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Dr JP Kallelis is a fantastic Chiropractor! I have been going to him for over 20 years!I highly recommend him.!!!

Great service! Highly recommended for runners!

I am JP’s # 1 fan- my adjustments are always spot on and reactive to what I need at that appt. I trust him to help me feel my best! ( visit was in Washington’s Crossing, not Doylestown. )

John zeroed in on what he needed to adjust , glad to be back !

JP is awesome!

Excellent treatment, great recommendations of at-home treatment, and very welcoming to patients. Always glad to help a local student athlete like myself or any other person in or out of the area. Would be glad to come again and will definitely leave a recommendation for other people. Keep it up!

Mike was so good w/ healing hands I feel so much better

Everything was great !

Excellent as usual!!!

Best bone crushers ever.

JP is the best! Always feel better after a visit.

Always a great experience. Wings loves JP. He is so gentle with her and is very thorough.

Excellent experience. Possible slight improvement following first session. Very hopeful it will help longterm.

Very warm, timely, and professional!

Your front desk staff is awesome! It shouldn’t be rare but it is! Impressed with how they handled me on the phone, on-boarded me, and transitioned me. They’re keepers :)

Always great!

Warm and friendly greetings from reception and office staff Complete, thorough care from Dr JP. Personal interest in overall well-being. Warm and friendly

Very caring and we all feel much better after our visit! We have the greatest confidence. Thank you!

Professional friendly and caring l

Dr. JP always gives my wife and I a really good adjustment. I personally like the roller bed and enjoy talking with Brian. Thanks. Dan & Lorie Mershon

Dr Mike is the best! Can always count on him to keep me on the road running! Tom K.

JP Kallelis has been taking great care of me for years!!

Love Dr John. Excellent care. Wonderful staff. Back to running and racing. ❤️‘N it.

My name is Francesca Endres and I had an appointment Monday, July 29th at 8:45am with Kevin. Today had to be my last appointment for a while because I’m going back to NYC for school. Today was, by far, my best experience with the receptionist. I’m not sure if her name, but it was a young woman with brown, curly hair. She was incredibly helpful and attentive. She went above and beyond to assist me in getting a recommendation for a chiropractor in NYC. She is an integral part of your practice and stood out in my mind as someone who greatly enhanced my experience. More so than anyone else in the past few months I have been visiting the office.

I just did

as per usual Dr. JP was excellent. He zeroed in on the problem and eliminated the pain. Thank you !!

Over the years I’ve been coming to see Dr. J it’s been great he helped me in many ways working on my body and with his good advice as to what to do at home to stay pain free and advice how to stay healthy. He is like a friend to me.

Love Kevin. He does a great job!

This was the first time I've ever been to a chiropractor and I must say the results or surprising. I limped in with a bad knee and a pinched nerve in my neck and walked out almost with no pain at all in my knee and a noticeable difference in my neck I guess I'd have to say I'm a believer now I'll definitely be going back.

Everyone is very pleasant. Taken on time for my appointment on time. Dr Kevin asked me questions about my back and went to work. I know it will take a few visits, but I am on the road to feeling better. Get the roller bed!

Always friendly greeting! Professional and accommodating staff. Physicians treatment effective and therapeutic. Fabulous practice of caring people!

Amazing Doctors and equally amazing staff! They honestly care about their patients:)) Dr JP is gifted in his profession! Highly recommended!

Doctor was great Handled all issues Very friendly and thorough thank you

Dr JP completely cured me! It was amazing!

Excellent! I was in so much pain from my sciatica. This is the first day I have no pain! Thanks!!

Love JP and chiropractic with my dogs. They love him and he is supportive, positive and enthusiastic!!!

Excellent care and listening to patient issues. Very friendly staff.

Magic & I thoroughly enjoy our adjustments with JP. Magic’s tail starts wagging the minute she gets to the front door. She is so happy to greet the entire friendly staff. We both feel great after our time with the Chiropracter!

Outstanding chiropractor experience with Mike. And the best part of the visit are the ladies working the office. They make the entire experience comfortable and enjoyable. They don’t miss a beat and can put a smile on your face any day.

