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How to Add Live Interaction to Your Website Day and Night


  • Overview Patient Engagement (10 Mins)

    • Key to new patients/retaining current patients

    • Tough to engage when site visits come after hours

    • Avoid “high friction” forms and call requests

  • Website Messenger helps (10 Mins)
    • Interactive engagement—24/7

    • Quick engagement lowers bounce rate

    • Frees up staff during business hours

  • Product Walkthrough (10 Mins)

    • Patient Site Visit—Typical, static website

    • Patient Site Visit—Site with Website Messenger

    • Live Demo

  •  Extended Q&A (25 Mins)

    • Discuss patient engagement challenges

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HubSpot Video
This image shows how Doctible's Website Messenger (a chat bot) works. The example is someone scheduling an appointment.

The power of live interaction (day and night)

  • Answer common questions immediately

  • Communicate with potential and existing patients, even if you are busy or closed

  • Integrates with Doctible's Patient Messenger 

  • Staff can "take over" conversations from the AI 

  • Capture potential patient contact information so you can accelerate practice growth

Webinar Host

kelly bw

Kelly Zielinski
Senior Business Development Manager