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I had a wonderful experience as a first time customer from start to finish. First, I went to the wrong building so ended up being late for my appointment and I was panicking about it. The front desk receptionist was very kind and understanding about my late arrival, as was Dr. Kannankeril. I had a great appointment with Dr. Kannankeril. She was thorough, attentive, and kind and she offered several suggestions to me that had not been suggested before, which i am trying. Finally, Nattasha was very friendly and helpful when I checked out. I will be going back for a follow up and am hopeful that I will find some relief with Dr. Kannankeril's guidance and expertise.

The manager over the Dental Department at NIHA, Ms. Laurie Parrinello, was simply superb. She was professional all the way. I found her to be very kind, helpful, patient and truly listen to the patient and resolved issues. I really appreciate her. The dentist and the X-Ray technician both had decent bedside manners too. Thank you Jessie Fitzpatrick

The doctor was very nice and kind she understood what I was coming

I was VERY pleased with the office visit that I had with Dr. Kannankeril. She's knowledgeable AND personable. I left the office feeling that someone would help me dig into my digestive issues. I am grateful for that!

Thank you for getting the Mercury out of my mouth and fixing my teeth. I'm so glad to have all of my teeth! I thought for sure you'd have to pull the broken one.

Dr. Coy is awesome.

I enjoyed the practice; I will return. There were two aspects of my visit that I didn't like: 1) I was told that documents would be sent to me so that I could complete them before I arrived, however, I never received them, which caused the second issue. 2) I arrived early to my appointment to complete the documents but I had to wait 35 minutes before seeing the doctor.

I hadn't been to NIHA since 2014. I liked Dr. K - very personable, knowledgeable and on time! Overall, good visit.

Dr. McClure and his staff are great! I traveled from a rural area of PA to Washington DC for my appointment and was surprised and pleased to be treated with such warmth and kindness from the “big city” people. They know their stuff too as everyone easily answered all my questions. Dr. McClure is exceptionally competent and skillful yet he’s a down to earth guy, so I felt more relaxed and at ease.


My appointment went very well -- Cathlene Heideman, the practitioner, was both compassionate and knowledgeable.

The office was clean, professional and very welcoming. Everyone I came into contact with did an excellent job. Dr. Gant was brilliant, as always. I appreciate his extensive knowledge base and impressive understanding of how the body works, even at a molecular level. I highly recommend his diagnostic services to anyone who wishes to get to the root cause of their medical issues. You will be in excellent hands!

Everyone was pleasant and professional. Cathy was great - she knew what I was dealing with and was right onboard with what i needed. The only (small) frustration is there is not a process, online or at the office, for submitting digital records. I came with a thumb drive full of my lab reports and they didn't have a process for loading them into my portal.

I had a great experience there! I am still waiting, however, for follow up about my insurance information from an employee. Otherwise, it was a good appointment.

Could not ask for a better experience.

Excellent customer service, warm reception, pleasant staff. Dr. Tapscott is a great listener. My new medical record with her contains more meaningful information and recommendations than my PCP and 3 specialists combined!

I especially appreciated the way the front desk greeted me that Saturday for my first appointment, in making me feel like I was important. When I got to meet Dr. Cannon, she was very warm and caring. She really seemed deeply concerned about my concerns, and I appreciated how she took her time with knowing who I am and what my needs were. She thoroughly went through my 16-page paperwork and even though she had been running quite behind that day, she didn't rush through me. She took the time to ask questions, show me things on the websites, and provide hope for me in her finding the root causes of my condition(s). When she say how high my blood pressure was, she didn't just dismiss that, but was really concerned and checked it again and wrote a prescription that same day, not the next day which would have been on Monday, and to top that, she followed up with me to ensure that I was okay. I have not had a Dr. in all my years treat me this way with so much concern. I am confident that my care with her will be a good and life changing one. Thank you Dr. Cannon and NIHA. Sincerely, Venicia

Everyone was very personable, knowledgeable. Wasn't a long wait time. I felt like I got some clear direction from Dr. McClure.