Dr. JP is always the greatest. Very understanding and helpful. Dan & Lorie Mershon

Don is amazing, his care and his way with patients is excellent. Your staff is very service-oriented and the office itself Is well equipped. Thank you. Mike (Brendan’s dad)

Friendly,courteous, and very knowledgeable can’t be beat,best chiropractic staff around👍👍.

Don’t know what I’d do without JP?👍 he knows just what to focus on when I come in, and I always feel so much better when I leave!

Competent,friendly, helpful staff. Dr Marino is a great listener and extraordinarily intuitive thinker when it comes translating symptoms and patient history into Treatment that works to resolve issues and get me back on track to functioning well

Dr. John was able to stop my knee pain in one session by making a proper diagnosis. And by working very hard on what was really wrong.

The staff is friendly and accommodating, the doctors are very knowledgeable and caring. Great office atmosphere.

Excellent care and patient service.

Excellent care as always. Thanks!!

The whole experience from beginning to end is excellent. From when you walk in and are greeted, to the check in system and finally the actual chiropractic care you receive. Everyone is friendly and helpful.


Your office is a rare find. Johnny King Marino has amazing skills.

Fantastic Experience! Caroline cracks the best jokes.

Jp is an amazing chiropractor. I have no experience with other practitioners

It is always a positive healing experience to come in and be adjusted as w/life things don't stay the same, breathing, posture all around relaxing is so appreciated. You can feel the blood flowing to support organs and better health. I am so glad I know that innateness of my body. Thanks/ Mike w/ healing hands

Doc hit a home run. My back feels great. I heard about 114 bones pop during my Adjustment. Thanks for being so prompt,too

Dr. JP and wonderful staff are amazing. Highly professional yet comfortable atmosphere. Helped me enormously thank you!

Please stop this as I answered before and it is not something I wish to do each time

Exceptional!! Dr.JP is a savior!

As usual, you all are wonderful!

I was at Washington Crossing office. Excellent treatment as always with JP.

Last night after your treatment my neck and shoulder felt worse then before. Yet Tuesday morning it now feels better, though still sore. I have taken 2 Advil this AM as I did last night. Thanks. Ron K.

I absolutely loved how the inside was set up with all the sport decor on the walls. Also the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable and it being my first time there they made me feel like I’ve been going there for years.

Thanks for such a friendly environment!

My husband and I have been going to Dr. Marino for over 15 years. Awesome care for sports injury issues and maintenance to keep us in shape.

Everyone is friendly and professional. Dr. Johnny is super-gifted!

Doc Kallelis is the absolute BEST chiropractor I have ever been to, and there have been many. He spends quality time loosening up all of the muscles in the area he is going to work on before the adjustment. He listens to and heeds the areas where I either don’t want him to go or that I want him to exercise extreme care with. If you are having issues that a Chiropractor can fix, then THIS is the place to come!!

Dr Johnny always fixes me up! Not only does he always know what’s wrong, but he explains it in detail AND gives me excercises to do to maintain it. He really has a sincere heart to help people!!

I was so impressed by the thorough examination and how gentle and thorough you were. You took your time with Wings to make sure you examined every part of her body. Thank you so much.

I wish that Medicare would pay enough so that I could come to see you

Dr. JP is the best.

Everyone's great there it's a good time and great service

Finally got some help to deal with a problem I've had for the past year! I'm so glad to be on the road to recovery and living life as it should be! Thank you JP!

A practice is only as good as its personnel. JP is the best!

JP and all the staff are the best.


Very good and very attentive.

Fit me in, last minute. Dr j . Great at treatment and post visit exercises info.

An excellent experience and impressed with all aspects of my visit!

First time at facility yesterday ,overall great experience

Staff is very friendly Doctor was very thorough and when I left I felt great Thank you just what I needed

I was really pleased with Dr Kevin. I was impressed with his professionalism since he just graduated. I like his technique and he easy to have a conversation with. He is personable and pleasant.

Doctor Johnny did a very good job in adjustments etc Very through in asking questions and making me feel comfortable in his approach.

Dr JP is very professional and the absolute BEST Chiropractor my family has ever been too. He has helped heal us with numerous back and leg problems We can’t praise him enough!! Linda & Vinny R

JP Kallelis is the best!

