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Using the Secrets of Hospitality to Grow Your Practice


  • Why are medical and dental practices services?

    • Every practice is a service business

    • Alignment: Hospitably and best practices for patient communication and engagement

  • What is a service delivery system?

    • A service delivery system includes: people, training, tech, and policies

  • How to improve patient experience, retention, and profit

  • Turning negative reviews/feedback into gold

    • Why reviews and feedback drive success

    • The value of public and private feedback

    • Customer loyalty after negative feedback from  a patient

  • Practical Examples

    • Real-world examples given throughout the presentation
  •  Extended Q&A 

    • Q&A + Discuss your most challenging patient Mgmt. issues

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Recorded 2110 Secrets of Hospitality Webinar

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Kelly Zielinski
Senior Business Development Manager