I thank God that my prayers have been answered I finally found the help I was looking for I knew that my teeth were a big part of my battle with candida and I finally found a holistic dentist that gets it after tons of research doctors and money . My skin is finally clearing up I still have work to do but know I know I’m on the right track .The staff is excellent from the receptionist to the dentis assistant and even the financial lady that gives you the bill they all care. My dentist was Micheal I came from Charlotte NC but I don’t regret one bit of the time or money. God is good .

It was my first visit to NIHA. I was totally blow away by how vast your treatment and service offerings are. All off the staff were amazing. I was given a tour of the facility and really appreciated the personal touch.

The experience was great, from engagement to service through to followup. Thank you!

Dr. Tapscott is a great doctor. The overall, customer service was excellent. The office atmosphere was professional.

My experience was great and educational

I had a temporary crown put on. It is still there! I will be back soon to have a cleaning as well.

Not sure about the testing process. Will follow up with the Dr. Cannon's assistant.

I really appreciated my visit with Dr Voss. She was kind, helpful, and very knowledgable. I am thankful that I found a doctor who understands traditional medicine and also natural medicine. I am looking forward to continuing my treatment. Gayle King

The technician was excellent! She answered my questions and provided helpful information about types of foods, digestion and enzyme factors.

Perfect as usual.

Dr. Cannon and Dr. Bradley are wonderful practitioners who listen, take action right away, and send you off with what you need immediately. I really appreciate their efficiency with ordering lab work and their knowledge to interpret what is going on with one's health to get to the root of any issue.

The appointment went well and we were treated with kindness and consideration.

Dr. Cannon was extremely thoughtful, considerate, and gentle. She struck me as a real healer. Looking forward to working with her.

Great experience! I finally got to the root of my problem. Look forward to getting the mercury out of my mouth. See you June 5th.

Dr. Bradley was great with my son. She is very knowledgeable and and I'm looking forward to continued care from her.

I had someone call me for feedback already on the phone. I suggest you not send this feedbac email when already done by phone! Thanks!

great customer service and concern for the patient, great listening skills, friendly environment

I am treated respectfully and thoughtfully when I am in Dr Gant's office. I trust that Dr Gant is thinking well about me and my needs from his perspective. My goal is to get a sense of myself that I believe got lost in the shuffle. I do know that Dr Gant is thinking about about me and my needs. For this I am grateful! Respectfully, Beth Guthrie

The staff and everyone their were friendly and kind and I'm upset I did not come to you guys first.

The doctor and nursing assistants were all very efficient and accommodating and pleasant.

Squeezed me in short notice, assuaged my concerns and fixed the problem. Thank you!

I went to NIHA for my thermography with Tammy Lenier. As a breast cancer survivor, I have opted for this kind of treatment instead of a mammogram. In my opinion, It should be the primary exam for breast health.

It was okay+. I was not expecting the follow-up to be testing, especially not in the traditional western manner (MRI) I have been working with energy medicine..... I am unsure of my next move....

Great atmosphere. Caring staff. The expertise was evident. Refreshing approach. That said, I did not appreciate my craft, business and mission in DC being compared to dealing heroine. I found that highly offensive and would caution you to have more humility and consideration. Thank you.

felt my problem was addressed fully in an understandable way

I was pleased with my first visit. The staff was professional and friendly. I received my results promptly.

Greeted me in a friendly manner. Listened to my concerns, provided education during session and in handouts. Answered all my questions I had at the visit time. Even charged my phone which was almost ready to shut down! However, the forms were not sent to me and I was told they were on the portal but only some of them were so that took time out of appointment and I didn't have time to finish them.


Perfect equipment!

Very helpful and friendly.

It was great to see Isabel Hon as I was her patient few years ago. I am glad to see her back!

Dr Weiner was great and full of helpful information!

Had my first allergy treatment. Staff was very helpful.

NIHA is very efficient from check-in to discharge. A tad bit expensive, but perhaps that's justified by receiving expert care. Thanks!!

Smoothly organized. Personable care.

Dr K was very patient and knowledgeable. The staff was kind and prompt in preparing us for the consultation.

