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I would recommend you highly. I appreciated the caring staff that took care of me before the procedure. The Dr. Was great and I was out quickly. I have had very little pain. No pain medicine needed. Thank you.

Awesome staff and doctor! So friendly and gave great care!

Everyone was very nice and quite helpful. Thank you! :)

Very friendly

Ive been called twice to be checked on which I really appreciate even though Ive been too sore to answer. Everyone has been super kind and this has been easier than I thought. Thank you.

Very comfortable environment and my surgery went very well with no complications afterwards. I would definitely suggest OMA to anyone.

Thank you for taking care of me. Y'all are pros and very caring. Didn't quite realize how much pain I had in my mouth untill it was gone now. Thank you again. Dr. Maudlin was correct by referring to y'all.

The entire experience was great. From the staff, to the doctor, everyone was polite, professional and very easy to understand and talk to. I would recommend this place and doctor to anyone. I'm very glad that my primary dentist has a relationship with you. Thank you for taking care of my issue!

Excellent care! Thank you to Dr. Wendelken and staff. God’s blessings to you all! Berlene Sharp

My office visit was very good and I was treated with concern and respect,,,,I would most defiantly recommend OMA to any of my family members! Thank you,,,Dr Martin and the ladies that attended you in my dental surgery

Explained procedure well. Easy to schedule, and the actual surgery went better than expected. Dr. Searcy has done surgery on three people in my family, and I would recommend him to anyone!

I am so grateful for the kindness of the nurses that took care of me!

Very well at making everything comfortable and easy.

Your staff made me feel that I was special. Flowers and a thank you card completed the experience

I’ve had a lot of dental work and it generally makes me very nervous. Dr. Martin and his team really put me at ease and it was honestly the best experience I have had. He also called personally in the evening to check on me and I really appreciated that as well. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or Dental team. Thank you all

Everything was done well! No complaints.

The Dr. Martin & his staff was great to work with. I was very pleased that my Dentist Dr Neeley sent me to him. I would highly recommend Dr. Martin. Thanks Don Bethea

I was very impressed with the efficiency this facility was run. Dr. Martin was great.

The entire staff was both friendly and very professional.

Thank you for everything! I wouldn’t go to any other doc!!!

Efficient with time

Didn’t feel a thing. Staff was very friendly.

"The Doctor was Extremely informative and nice ☺. The nurses was professional and nice ☺. I would recommend this place for care".

Great experience. Minus the whole tooth pulling thing. Was well taken care of. Thanks

My first time there and i was very pleased.

Everyone was very pleasant, kind, and caring. Dr. Scearcy’s nurse, Ha, was very good at explaining everything, very caring, and made me feel like I was in good hands. Dr. Scearcy did excellent work. Nothing caused any pain, not even the shots. I would have liked to have heard him talk a bit more. Overall was a very pleasant experience.

I was very satisfied with the whole experience. Very professional and friendly group of people.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Martin and his staff. I was treated with the utmost respect and there was no pain involved with my implant. Dr. Martin himself called to check on me the evening of the implant and I was checked on the next day. I am very satisfied.

Everyone at OMA was smiling n joking, even at the end of the day. I received a personal phone call from my Dr., the evening after my surgery. He was just checking on me. You can’t get any better than that! I will definitely recommend OMA.🤩


Dr. Wendleken and his staff are great!

Dr. Martin is kind, gentle, and respectful. His office staff are efficient and work quickly, making the patient feel comfortable and helping to relieve stress. Dr. Martin called himself to see how I was getting along after the procedure.

Awesome clinic. Staff very friendly and courteous. On time and quick service. Dr. Martin is very professional and quality service. Couldn’t ask for better!!

Every aspect very professional and extremely friendly

Short wait time, pleasant staff, dentist who care about experience of patients.

As always, Dr. Martin is one in a million! Thank you for everything!!!

Thanks OMA ! It helped me get rid of my wisdom tooth, although I am still recovering. The hosipital is a little far away, everything else I am satisfied with, I will let my friends know, if some of them need to remove the wisdom tooth.

I had my wisdom teeth removed and the process went very well. I experienced minimal pain just one day after rhe surgery. I highly recommend them to anyone.

OMA was very organized, friendly and available for questions before and after my procedure. I appreciate the calls from the doc and from staff after the procedure to make sure recovery was going well.

OMA was a great experience from the first visit to follow up. Office staff was very nice and friendly. On day of surgery the staff were excellent with my 11 year old who was having the surgery. I was also so impressed with the follow up care and concern about their young patient. Would highly recommend this office and Dr Martin!!

