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The Hygienist I saw on that day was great. She did a really good job 👍.

I was treated professionally and efficiently. I’m not sure a root canal is ever exactly a pleasant experience but this came close.

Great service and care . from front desk to the doctor and the stuff. Thank you!

Dr. Mahoozi and his staff did a wonderful job with a procedure that I’d been anxious about and had put off for months. The process was relatively painless (the only pain I felt during the procedure was from the shots of Novocain, and he even used a numbing gel to make those less painful), and it went so smoothly. Dr. Mahoozi and his staff made sure I was comfortable throughout, often checking in to see how I was doing and if I needed anything. While I’ll never be the first to volunteer for an oral surgery, I’d go back to Dr. Mahoozi with the confidence that the work will be done well and I’ll be comfortable throughout.

I found the staff and the dentist to be very respectful and helpful from the moment I'velked in the door. As someone who has serious spinal problems and I walk w a cane, need a heating pad to sit etc. The staff was very attentive making sure I was as comfortable as possible for the procedure, even finding an outlet where I could have heat on my lower back. The dentist was very gentle, explaining every step, if the root canal I had. I did not feel any pain.

Great service! Painless root canals!

Best dental experience I ever had will definitely recommend you to my friends and associates

Explained treatment plan and offered ongoing reassurances for optimal prognosis.


388 Commonwealth Avenue, B-1, Boston, MA 02215