Cancellation Manager

Fill in cancellations within minutes and keep your schedule full

Don't let last minute cancellations get in the way. Fill them in.

Keep your Calendar Full

Gaps in schedules are lost revenue opportunities. Maximize your day.

Optimize your calendar by offering any cancelled slot to other patients who would like to come in earlier. This increases patient satisfaction while also preventing from instituting old practices such as charging patients for cancelled appointments.

Save Staff Time

Calling a waitlist is inefficient and time consuming.

Let our technology intelligently reach out to the patients to offer up earlier appointments. Save staff hours of calling and rescheduling every week.

Increase your Bottom Line

More appointments = a thriving practice!

Plugging gaps in schedules is one of the easiest ways to build a practice that is thriving and profitable. Cancelled appointments can represent a loss of up to 8% of gross revenue. Don't let this become a recurring problem at your practice.

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