Fun experience

Responded quickly when I had questions or issues, and worked with me to solve the issues: actually listened and heard what I said, and responded positively.

From the front desk staff, nurses, and Dr. All were especially professional, kind, and considerate. I am VERY apprehensive about any dental care. The entire staff made me feel safe and secure. I will highly recommend them. I greatly appreciate the care received.

Surgery went well and I did not feel any pain during or afterwards. The whole staff was very friendly and Dr. McIntyre gave me confidence that he knew what he was doing.

All the staff was very professional. It was a a easy process from the beginning to the end. I Wil be going back if need anymore work done.

Many “THANKS” to OMA! Yesterday I had two lower wisdom teeth extracted; I was sooooooo nervous. I first met with Audra and she explained the procedure, then Dr. Martin came in a few moments after her. He is the absolute COOLEST Doctor I know!!! He explained (in detail) exactly what he and team were about to do. Did I mention I was 41 years old...AND NERVOUS (lol)? Then finally Audra took me to the room where the procedure would be performed; her bedside manners were outstanding. She gave me some laughing gas to calm me down and then I remember Dr. Martin coming in asking how I was doing....and I was out like a light!! (Lol) When I woke up, Audra and Erica were escorting me to the recovery room. Erica was outstanding when she was explaining the post-op procedures to my sister and I. I don’t remember too much, but I do remember Erica escorting me to car and assisting me to get seated. Laughing gas or not, I can tell when someone is genuinely concerned about my health; and Erica was that person! Did I mention that Dr. Martin did a follow-up call with me later that evening just to “check on me”? And this morning, Erica did a follow-up call!! In conclusion, it goes without saying that the entire OMA Staff really have a genuine concern about their patients. Dr. Martin, Erica, and Audra are the absolute best!! I recommend OMA unreservedly for any dental endeavors that you may need! #TeamOMArocks!!

I had a wonderful experience considering the circumstance. Dr. Wendelken did a great job.

We are very pleased with Dr. Martin, from the consult to the actual surgery. The entire office staff was very professional, and helpful, to make our visit as pleasant as ever. Thanks again to Dr. Martin and his staff! Darlene and Nick Pagonis PS: We highly recommend Dr. Martin!

You guys did an awesome job with the care given to me overall. I felt loved and cared for. Dr. Martin is just awesome the way he receives and treat his patients. I will definitely recommend anyone who needs such services to visit OMA clinic. Great team doing a great job! Thank you for all you do to make your patients feel better.

Great experience very professional !

Dr. Martin and his staff are awesome. Procedure went very well. Will definitely use him again if needed !!

Every appointment at OMA was awesome. The staff worked with me and made me laugh. My surgery was quick and I healed beautifully.

Once I get comfortable, laughing gas on and drugs flowing in my arm, I knew nothing till I woke up. Everything went greaT. My mouth is sore I do like hydrocodone. It does wonders on my sore mouth AND my lower back feels better than it has since the idiots at Mercy pain clinic gave a shot on the base of my spine mid December to make my back feel better. It didn't. Thank you guys!

Everyone was very friendly. I was dreading the procedure but it wasn't so bad.

I don’t think anyone could ask for better dental care than dr Ross Martin and his assistants. Excellent is hardly adequate to express their professionalism. They all work together as a well organized team. I highly recommend them.

Competent and caring treatment.

Very happy with the outcome of my surgery. I only needed a couple of ibuprofen for pain and went back to work the next day. Highly recommend Dr. Martin as an oral surgeon. And his nursing staff were top notch. Thank you.

Dr. Martin is awesome. I totally trust him. Couldn’t ask for any one better

Was treated with respect and the care was great! Friendly atmosphere!

I was not looking forward to this procedure, but Dr Martin gained my confidence by explaining exactly what he was doing and what I might be experiencing. The entire team made me feel that my comfort was important to them. I will as so impressed by the professionalism of everyone. When I left I had written information on what to expect and what to do if I had problems. Dr Martin called to see how I was doing later that day. I really felt I was important when I received flowers from Dr Martin And Dr Lovette thanking me for my business. I highly recommend Dr Martin and his team!!!!

Everything was what they said it would be on time took care of me and great follow up care with the patient

So far, so good.!

Great environment and great people

Dr.Martin was excellent! I love that he treated us like family and went the extra mile in making us comfortable! I appreciate that he himself called that evening to check on me and then the staff called the next day! Highly recommend his office!