ASC keeps everyone I know moving ( I don’t say “running” because I am more of a swimmer. Great job on the shoulder, Doc. A+

Professional, courteous, and relaxing. I'm telling everyone I care for where to go. Thanks again, I 'll BE BACK!!🤙

Jp was as always terrific

Always on target with whatever adjustment is needed~ JP, you’re the best!

My husband and I have been going to Dr. Marino's for over 15 years. He has been able to help us when notjing else was working. We would give hom 10 stars but there are only 5 on this site.

I sent a text. Don’t know if u got it. Visit was good. Dr John did a great job. The staff was pleasant and professional.

Great team!

Dr Johnny is helping me to strengthen my hip joints and legs so that my back won’t hurt as much

It is so important and beneficial to me seek your Sports Medical Team as soon as I know something is OFF! Seeking this type of treatment when well connects you to your body and helps to know the innateness of it. Chiropractic has always brought a great balance for me for years. Especially now that I am alot older, knowing this practice their expertise and knowledge of the Doctors and the talent of their care, makes me feel great I am in such good hands and healing really takes place. They really know the body and points of adjustment. Thank-You so much. Alice K.

Dr Mike is talented. Looking forward to the follow up visit next week. Sorry that Dr Johnny was not feeling well. Keep up the great work. Thanks, Bill Altier

JP is terrific

Dr Johnny always seems to straighten me out!


If you didn't do EVERYTHING well, I wouldn't be coming to you for 15+ years. That is from attentiveness, to personal concern, to total professionalism and care of the body.

Great experience! Extremely friendly and welcoming! Checked in and was immediately seen. It's nice to see a doctor who has compassion for what he does every day!


Very friendly office staff. I was seen on time and my back felt better when I left.

Great office and they are miracle workers. Would recommend and have recommended to many people.

Don Goldstein is the best!

Flexibility with making appointment. JP is EXCELLENT.

All good from step in to step out 👍🙏

Everyone is friendly and learned my name really quick. Great at what they do.

Love JP. Friendly, outgoing and excellent!

Great staff and knowledgeable, skilled doctors who have you back to running fast!

Always nice friendly great adjustment worth every penny

Great visit always with JP but there is still a glitch in the phone/messaging system that needs to be fixed. (Not the first professional office with a messsging system purchased that has a problem.)

Nothing but positives ALWAYS for Dr. JP. He is consistently attentive to whatever my back/ shoulders/neck/knees need and I put my trust and myself in his hands w/ o reservation. Always good and practical advice for getting back to normal activities when I’m hurting. 🦃Thankful for him and the great care I get at JKM Health.

So glad to get some relief. Thanks JP!

Warm and engaging from reception through treatment. Thorough and personal care. I have been going to chiropractors for 30+ years. This at the very top of my list, If not the top.

My knees / quad muscles improve after each visit thanks to Dr John Marino

After visiting your office, I have the first real relief from pain since February. Thank you!


The office in Washington Crossing runs smoothly and is always welcoming! They always go out of their way to help.My adjustment by Dr. Kallelis was excellent, just what I needed. He always asks if there is a problem, addresses it and does more that he feels is needed.

The office in Washington Crossing runs smoothly. The staff is always very accommodating. Dr. Kallelis gives me excellent adjustments. He always asks if there is a problem and addresses it. He then does more to further help, if needed. Nancy M. Miller

The doctor I usually see was unavailable, so I saw another and the treatment was very satisfactory.

Treatment was excellent as always. Feel a whole lot better coming out of the office then going in! Great front desk reception as well!!😀

Very friendly staff, Dr Mike is personal, a good listener, and is helping me with my ageing joints and spine. I look forward to my regular appointments with him.

Always extremely happy with the care and service here.

You did everything well!

Very thorough and friendly office-spent a good amount of time with me

Dr. John has the knowledge and experience to pinpoint the source of pain/discomfort and how to help heal it.

Best treatment I ever had at a Chirioractor!! Highly recommend JP

always helpful. always welcoming.

I had a really bad back that morning and Dr. Mike was very nice to find me a spot for an adjustment that day. It was as usual very effective and allowed me to go back to work the next day. Thank you!

Very professional and treatment was superb. I feel so much better with no headaches and my legs DO NOT get CHARLIE horses ANY MORE. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JP.


102 Progress Dr, Doylestown, PA 18901