I just wrote what you did well and thought there would be an opportunity to say what was wrong. There wasn't, so I'm writing that now. When I made my first appointment I asked what the charges would be. I was told $134. After my appointment I was given a bill for $388, which shocked me. No one had told me there was a separate charge for the dentist's exam. In all my years of seeing dentists and having cleanings at other offices there has never been a separate charge. I would have liked to have been told that up front. Secondly, after the cleaning the hygienist said she had taken a sample of plaque and asked if I'd like to see it under the microscope. She never told me there was a $22 charge for this. I think staff needs to be more aware of the importance of letting patients know what the fees will be. I don't have dental insurance and these costs were quite high for for a routine visit, approximately 3 times higher than I expected it to be.

For my initial visit, I spent a few hours talking with my primary care doctor, a wellness coach, getting blood drawn, and receiving therapy for my neck and shoulders. I left the office feeling like I had found a comprehensive health and wellness location and that would give me real solutions, not the standard advice and procedures.

Everyone was extremely nice. You did not really explain next steps. Since you had no test results why did you suggest eight supplements

Dr. McClure and his nurses were very kind and accommodating while we were there. No pressure, just a very friendly bedside manner. I felt comfortable.

Patient interaction was first-rate. The attention was appreciated and a welcome relief from what I refer to as 'Brezhnev Medicine'. Long interview with Dr. Gant was remarkable, unprecedented, and highly informative. I would, hwvr, like to know how to view the results of my blood tests. Do I need another appointment to do so? Pls advise. Tks much.

My experience was great!

Friendly, Professional staff that go to great lengths to provide proper care for their patients.

Great service! Was extremely impressed with how much education cam from the Dr and office manager. The only place I would go to in the DMV area by far!

Excellent care, procedures fully explained, caring staff

Good morning, Dr. McClure is incredible with children. Not only I brought Sebastien but now my older son, Nicolas is also his patient. Both had small a small cavity. I was very concerned about getting them addressed. To my surprise, after been treated by Dr. McClure both of my kids left with smiles, happy and told the family how the dentist scared the tooth bug and moved away forever! I was very impressed with his ability to make them feel less nervous and how he uses imagination to make this unpleasant situation, and wonderful memorable experience in both of my children. I searched for a doctor who would also use a holistic and less toxic approach to dentistry and I am so happy that NIHA meets both: Great professionals in a holistic practice. Thank you so much for your services. You will see referrals coming your way. Soon my husband and I will become Dr. McClure patients too.

The environment is pleasing, the front desk is efficient and friendly. And, my nurse practitioner takes the time she needs to discuss all my issues.

Great staff and great service.

Excellent staff

Thank you for your dental second opinion.

It was a good experience.

Really took the time to listen to my son's symptoms and our concerns. Provided a helpful treatment plan to get him on the track to feeling better.

Dr Bradley is wonderful. Very knowledgeable and she makes her patients (and their moms) feel so comfortable and at ease. We are so happy we came to NIHA and grateful for Dr. Bradley!

It's hard for me to express in glowing enough terms how satisfied I am. Dr. McClure and staff are thorough, kind, expert, easy, fabulous, confident and handle my most difficult and simple issues with ease and happiness. This makes me even more joyful! Thanks for providing in such a lovely way.

Quick, efficient, high quality service at every stage of making the appointment, the cleaning itself, and checkout. Much appreciated!

Was very happy with Dr. Kannankeril. She is thorough, competent, and non-nonsense. How a doctor should be!

I felt very welcomed and put at ease.

The wait time is very short, and everyone is polite.

It's was overall okay


Dr Bradley is extremely warm and kind. We needed a Lyme expert and find her to be very knowledgeable on both traditional and alternative ways to treat it. Very happy with the treatment!

I liked my meeting with Dr. Wu but decided the office was too far away from my work and home. In addition, I went with a practitioner that is a part of my HMO. :(

Very professional staff made for an all-around good experience! Only complaint is that I couldn't find many reviews or descriptions of specific aspects of NIHA online, which is always helpful in determining whether the product is indeed worth the price.

This was a phone appointment. I will not be coming back to NIHA. I was happy with my care, however, my doctor has left the practice.

NIHA's staff was awesome! Their attention to detail was excellent!