Dr. Martin and his staff were very welcoming and the procedure went just as expected. Dr. Martin checked on me the evening after the procedure and staff called the next day to check. I would definitely recommend OMA and Dr. Martin.

Very friendly and safe

Yes dr. Martin did good work and now could you send me a receipt for my bill showing I paid my bill thank you

Observed the direct care to be great and surgeon to be highly skilled. As a long time health care provider, observations of the office milieu was interesting. One might consider the appearance of staff interaction with clients as being a priority rather than an interruption in what appears to be an ongoing day long conversation about personal issues.

Dr. Martin was the best! The nurse was very nice and was very understanding how nervous I was and she helped to calm me down.

Doctor Martin was very nice.

My experience was excellent!! Thank you!!

It was a wonderful experience that I had. Everybody was very professional. I appreciate everything they did for me.

Friendly courteous staff, efficiently manage time, Dr. Martin is chipper, friendly and communicates well. If it just wasn’t dental work, I’d give you five starts.

The doctors and nurses were very good about making me feel comfortable and making sure I knew everything that went into the process. I also thought it was cool that my doctor called me that night and checked up on me!

I had two teeth extracted by Dr. Martin. He and his staff were very professional and kind during the whole process, from the initial consultation, the extractions, and folllow-up calls to see how I was doing. I would highly recommend OMA to anyone.

The staff is amazing and helpful with the process of my surgery

Got an appointment very quickly and will recommend them highly

From the gracious greeting to the “if you have any questions or problems please give us a call” I felt that I was in the most capable caring hands. The nurses, technicians, and surgeon put my fears at ease while they did their job. You can best believe that you will be my first recommendation to everyone. You all are awesome!!! Debbie Wilson

Dr. Martin is so friendly and you can tell that he truly cares about his patients. He even gave me a call the evening after my surgery to ensure I was doing well and didn’t have any questions. I don’t know many other healthcare providers that would take the time to do that! All of the staff were very friendly and comforting, which is extremely important for a patient who is nervous. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Dr. Wendelken and staff are excellent.They are very professional and attentive. The doctor and staff always make sure you are comfortable and well informed about your procedure. I will always return to Dr. Wendelken and his staff. Janice Craig

I know I was a difficult patient however everyone was patient and kind. It seemed everyone bent over backwards to help calm my fears and make me comfortable. Dr Tracy McIntire took all the time needed to answer questions and explain everything in detail. I would highly recommend OMA. Thank you for taking such good care of me.

Everyone was nice courteous and very helpful. Didn’t care for Shelly approach however she did what was required for job.

The care was very good!!! Made it a bareable experience!!!

Dr Ross Martin is outstanding! The nurses were outstanding- especially our recovery nurse! Thank you so much . Tanner and Jamie Holliman

The OMA staff and Dr. Martin were very professional and personable. They made my daughter and I feel at ease during the consultation and again during the wisdom teeth extraction. Dr. Martin called to check on my daughter the night of the procedure and a staff member called again the following day. I was most impressed with Dr. Martin thanking me twice for trusting him to take care of my daughter.

Friendly staff, educated us thoroughly on all aspects of the surgery and after care. Not an excruciating amount of wait time either!

You guys were so nice and comforting when I went in for surgery. I was very nervous when I went in but you guys eased my feelings before we started.

Everything went well. I do have s question. The roof of my mouth seems to be swelling a bit today and the implant area is awful tender. Is that normal Thanks and have a Blessed Day

It went great they did a great job

The docyor was really nice and let me know all that was going to happen before and after. He didnt want to to unnessacary surgery too. The calls after my surgery was a surpise and nice as well!!!

My daughter had implants , dr McIntyre and his staff are amazing !!

Dr. Wendelken was fantastic, caring, attentive. The two nurses that tended to me prior to my surgery were not very attentive... seemed too preoccupied, I was unable to ask questions etc.

Five stars

Caring doctor and staff make you feel comfortable during what could be a traumatic experience.

Thanks. Surgery was fine and the directions for after-care were easy to understand.

Every single detail was handled with the best professionalism and tenderness! I’m so glad I decided to come to Dr. Martin! He’s definitely one of the best doctors I’ve ever had the privilege to see! Thank you so much for my awesome smile!!!

Dr searcy and staff are wonderful. Would recommend them to all my acquaintances

They are all so nice, caring, & professional.

