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Voice Reminders: Calling Patients Automatically

Fully Automated Voice Reminders
  • Cell Phones or Landline

    • Voice reminders will call patient's cell phone

    • Patients without cell phones will get a landline call

  • Custom Template

    • Fully customize outgoing messages (OGMs)

    • Customize by patient name, appointment time and date, as well as by provider or procedure 

  • Confirmation:

    • Optionally allow patients to confirm appointments
    • Press 1 to confirm 

  • Q&A/Consultation:

    • Bring us your hard questions -- We will help you find answers.

We are looking forward to seeing you on March 11th for the webinar!

Join us | April 19, 2pm EDT


Patients have different needs. Voice Reminders is another channel for patient communication. Improve patient satisfaction by engaging with them the way they want.

About This Webinar

Voice Reminders and Confirmations

Not all patients prefer communicating via smartphone, text, or email. With Doctible's Voice Reminders, you can now send automated voice reminders to cell phones and landlines.

You can send fully customized Outgoing Messages (OGMs), with the option for patients to confirm appointments when you as them to "Press 1 to confirm."

We love questions, so bring us your best ones about Voice Reminders to get you the answers you need.

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