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Our Virtual Waiting Room keeps patients and staff safe while increasing patient flow

Virtual Waiting Room Features:

  • Automated Pre-arrival Health Screening 

    • HIPAA Compliant | via Text & Email

    • Screen 24 Hours & 1 Hour Prior

  • Visualize Patient Status 

    • Screening (Green/Yellow/Red)

    • When patients arrive (parking lot)

  • Mobile Device Accessible Forms

    • Simple/Easy/Elegant forms

    • Reduced patient stress

  • Single-click Notification Alerts Patient to Enter

  • Cloud-based Dashboard (HIPAA Complaint)
    • Accessible by Office & Remote Staff
    • Integrates with most EHR/EMR systems
    • Supports two-way patient communication

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Benefits of Virtual Waiting Rooms for COVID Screening

On-demand Webinar (36 Minutes)

About this Webinar

Learn how the Pediatrics & Adolescent Center and Ellettsville Dental Center are using Doctible's Virtual Waiting Room to streamline COVID Screening and Patient Check-ins.




Guest Speakers

Guest Speaker: Chonnie Richey, Pediatrics and Adolescent Center

Chonnie Richey


Prior to the Virtual Waiting Room, we were using electronic forms… What we were missing was a virtual representation of what we were doing.

Chonnie Richey, Pediatrics & Adolescent Center

Guest Speaker: Krissy Atkins Ellettsville Dental Center

Krissy Atkins
Practice Administrator

With the Virtual Waiting Room, there is more time to get your patients the help they need, with a single press of a button.

Krissy Atkins, Ellettsville Dental Center 

Keep Patients and Staff Safe | Maintain Patient Flow

The image showcases Doctible's Virtual Waiting Room. Seven simulated patients are depicted. Each patient is visualized with different status information. For example Patient Booker didn't pass the 24 hour screening (as indicated by the yellow light), but did pass the 1 hour screening (as indicated by the green light). Patient's Doncic and Tatum have both passed all screenings and arrived, and have been notified to enter the physical waiting room.