Dr. Martin was as gentle as he could be while performing an extraction. I appreciated that he explained everything , each step taken, as he worked. The only downside was after care instructions were not explained. I was handed a bag with gauze and advised to call if needed. The last thing I wanted to do when returning home was read what was to be expected. The bright spot was that Dr. Martin called and I had the opportunity to ask for clarification.

Dr. Wendelken removed some Hardware that was surfacing in the upper part of my mouth I felt very comfortable and I felt very confident under his care and of the crew that work for him I had a good choice thank you

You guys done a great job. Every one was out standing. Very polite and helpful. MY Dr was amazing. THANKS A MILLION

Total experience was great. Everyone there was extremely helpful and caring. I would highly recommend your the faculty.Thank you very much

Everyone was really nice. The visit did not take long at all. I was well informed. It was the quick and painless. Best trip to the dentist Ive ever had. :)

Everyone was kind and professional!

Dr. Martin was very caring and attentive to me. I would recommend Dr. To anyone.

Nothing like I was told. Didn’t even interrupt my day. Very little pain at all. And a bonus Dr. Martin himself called to check on me. All in all not a bad day.

So very appreciative to the staff at OMA. They got me in super fast, amazing customer service. I was super anxious and they made me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend OMA, especially Dr. McIntire and his staff. Thank you a million!

AMAZING EXPERIENCE....from the front end receptionships and persons who file insurance to Dr Wendelken and his entire nursing staff, THANK YOU for not only only the exceptional work you did but for your professionalism, care, and compassion! Wow! I’m known to be an anxious dental patient (even getting nitrous for simple teeth cleaning with the fabulous Dr. Shyler Vincent) and after two consult visits with Dr. Wendelken (Drew....I know him and his wife) we decided to do both procedures with local anesthesia rather than a general b/c of my anxiety and because of the location of the now “most expensive” #14 tooth and the work needed to be done. Even with my anxiety, it worked beautifully....or so I think. They said I was a good patient....I probably shouldn’t believe them. I’m sorry I can’t remember her name because SHE was AWESOME but Dr. Wendelken’s main nurse was AMAZING! Thank you!!! Stage one——last year—-Extraction of #14 tooth and bone graph (we don’t need to discuss where the bone graph came from! Lol). Stage 2—tooth implant and bone graph (this time I didn’t ask where it came from. Lol)—-completed just over 72 hours ago. With numbing ointment and nitrous flowing, local needles were administered by Dr. Wendelken flawlessly in both stages. For Stage 2, I meant to bring an air pod for at least one ear but I forgot. The noise (i.e. drilling or whatever you want to call it) wasn’t overwhelming and the procedure was done within 40-45 minutes. After some quick oxygen, his AWESOME nurse gave me some post surgery care pointers, I checked out with the wonderful front staff and drove myself to Walgreens to fill my antibiotic and pain meds. My worst experience was the time delay at Walgreens waiting for my scripts because the numbing was wearing off. But, once the first extra dose of ibuprofen kicked in, I was good. I went back to work 2.5 hours after the procedure and worked the rest of the day and week. My plan worked for stage 2 just as it did for stage 1...take the 800mg of ibuprofen ever 8 hours religiously, as diagnosed. I never needed the narco for either stage, rinsing with salt water rinses...not gargling, not brushing in the area of #14, and saying “NO straw needed” to my Starbucks unsweet iced tea/caffeine fix each morning (lol). 72 + hours later, I’m down to one extra strength ibuprofen and I’m doing THANK YOU to the entire team for making it so easy AND for being so patient with me! I was on a conference call when you followed up/checked in on how I was feeling the next morning. I got your voicemail and truly appreciate it! I’ve been blessed with pretty great teeth (knock on wood) so I hope I don’t see you again much past post-surgery release but you certainly have my absolute recommendation if you need it! All my best, Ashley

Staff and Dr Searcy are very very professional and made my tooth implant an easy experience . I would recommend your practice too anyone .

Professional, friendly, seen within a few min of my appt time.

Everything! Dr Martin took really good care of me along with his nurses! No major pain just sore, highly recommend Martin!

Everyone was just so helpful and really nice and I was somewhat nervous before the procedure but the people at oma made me feel a home.

Everything was professional and the staff was wonderful 🤗🤗

Staff was very understanding, compassionate and caring.

Everything was excellent and made me feel safe.

The whole process

Such a friendly staff, they put me right at ease. Dr Martin also called to check on me that night and a staff member called me the next day! Excellent care!

