five stars on Yelp! doesn't do her justice. I can't say enough good things about Leilani, she's worth every penny and more. I highly recommend her as a doula and a lactation consultant, I don't know what we would have done without her.

Overall Rating

Where do I begin.... It was my second week from the hospital and I was breastfeeding my little baby, I was having the most awful time doing so, my baby was not latching on correctly and I was in soooo much pain, my poor nipples felt like they were going to fall off! I was crying my eyes out because all I wanted to do was breastfeed my little one but it was very very painful. I had messaged a friend (Nova, another sweet and wonderful woman like Leilani) who also encapsulated my placenta (Womb Service - Doula Care & Placenta Encapsulation) referred me to her and told me she was the best and she could help me. I called Leilani at 11:18 pm (at this point frantically crying) and she answered!!! we did a virtual consultation over FaceTime. I was soo thankful that she was able to talk to me, and over this virtual consultation, with her help, being very specific in talking me thru a proper latch my baby was eating and I didn't feel any pain; I FELT RELIEF for the first time in two very frustrating and painful weeks. Of course I had to text her again because I started having issues again with pain and she came to my home and showed me how to properly latch my little baby and breastfeeding got easier again. She is truly amazing, very kind and very knowledgable, she continued to follow up with me after the first face to face to make sure things were progressing well and of course as a first time mom, you can't always get everything right! I was still having some issues with the pain while breastfeeding so she came to my home again and helped me get the latch right again and gave me some other helpful tips and some other references to help my baby's upper lip tie. My little baby is a month now and I still want to continue to see Leilani to make sure I'm doing things correctly. She is the reason why I didn't give up and the reason why I can properly feed my little angel with out feeling so much pain. I'm sooo thankful and appreciative, truly from the bottom of my heart I feel blessed to have met her and to have been able to get her assistance in breastfeeding my little one. Lailani is the best and I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone who might be having issues with breastfeeding. Sorry I wrote a book btw

Overall Rating

Leilani is the best! She is supportive, encouraging, caring, compassionate and very knowledgeable. She answers calls and texts immediately no matter when you contact her. We couldn't have asked for a better doula and lactation consultant! Here is our story: At our first meeting, before we committed to having her as our doula, she spent A LOT of time with us answering our questions and explaining what she could do for us as our doula. She made us feel so empowered to make our own decisions on how we want our birthing to go and we felt comfortable with her and completely confident that she would be the best doula for us. When we got closer to my due date, we found out that the baby was breach and that I would have to have a C-section. When I told Leilani, she gave me numerous resources to try to turn the baby, which was an option we didn't even know existed. We tried everything, including having my doctor try to turn the baby in the hospital. Leilani was there in the hospital with me the entire time, supporting me and encouraging me. The baby didn't turn during that procedure and she stayed with me a few hours afterwards just to be supportive. She also took me to a midwife to try to turn the baby, spending so much time encouraging me and helping with the exercises. Even with all we tried, our baby did not turn and we had to do the C-section. We were discouraged and thinking we wouldn't be needing a doula anymore. But Leilani told us she would be there with me the entire time and told us of things we could do and decisions we could make that would still give us the best experience under the circumstances. I was so calm going into the surgery room to get the C-section all because of Leilani's support and encouragement. After having the baby, Leilani was there to help me with breastfeeding too! Within a few minutes she found out that our baby was lip and tongue tied, which causes issues with breastfeeding. She immediately starting calling her doctor contacts to see about us getting the ties cut right away so the baby could work on breastfeeding. When we got the ties cut we worked with Leilani to get our baby to breastfeed. I would get so overwhelmed trying to breastfeed and would be crying and frustrated and THEN I would call Leilani. She would come over with little or no notice to help me and encourage me. I wouldn't have continued to breastfeed if it wasn't for her! Now, five months after our baby boy was born, we still keep in contact with Leilani. She really cares about her clients and loves the little babies. You won't go wrong with Leilani!

Overall Rating

It's impossible to keep this review short, too many great things to say. My husband and I are so very grateful that Leilani was recommended to us. I cannot imagine my son's birth without her. We were blessed to have her as our Doula as well as our Lactation Guru. As a first time mom, I was very unsure and unaware of so many things leading up to the birth. Leilani's home visits were extremely helpful! There were so many things I would have never known about to consider when it came to our birth plan. She is extremely knowledgable about all areas of pregnancy and birth, has so many tips and suggestions to offer that contributed to an awesome experience. She really empowered my husband and I to feel confident and relaxed leading up to the birth. The day of my sons birth, my water broke 36 hours before he was born. Leilani was there every step of the way, counseling us from the minute my water broke. She dedicated 3 days to us ensuring we were safe and helped ease all fears. I can not imaging the experience without her, from visiting our home helping me through the contractions, to joining us to the hospital to get me checked in, to being the most amazing advocate for my family the remainder of my labor. Lets talk breastfeeding - After the birth, she helped me get off to a good start with breastfeeding immediately at the hospital. A few days later I unknowingly started some bad habits, and was positioning the baby wrong. I had a rough few days of breastfeeding which lead to pain and discomfort. As soon as I mentioned that I was experiencing pain, she immediately made a house call, and changed everything! She stayed with us for hours making sure I had breastfeeding down the correct way and helped me to read my son's signs of hunger. That night was the first night I was able to get any sleep beyond 30 minutes at a time. My baby boy was happy and full and finally sleeping for a few hours at a time. Within 1 day I was pain free! Since then, everything clicked. When Leilani says "Breastfeeding should be painless and enjoyable", believe it... it's actually true! ;) Thank you so much Leilani!

* Reviews have been sourced and collected through a mix of verified Doctible patients and other publicly available directories.

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