Intake Forms

Digitize your patient intake process through online forms

Reduce paper and increase staff efficiency through digital forms.

Modernizing your patient intake

Paperwork can be time consuming for patients and practices due to its cumbersome nature. Combined with scanning and storing these securely, it can be inefficient and expensive.

With Doctible’s Intake forms, your check in process can be fully digitized which greatly reduces the time spent by your staff and patients. Streamlining your check-in process reduces wait times, allowing you to see more patients.


Customized to your practice

Ability to collect e-signatures

Add online forms to your website

Mobile friendly

Instant alerts with PDF

Text forms to patients prior to visit

Toss the paper clipboard!

Keying errors. Scanning. Storage. We know paper is inefficient. With Doctible's Intake Forms, modernize the patient experience by customizing your forms to be online.

Enhance the patient experience

Patients can easily fill out their paperwork in the comfort of their home. Reduces wait times leading to increased satisfaction.

Reduce Costs

Receive each patient's forms in a secure PDF that can be attached to your Practice Management software. Eliminate storage of paperwork and its associated costs.

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