Everyone was awesome The two nurses for Doctor Mcintyer made me relaxed and laugh. Follow up has been great. Great job

Great experience! Nurses and receptionist....everyone was so helpful and willing to go that extra mile! Dr. Martin is the best! Thanks for all the after care and concern! The beautiful flowers were a real surprise and the card! Also really appreciated the follow up call from Dr. Martin. Thanks again! Dennis Wood

Prompt, professional, and patient with someone who does not do well with dental care. Excellent care.

Will always come back Dr and nurses are great.

Thank you for everything!! On time appointments, thoroughly explained everything, answered all of our questions, took great care during procedure.... couldn’t have asked for more. Dr. Martin is the best!!

Everyone was so friendly. It was a quick process. Thank you

Dr. Martin and all support personnel were true professionals. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing their services. Thanks again

Thanks! You all did very well from the time I worked in and out. Specially you took the time to call me at home to know how am doing, It’s a comfort to know you care. Thanks again.

Very professional, prompted and "caring" staff! Will share my positive experience and recommend OMA to family and friends. THANKS

Dr. Martin is amazing!! Super kind and caring. We will be back for wisdom tooth extractions for our younger four as they grow up!! Thank you Dr. Martin!!

Was very please with the entire experience! The doctor and the nurses were awesome! Thank you.

Great experience for a procedure we dreaded (all four wisdom teeth extracted at once).

Really well done!

Awesome. Dr Martin Is The Shit. He can Always can come to all Cook outs.

4 stars thank you

You were very kind thank you

Very nice professional environment. Friendly staff who looked like they loved being at work. Always makes for a better visit for myself. Will recommend to family and friends.

Great and friendly service. Highly recommend OMA!

Friendly and fast!

The people were very kind and the service was very efficient! I loved that they called after my procedure to make sure I was okay! Great experience!!

My mouth still hurts after the 5 th day

Quick, easy. Great care, doctor personally called to check on recovery. Staff called a few days later, received a card.

All staff was great. I had a wonderful experience

This is my 2nd implant in 2 years. You all are very efficient and always on time. Very rare for an oral surgery practice. The entire staff is very helpful and understanding. Dr Searcy is excellent in explaining what will happen and how he does things. Thanks for all your help.

Everyone is so nice and helpful!! Dr. Searches is great!!

This was my second visit to OMA. All the staff and doctor are great!

Everything was great. The doctor called to check on me in the evening and I also received a call the next day

Everything plus I was high af when I left so it was wild

Thanks for all your help Much appreciated

I had a very good experience at my dental appointment! The staff made me feel at ease with my dental surgery and I will definitely go back for future dental work. I want to thank the staff for the care I received while I was there and the calls to check on me at home to answer any questions I had.

Good place to have dental surgery

My experience here was fast and easy! I had Dr. Martin who was my surgeon and he was great. I can’t say anything bad. I even was little concerned about bleeding hours after my surgery and texted him and he responded in a very fast and informative way. Highly recommend.

Took great care of me! Recovering very well.

They have a good looking waiting room- it matters! Super nice check in person. The lady that got me set it the room very nice. Stephanie upbeat and friendly helps when your a little nervous not to think about it. Recovery ladies great. A+ doc and staff.

Dr. Martin made me feel super comfortable about my surgery and reassured me everything would go well , and after my surgery him and his assistants called me at home a few times to make sure I was feeling okay and to answer any questions I had . Overall it was a great experience!

I had a crown removed and a cyst & some bone removed under the gum line of the crown. This is the third day after surgery and I seem to be doing fine.

Thankyou for my experience at OMA. I'm very pleased with treatment and mostly with everyone being so nice and helpful.

Everyone there is super friendly and informative! I’ll admit I was pretty nervous walking in the building as I knew getting my wisdom teeth pulled would be a dreadful experience. However, they kept my anxiety and worries at bay. The staff explained the procedure, and told me it would be a quick and easy experience. Nothing but truth, 10/10

Dr. Searcy was amazing. He was very nice and easy to talk to.

Every one was very nice. Dr Martin was very gentle and told me every step he was taking and checking to make sure i was not hurting. Also Dr Martin himself called Friday evening to check on me. Sorry i missed his call. He dis leave a message to call if i needed anything.

Surgery was quick and as painless as could be. Very professional and welcoming staff, would highly recommend this facility to anyone if they were needing work done related to this practice.

Everyone was friendly and it was fast.

Everything went well when having my tooth extracted! Everyone was very nice and helpful!

U pulled my tooth well.

Staff was personable and made my son and myself feel very comfortable, which is important when a mother hands her child iver!

