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At my first visit, which was squeezed into your schedule the same day I called because you and your staff were compassionate about the pain I was in, I was unable to walk unassisted or even lie flat to receive any treatment, and you convinced stubborn, scared, tearful me to go to the emergency room, which I'd been avoiding doing for several days. That was the start of a series of your treatments, decompression and chiropractic that, along with physical therapy treatment there in your facility, enabled me to now live virtually pain free - without surgery and without injections! You and your staff were always very caring, knowledgeable, reassuring and able to make me smile and feel better with each visit. That was not the case with the other local facility I'd been to prior to yours. You and your staff made it clear to me with each and every visit that your Accident Injury Treatment Center was the right place for me. And that says a lot because I had not ever knowingly agreed to 'Out of Network' medical services before AITC. You and your staff were upfront with me, and worked with me and my medical insurance carriers, to try to get reimbursement despite being 'Out of Network'. Even when that effort failed, I never had any doubt that AITC was worth it, and exactly where I needed to be. Thank you for being there for me, and for getting me through the worst injury and most pain of my life! You helped me return to the active life I love!

Dr. Davis and his staff are great. They really know how to treat their patients and are compassionate.

Great staff. Noticeable improvements at the second visit. They know what they are doing.

The staff are all professional & friendly. Dr.Davis is very knowledgeable & I feel extremely safe & comfortable.


1570 W Grand Ave, Grover Beach, CA 93433