Very friendly inviroment, kind and nice staff and doctors. Caring and loving people ... But avarage waiting for my app each time was 45 min every 3 times that I was there!!! That means, for me that I have to have an hour and half commute to get there... + 45 min waiting room+ at least an hour and half dental work+ an hour and half driving back home... Get one complete day off from work ! Maybe it's worth finding another doctor ☹️

Excited to be part of the practice. My first visit was very welcoming and promising. Looking forward to a lasting relationship with the practice.

Can't wait to see Cathy Heideman next month SO happy she's coming back!! Also I need an undated Thermography so see you soon!! Love NIHA

Really liked Dr WU yiur acupuncturist from China. Daisy at the front desk is a lovely person as well. Thanks. Catherine C. Jones

I love the atmosphere and professionalism of all the staff.

I do not use those social medium outlets, but everything went well during my recent appointments.

I was very sick when I called .. i saw Dr Voss and she took great care of me and sent me to the Lab for a Vit C Drip and a vitamin push ... i came back on Monday to receive my 2nd round and that was the cure for the flu / Bug I had ... Thank You so very much ... I plan on Dr Voss as my primary physician going forward ...

Aside from the fact that I had to wait a considerable amount of time to be seen, I have to admit that I really liked the place. After been seen by a copy ole of dentists in the area, this experience was the best! I just hope I don't have to wait next time too long.

Every time I visit I feel welcomed and being taking care of by very professional and kind doctor and assistants. I leave having a good understanding of what is going on with my health and feeling positive about future. I love the organic food and juice offered by vending machine. Definitely recommend NIHA to my family, friends and coworkers!

Caring staff. I was given very specific instructions about recovery medicine. Doctor Mc Clure took his time explaining details about my surgery in detail. Mr. Rose was very patient explaining the administrative details of my visit and follow-up options. Thanks a lot

Great servicr

Great staff . Friendly and helpful. Dr McClure also very knowledgeable and made me feel welcome as a new patient

BD - I had an appointment with both Dr. McClure and Dr. Freeman. I was nervous about having an abscess tooth pulled, as my last tooth pulled with another dentist gave a lot of discomfort. However, there was no pain, yes that's pain with Dr. McClure. He made sure I was numbed and the removal of the tooth was quick. I appreciate using natural means to deal with the discomfort after the numbness wore off, also. Dr. Freeman was wonderful. She is professional yet personable. I appreciate her very much!

Dr McClure is a great friend and great dentist!

Great experience! So glad to have "discovered" NIHA and Dr McClure. I felt well taken care of during my recent surgery. Many Thanks!

Friendly staff and doctors. Doctor was knowledgeable and had great bed side manner with children.

I appreciated that the appointment lasted an hour and the Doctor asked a lot of questions that I didn't think would be related to the issue I was having, but in her opinion could be related. I was also relieved to get the deeper level of testing that I couldn't get my regular doctors to provide. The check-in kiosk is a little strange, especially for a first-time patient. I had already filled out the paper wok and then had to fill it out again at the kiosk.

Dr. Frandsen prescribed various supplements and drops and they seem to have calmed my situation.

I have been trying to get in contact with the same person who performed the procedure I had. I imagine that she is coming back soon as I know I want to go to her, again. Thank you for the experience. The entire experience!!

Great experience. Everyone very friendly and professional. I have already recommended your business to several people and I will continue to do so.

It was a great experience. I would recommend it to someone trying to find answers to what may be going on in there body.

Dr. Coy has really been effective in helping me with my lower back issues!

Dr. McClure is the best!

My son, Pete, saw Dr. Frandsen for cranial sacral work. We liked her. We had to stopped as NIHA didn't accept out insurance, as since we have an HMO, had to pay out of pocket. But it was a lovely experience working with Dr. Frandsen.

The Tech was excellent and professional. Explained quite a lot to us. Thank you. j

I love all the staff I have some in contact with. It's well worth the 2 hour drive. Thank you particularly to John Rose and Dr. McClure. I've already told numerous people about the practice.


5225 Wisconsin Ave NW Ste 402, Washington, DC 20015