This is the BEST place ever! 😎

Dr Searcy and the Staff was wonderful and made my procedure easy would highly recommend them to anyone

I am please with the prompt initial appointment and surgery. I was impressed with the professionalism of the staff and courtesy calls received. Thank you for helping me smile again.

Dr. Martin did a wonderful job of removing my tooth. He is an excellent oral surgeon. Everyone was so kind and patient and took excellent care of me.

Good service

Very good!

Dr Martin and staff was great!

You kept me calm. I was not nervous at all. Everyone was very friendly.

All info was good all staff very nice and call from Dr Martin was very nice

Great people, fast process and minimal pain. Great place to get your wisdom teeth pulled

This was a very good experience! The Dr. Martin, his nursing and office staff put us at great ease and took excellent care of us. Thank you!!!

They did a very good job. Thanks to everyone at oma.

The dr.s where kind, and made me relaxed despite my anxiety.

Everyone was super friendly. My surgery went very quick with no issues! I would certainly recommend OMA.

Dr Martin did a great job!

My experience with OMA was wonderful. Thank you all

From the quick and courteous check-in to the care and concern shown in recovery, everything was excellent.

Dr Ross and his staff are excellent. They have taken care of both my boys and I wouldn't go anywhere else!

You were on time so there was no wait on day of surgery. I also liked that you had a separate recovery area. All staff was polite and friendly. My only suggestion is for new patients that you make it possible to get the forms on a fillable document by email so patients have the option to fill the forms out to print and bring with them if they wish to. That will save time on the initial visit.

Excellent staff and Dr. Martin is the best!!! He saw and understood my anxiousness about my procedure and took the right measures to make sure I was completely comfortable with everything

Dr. Martin did a great job! I He and his staff listened to my concerns as to sedation and I was very happy with the outcome. Very professional and caring! Follow up was very impressive.

I had a disappointing experience. Dr Searcey was very nice, but otherwise the staff and reception were rude or unhelpful. The price was more expensive than other offices even after insurance, and instead of having the medication ready and available on site (every other place does post extraction), they wrote me a paper prescription. They didn’t even offer to electronically send the prescription to my pharmacy. I had to have my ride drive me to the pharmacy, wait over an hour for them to process and fill it , and then drive home all while in pain from the extraction. I didn’t receive a follow up call. When I became concerned from pain in the weeks following the extraction, I tried to call to ask them questions about it and the nurse was impossible to get on the phone. I was transferred to her voicemail 4-5 times, and left several messages none of which were returned. Every time I tried to call, the people that picked up were rude and acted like I was an inconvenience to them. I actually am still in pain but am trying to see if it’ll just go away at this point, as they don’t seem to be concerned about it. Overall I am disappointed, especially for having paid an extensive amount when I could’ve got my surgery done cheaper elsewhere, but Dr Searcey was nice.

Very professional and took care of all of my needs. Made sure that I was comfortable at all times.

Dr. Martin did a good job. No pain or other symptoms after surgery. Recovered faster than you expected.

Everything was very good

Dr. Martin and his staff were very kind, caring and professional. I have not had any trouble and very little pain, needing only ibuprofen. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing oral surgery.

Did an awesome job

Dr. Martin and the entire team at OMA were awesome. I felt well informed and taken care of each step of the way. I’ll definitely refer people here in the future!

Great office and oral surgeon! Awesome follow up from staff and doctor. Highly recommend!

It was a Great Experience from the time I walked in and was greeted by the ladies at the front desk. And from there the assistant took me back to prepare for the tooth to be taken out. She explained what was going to happen. Dr. Martin came in and was talking and at the same time he had the tooth taken out. I did not have any trouble when I got home. I got a call later that evening to check that everything was all right. OMA is GREAT. Sharon.

Dr. Martin was excellent, made me feel very at ease about the whole situation and his assistants were lovely. When asked about oral care moving from here forward I will always recommend OMA

Thank you.

Great people, excellent doctor, will recommend to anyone who needs work on their teeth

Awesome team of people! Thank you so much !



Dr. Martin and his staff are excellent. I highly recommend them. The facility is modern, clean, and conveniently located. After-care was commendable on my previous visit (not that anyone wants to be a repeat customer with an oral surgeon, but...) and noteworthy on my most recent surgery. On the one occasion I had a concern with patient care, Dr. Martin's staff responded immediately, efficiently, and to my complete satisfaction. Did I mention immediately?

Dr. Mc Intire and his two nurses were great!

