Dr. Russell Surasky

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15 Barstow Rd, Great Neck, NY 11021

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Excellent personable staff, attractive office, my consultation and treatment were both professional and patient specific. I highly recommend this office.

Awesome as always. True doctor !

Dr. S is very thorough and in the short time he has he utilizes it well ..

Front desk staff is really nice and Dr Suransky is very Thorough And caring

Very thorough. Great for addiction help. Knows what meds actually work..

Amazing doctor really cares about his patients and a tremendous nice person

Very informative and fully explained the medications. Easy to talk with. Very comprehensive.

Terrific doctor and staff! Thankypu

Great front office. Amazing, caring, attentive and thorough Doctor.

Not a long wait to see Doctor Russel. Super courteous staff always. A good outcome after the visit.

The clerical staff at the desk are really friendly and always make sure all my concerns or issues are taken care of. They also look they have fun at work and really enjoy their job; this creates a positive atmosphere which makes me comfortable from the second I walk in. Dr. Russell Surasky always takes his time with me when I visit the office, and I never feel as if I’m being rushed. He also throughly answers all my questions and fully takes care of any concerns I might have. He is also very knowledgeable in his field and I would recommend him to anyone needing a Neurologist.

Everything was great. Dr. Surasky made me feel very comfortable and at ease. He was very professional, having a good understanding of my situation at the same time very personable and friendly. The visit was a pleasure and I would recommend him to anyone who is struggling. I will be back. Thank you.

Dr.Surasky is one of the best doctors I've ever encountered.He is doctor that cares for his patients and has there been interested at heart.

Great doc, definitely knows what he’s doing!

Great staff! Terrific doctor!

Dr. Russel Surasky is an amazing doctor! 10/10 would recommend. I have been seen by many addiction specialists as well as neurologists as my condition requires both kinds of doctors and never have I encountered such a thorough, kind, and compassionate doctor in my 10 year journey. He takes the time to ask how you are doing, to be truely invested in your progress, to thoroughly explain any effects and potential side effects of medications he prescribes. He always makes you feel included in the decisions made about your own health and well being, instead of just telling you what you "should" do. He even gives out his private cell # to his addiction patients to make himself available to them 24/7 in case of medication or other emergencies. That is dedication on a whole other level.

Dr R Surasky is a wealth of knowledge and so helpful!

Great doctor..really cares to better your situation all round


Very attentive and understanding on issues that were important. Comfortable to talk to both the doctor and front desk staff

Dr surasky was great! Very thorough and professional.

Very attentive, very knowledgeable and understanding. He help me and many others Sober!

Caring front office staff, knowledgeable caring doctor

Very pleased with the professionalism of the entire staff, the Dr doctor is informative takes his time goes over everything, very happy!

Great doctor

Great listener to truly get to the heart of the issue!

I have been seeing Dr. Surasky for over two years now, and I can’t believe the progress I’ve made with him since originally walking into his office. Crystal and the staff is amazing and easy to work with, and Dr. Surasky is great. He takes his time with me to see how everything in my life is doing, I feel like he’s my family doctor we really have a great relationship.

Dr. Surasky diagnosed my problems on my first visit. These problems were missed by 3 other Doctors over a 4 year period. He prescribed the proper medications and I now have a much better quality of life. He is understanding and he listens to my concerns before giving me feedback. I would recommend him to everyone.

Dr. Surasky very much cares for your well being. He’s intelligent, easy going and takes the time needed to listen to what you have to say. Great Doctor.


Dr Surasky is truly an angel!! He is kind, respectful, non judge mental , always willing to help you. Works with you to achieve and maintain your sobriety. Answers texts quickly. I owe him my life!!! BEST Dr ever!!!

great doc


Very professional him has been the only one to find the key to fix my problem vote 10

Helped get chris to rehab👍

Dr. Surasky is a great doctor who cares very much about his patients.

Dr. Was extremely caring and listened and took the time to come up with the right plan for me!

Dr. Russell was very informative and listened to all my concerns. He advised me on certain medications but I know he wanted to truly help me. I would recommend him to other people.

I have seen several Doctors over the years and I felt as if they didn’t hear a word I said and they didn’t care. I credit Dr. Surasky with not only changing my life but saving it. His knowledge is vast and he truly cares. And that’s because he listens. Words cannot express how highly I’d recommend him.

Excellent Doctor who explains everything thoroughly

Dr. Surasky is highly knowledgeable and caring. He is professional and non-judgemental making it very easy to talk to him and trust him with your care.

Dr Russell is great, as always. He has really helped me.

An expert in his field. Highly recommend.

Incredibly caring and competent physician - I have confidence in my treatment plan - physician took the time to thoroughly explain everything - highly recommend

Best doctor I've had in a long time

Dr. Surasky has literally changed my entire life. He's given me the opportunity to live my life again.


Was very friendly and easy to talk to. Spoke to him for almost an hour and he answered every question I had. Very bright Neurologist who actually knows his specialization

Great doctor really cares about his patients

He was nice

Dr. Surasky is by far one of the best doctors I have ever encountered. He goes above and beyond to make sure his patients are okay. He saved my life in ways I don't know could have happened without his help. The girls at the front desk are very caring and sweet as well. I had an amazing experience.

Great Doctor

5 starss..every staff member is terrific

He is an amazing doctor who actually listens and cares

The dr is awesome

Dr. Aura sky is a good guy. Always a good visit. The staff is perfect. Never a long wait and the office is clean and organize. Highly recommended.

Amazing. Very nice and informative . The doctor saved my life.

The Dr. Is a great listener and takes the time needed for me, the patient, to share my feelings and feedback on mediciation.

Dr Suraski is a one in,a million doctor & I just adore this man who is so committed to his patients and their recovery. He's my hero and I adore him. Please let me know if I need to do anything.. .because he is an amazing,person...love him...

Dr Suraski is a one in,a million doctor & I just adore this man who is so committed to his patients and their recovery. He's my hero and I adore him. Please let me know if I need to do anything.. .because he is an amazing,person...love him...

Dr Surasky is a true professional. His understanding and treatment of addiction is unsurpassed. I would highly recommend him for addiction issues.

Very understanding and caring

Dr. Surasky is a smart amazing doctor who has played a huge role in helping me in my road to recovery. He has an extremely helpful, caring staff as well.

Great doc. Very professional and caring

Personal and helpful visit, highly reccomend

hes the best in the world !

Great staff genuinely care about your well being. This place is the real deal 13 months off dope thanks to them

Very compassionate and knowledgeable doctor , highly recommend .

Amazing doctor and the ladies that work there are so nice

Dr. Surasky and his staff are a true diamond in the rough. It is always a pleasurable experience which is quite rare in the world of medicine. Everyone is thoughtful, caring, and very knowledgeable.

From the moment I first walked in his office the Doctor made me feel comfortable and gave me a glimmer of hope. I was in some bad shape on my first visit. I also suffer from Bi-Polar and he prescribed Welbutrin and it's the best and most effective medication I've ever used to treat my illness. He truly cares about his patients and that is very reassuring!

Dr.Surasky is one of the best doctors I've ever come across.He is attentive, accurate,and a doctor who is genuinely concerned about his patients.

Dr Surasky is a caring and kind experience. He's a great Doctor and truly cares about you. Thanks Doc

Great care thank you

The visit was really good, Dr Russel is a very nice guy and did everything he could to help..looking forward to going back 👍🏽