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Dr Dan is thorough, no hard sell and even showed me how his thumper worked on another patient.

Genuine and cooperative staff.

It is a great place the people a caring for you. Never rushed and more services upstairs

My visit was very pleasant, Professional Informative, Hopeful Looking forward To continued process of improvement

Good people,nice job getting me back to normal

It was a good

You show real genuine care and strive to address the problems in a heartfelt manner.

The Dr. was very insightful and explained his process thoroughly.

The adjustments are right on target It's what keeps me going on a daily basis I'm able to do my job With minimal aches and pains Awesome people

I got to know little bit more what you do and would like to know when you have another little get together thank you

Great unhurried service by friendly people who have taken very good care of me.

Great service. Loved Dr Dan! Found him to be very knowledgeable.

Great customer services. Thorough treatments and patients care.

Dr Dan is great. I feel better on my pinched nerve it is good now not so sore. So far all great

Great service with great attitude

All good, just the waiting time is alittle bit longer than expected, even though I have come on time with my appointment.

Had an amazing experience where I was given detailed information about my body and how things went wrong.

It releases any tension/tightness on my body after each therapy.

Dr Lily is amazing! She pays attention to whatever I mention and she connects my everyday choices with the issues with my body. Her advice is always helpful!

I had a thorough adjustment and Bemer session. I got immediate relief during the adjustment and continued learning about my spinal health. Thank you, Dr Dan!

Everything that has to do with helping others who didn’t think your menthod would work? I am here to ensure you that it has and does not only that your humor is amazing and your knowledge is well taken in.

I am under Dr. Dan’s care after two treatments I know that I am totally in the right placeMy goal is total wellness and I know I’m on my way. Thank you Dr. Dan.

Polite and enthusiastic!

Dr. Lily is amazing, both as a professional and as a person. Thank you ❤️

Very through, worked all the right areas, felt good.

We are once here again only to finish up what we started. All is well and the young lady who help us did an great job. AND I THANK YOU

Very friendly, very informative. You can tell the people who work here genuinley care about what they are doing and the people they are working with.

Very Friendly

Friendly staff.

Dr was very nice and explained very well about procedure. Very welcoming place.

I like the friendly reminders each time! Comfortable environment and reasonable price! Thank you for the good work!

I really enjoy the treatment I got. I recommend everyone to visit this place

Thus far, I have had a comfortable and pleasant experience during my visit to Dr. Dan's office with positive outcome. I felt an improvement after the first treatment. I will recommend Dr. Dan for chiropractic services.

Good service - nice people

Very thorough on finding and resolving my back problem.

Great experience with doc HongTruc Nguyen. She is very thoroughly in her assessment and very professional. I would recommend her to the people that I know.

Friendly, professional, honest

My appointment was at 12:10pm and I was out by 12:30pm. My clinician was super nice as always. I was deeply disturbed by an incident that happened at the check in window though. A young man came in without an appointment or insurance. He was told he had to pay out of pocket for his service. He didn't have any money on him. The girl told him to try and get Med-i-Cal. He asked how he did that and was told the office is on Amado. He asked if she thought he'd get it today and was told may be, it depends. She asked if he worked he said yes and that he makes close to $3000 a month she told him he wouldn't qualify. He was devastated. You could hear in his voice he was about to cry. He asked if he had any other options and explained something had happened to him and he's really scared and it can't wait. He needs to know if he's ok. She rudely said the only way we can help you is if you have insurance or you pay cash. So, of course he asked how much. She came back and said between $42-$100. This young man is emotional hurting and you don't even care to try to be compassionate. Especially in that setting. He said, I have a job, I promise to pay. Can you just bill me? I don't want to leave without knowing. Rudely, she said no. Watching him leave like that broke my heart. I had $45 and was tempted to just pay for him but since she couldn't give him a actual price instead of a price range, I didn't say anything. Even though that's the closes office to me, I might change locations.

Dr. Lily is thorough in her genuineness to help me feel better.

Very informative and friendly make you feel comfortable would recommend to fry

Amazing practice, they made me feel like I am a part of their team and they taugh me a lot about my body. Will be coming back!

Was taken on time and my adjustment was went well

Great service

Great Service!!

Helped me even when I was late to my appointment, friendly and warm staff and the adjustments have changed my back for the better!!

I had a great adjustment from Dr Lilly who I will be seeing on a more frequent basis. My neck and back feel better and I'm hoping to continue going so I can hopefully improve my overall health.

The staff was very courteous. The doctor was very knowledgeable and friendly. I was impressed with all of the high tech equipment.

Made all the difference in the world. Great customer service


Dr Lily was very compassionate and eager to help.

Just about a year ago I strained my back and at my wife's insistence decided to visit her chiropractor. I could barely walk from the car to the Neighborhood Wellness Center office. After only the second or third visit there was a noticeable change. I faithfully continued to get my adjustments and therapy and within several months I was pain free and a true believer in chiropractic care. I now go in monthly for my tuneup. Thank you Dr Dan and Dr Lily!!

I couldn't be more elated to have come during the most stressed out week ever. I mean moving, funerals, baby showers, this Cold Rainy Weather, all the stresses, aches, & pains bearing down on me...the best recovery is showing up at the Neighborhood Wellness Center. I walked in with all this looming pain, and after being treated, I was able to leave feeling relieved of my pains. When you are able to leave the Neighborhood Wellness Center much better than you came in, you are able to handle the rest of your day. Thank You to Dr.Dan & Dr. Lilly

The examiner is really friendly and nice.

I feel 10 years younger!!!!!!

Dr Lilly ihs a very methodical and caring professional who takes the time to know her patients and their ailments....a very good listener with excellent knowledge makes a great physician....

I would definitely recommend Neighborhood Wellness Center to anyone that needs a Chiropractic. By the way, My husband's friend is looking for a good Chiropractor and I gave him the phone number.

Dr. Dan is absolutely the best chiropractor doctor I have ever had treat myself or family! The whole entire staff, including the baby of the pack Tiffany, have an amazing connection with their patients, by giving their compassionate expertise advice!!!


345 Estudillo Ave # 101, San Leandro, CA 94577