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Always a pleasant experience!

It was a great visit

very friendly and professional

Best dentis ever. Very thorough

Everything is done well!

Very professional and friendly

You went the extra mile!!!

Very helpful and friendly staff.

It was quick and lady who helped me was very nice

Awesome people and excellent work

Appteciate the excellent knowledge and care !

My dental higenist is always sweet and gentle with me, and even remembers details about me and asks about them, which is always nice and makes me feel important.

Thank you I'm so happy with your service.

The entire staff was friendly. Everyone was easy to talk to and it felt like I've been going there for years even though the other day was my first time. Dr. Berry and his associates showed they were very knowledgeable about teeth and even taught me stuff I didn't know previously.

I came to the appointment, but I had a reaction to the antibiotic I took before. I was unable to complete the procedure, and had to reschedule.

Felt well taken care of, learned a lot, not rushed and good teeth cleaning. Felt confidence in all the staff .


Good Job!:-)

All staff very friendly and professional

Staff is always cheerful and helpful and attentive to my needs. While having any procedure done, they always ask if I am comfortable, need to take a break, etc. Good Team of Professionals!!


Always a good experience Friendly and polite staff

I recently had a crown and bridge replaced because of erosion. New bridge and crown are a good fit and I have not had any problems. I have been very satisfied with my dental maintenance for the last thirty years. Great staff, very knowledgeable and they keep you informed with the latest things in dentistry.

staffs are always friendly and helpful. Thank you for taking care of my teeth today. See you in Oct.

The bridge fit great, gums have heal and there is no bleeding around the teeth supporting the replacement bridge. I do notice the behind the bridge, the bridge does not appear to be as smooth as the other crowns and teeth. The color of the teeth in the bridge are a little darker than the surrounding teeth. Other than that, I am doing good with the new bridge.

Getting second opinions. I do not have insurance so have to watch my budget. Thanks for being concerned.

Dental hygienist did a good job in cleaning my teeth. Thanks!

The team was great! I had no pain afterwards, even when the appointment was 3.5 hours long. My one reservation is that I had asked for a quote for all of my required dental work and received only a smaller portion. I hadn't realized this and now need to wait to get the work done plus am multiplying it all by the four members of my family needing dental work. We don't use credit as a rule, but did for this and even then, it's not going to be enough, especially since we've now, as I understand it, have hit the most I can personally take from my insurance. Not that this is the fault of your facility. It just would have been better to be given a clearer picture in the beginning. As it is, thank you for all the great work thus far. Heather

Please email receipt. Thank you.

Excellent job, technician was very professional and experienced very little discomfort.

Great staff

Everything was great.

I was impressed with the dentist himself calling me the next day to see how I was doing! I had a lot of work done and the worst of it was being all numbed up...glad I was though. He makes sure you're as comfortable as you can be throughout the process. Great experience!

Even though I don't like to go to the dentist, I trust the staff here and I know I'm doing the right thing to take care of my teeth. Thank you for your care.


4540 Kearny Villa Rd. Suite 116, San Diego, CA 92123
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