The staff was very polite and friendly. Very clean facility and convenient location. Procedure was smooth and painless.

Such a great experience! Awesome to work with and made my wisdom teeth removal easy as possible. Would 100% recommend.

That Dr wedelton is the shit!!

The surgery was timely, professional and somewhat pain free. Some discomfort, but easy to handle. No pain medication needed after the surgery.

Wonderful job! Everyone was great. No problems. Thank you.

Dr. McIntire and staff were very nice and helped me through the anxiety I had, assured me that I would be ok, and were incredibly friendly through the entire process.

You were all so helpful and knowledgeable and made us feel so comfortable!

Very good service including follow up

Everyone helped put my anxiety about the procedure at ease.

The whole experience was good. Dr Martin did exactly what he said he would do.

I was very impressed that in recovery a nurse stayed with me the whole time . It was like I was a VIP ! Thank you

No problems. No pain.

We love it there y'all took such good care of my husband

Everyone was great

Great place.

Friendly front desk staff

Great experience

Stuck to the appointment time. No waiting. Very much appreciated. Dr. Martin was detailed in explanation and was not in a hurry to get to next patient. On day of surgery the nurses and doctor were very patient and understanding of my nervousness. Thanks to all of you.

My experience with this procedure was great. The doctor and assistants were great and took very good care of me. I appreciate the treatment I received.

Great experience, the surgery was very quick with no waiting time!!

You informed me of all of the risks and possible complications of my surgery and confirmed that they were unlikely and that the procedure should be routine. Preparing me for surgery went quite well and the staff talked with me in a manner to help me relax. The placement of the colorful picture on the wall is good. White walls increase stress, so having something else to look at was comforting. Overall, everyone was friendly and skilled!

From the reception desk to the recovery, everyone is helpful and caring to patients. Very pleased with the care I received!

Great experience

OMA was amazing. They took great care of me!

I felt like my surgery was conducted incredibly smoothly and the staff at OMA knew exactly what they were doing. Also the recovery process has been made smoother with their readiness to answer any questions I have by phone call.

Dr Martin, #1! Staff very friendly and kind. Would recommend to anyone needing this type of service. Dr called me the evening of procedure and staff called the following day, VERY comforting. Thanks to all! !

Quick and painless. Clean and presentable staff, made me comfortable. Thanks

Kolbys experience with OMA was excellent. There was no wait time on arrival for surgery. The staff was very courteous and professional. I would highly recommend and utilize the services if OMA again in the future

Everyone was very nice to me.

Follow up phone calls after the surgery was reassuring and appreciated. Dr Macimtyrr was very skillful and personable and made my child feel at ease.

Everything went well and everyone took great care of me. I am so pleased to have been referred to Dr Martin.


Dr Martin & team are the best. Would be a 5/5 if you guys used AskNicely for these NPS surveys :) I work for them and can get this set up for you guys in no time!

Dr. Wendelken did an amazing job. Everyone in office was very friendly and professional. The office called to check on daughter after surgery.

Wonderful experience, great staff, Dr. Martin took care of me!

Great experience with office staff, doctors and nurses!

I was nervous coming in but everyone in the office made sure i knew everything that was going on during the process and that i was comfortable.

Fast and friendly

All staff were very helpful and nice. Very impressed that Dr. Martin followed up with a phone call to me later in the day to check how I was doing. Highly recommend him to others

They was very professional the doctor even called to see how I was doing when I got home

Very nice people!

Dr Martin very laid back and professional

Very caring staff; takes care of you before, during, and after your time with them.

Very professional and friendly staff!

Was treated very nice.

Very awesome place short wait time very friendly staff doc was great and I loved how I was called after and was checked on from removal of a tooth best dentist I been to

Very nice experience! Doctor and staff were very nice!

Great staff. Great physician. Wouldn’t go anywhere else! Thank you for always making stress free visits. You guys are truly the best!

Very friendly and fast

Everyone was nice, I was very comfortable.

Everything. Wouldn’t change a thing. And EVERYONE was professional, kind, courteous, and just very pleasant to be around.

Very professional!

The staff were very nice and made the experience very easy! They are very caring towards their patients and make sure to check in after the procedure to see if you have any questions! I would definitely recommend to a friend!

Everyone was kind and very supportive, even when I was extremely nevrous- for I never been in any form of surgery before.

Everyone was great!!!

Excellent all around!!

A follow-up call would be nice for questions.

Wonderful staff that made me feel comfortable the whole time.

Very caring and knowledgeable place

Smooth and pain free.

