Payment Collector

Simplify patient collections through the click of a text message

Collect past due balances from patients by giving them flexibility

Modernizing the collections process

Reduce paper invoices by sending patients their balances through email and text. Patients can view their balance and quickly pay it by their credit card.


Text to Pay

Easy to use dashboard

Simplified transaction fee structure

Automated reminders for past due accounts

Auto-deposit payments into your bank

HIPAA Compliant

Accelerate Collections

With Doctible Payment Collector, your staff can very easily text patients with their balances. Patients prefer it and you can collect balances faster.

Simple and convenient

Collecting a payment is as simple as sending a text and patient making their payment. No more sending paper invoices.

Secure and compliant

We do all the heavy lifting so that the payment information is secure and fully compliant with all applicable laws. Rest assured, you can focus on getting paid faster while we take care of all regulations.

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