Everyone was kind and helpful. Everything was explained well and I have had no adverse reactions to treatment. I would recommend Dr to others

Excellent job and service, very friendly

Everything was great. Loved the friendly staff and that the dr called to check later to make sure everything was ok! Would highly recommend for any dental work being done

the staff made my experience comfortable and I am pleased of the outcome Thank you

Great service and care

Dr. Searcey was awesome when pulling my wisdom teeth.

Dr martins and the staff were great. I would highly recommend OMA. Thwy really took care of me during and after the surgery. You guys are the best!

It went well but just hoping I don’t get dry sockets

I‎t has overall been a great experience! Every person that helped me was so wonderful! And I have felt zero pain from surgery! I‎t has all been way easier than I ever thought I‎t would be! I would for sure recommend you all to anybody needing their wisdom teeth out. Thank you so much!

I felt very informed on everything they did and they made sure I was comfortable the entire time

I was extremely anxious when going in for this procedure, but the staff and the doctor put me at ease. After the procedure, I have no swelling and pretty much, no pain. Dr. Searcy did a great job!

Excellent staff

Staff very nice. Doctor explained the procedure before during and after which was comforting.

Outstanding, well done. The follow up phone calls were a nice touch.

Very friendly staff , they did a good job.

It was great and would recommend to family and friends

Dr Martin is a wonderful oral surgeon. We really appreciate the care he has given

Great office! Keli was very happy with her experience at OMA, especially when the nursing staff carried her to the recovery room. Thank you for taking great care of her!

Extremely pleased with the staff and service.

My office experience is always prompt, courteous, and professional which results in pleasurable experience.

I found the people at the office were very friendly. I didn't have to wait long to be seen. I was in and out fairly quickly and told if I had any problems don't hesitate to call. I would recommend this office to others.

This is the best services I have had and thank you for helping me!

Dr Martin and his staff were great! He followed up the evening after surgery and helped us get some meds changed over after there was an issue at the pharmacy. Very fast response!

Always friendly, efficient and great follow up.

Staff was very friendly and forth coming with information.

The care I received was fantastic. The follow up calls was excellent. I would recommend to anyone needing implants!

What an amazing experience. I cant thank everybody enough for taking such good care of our daughter and for putting all of us at ease. Every single person that we dealt with treayed and talked to our 8 year old with so much respect and how you interacted with her was extraordinary. From the deepest part of my heart..... I thank you

Dr. Martin took great care of me before & after surgery and even went far enough to contact me on his personal phone in case I couldn’t get ahold of him after hours! Highly recommend coming here!!

I felt very comfortable especially with the pre-surgery care I was given. My only surprise was I didn't expect to be so aware during the procedure although I was without pain in the procedure itself. Post op instructions were very thorough and the follow up phone call was welcomed.

Very nice treatment and professional service

Awesome visit ! The people were most accommodating!

Everything was good. I will say I felt a little rushed after the procedure while I was in the recovery room. The staff was nice and comforting.

Things went good and if need be I would definitely come back to you guys

Quick and informative.

The surgeon was nice and took my teeth out well.

Very pleasant experience. Nice and friendly staff.

The whole experience was incredible! The staff was great and Dr Martin was amazing with my son.

Everyone was very nice.

Dr Martin answered all my concerns and was very informative. Thanks David Gomez

Everything was great

Everyone was so nice. I had an excellent experience.

Kind and compassionate staff and doctors. They spent time answering all questions and we never felt rushed. They even called to be sure I was doing well.

Everyone was very friendly! And everything was explained thoroughly from the procedure itself to aftercare!

Friendly doctors and staff. Definitely a good experience.

You were kind and gave me thorough information.

Everybody is very friendly and caring

Top knotch, never had as good of treatment by any physician or staff,and I have seen many in tht last (75 yrs)

I did'nt realize this was a bs marketing survey ... I thought maybe it was a way to follow up about the procedure and my health, etc.

Very pleased with my care

Everyone was kind and helpful. I felt that they cared about my health

The process was fast and easy.

Great and very friendly!

Thank you my visit was pleasant and I'm healing well with no problems...I highly recommend your office..

I would recommend having a driver after a tooth extraction. Otherwise great experience!

The amount of personal service was fantastic. Everything was explained in advance and great care was taken to ensure my comfort. Although the type of dental work I had to experience was not tops on my list of exciting things do, the staff made it as pleasant as possible. My doctor even called me himself to check on me. You can't ask for anything more than that. I highly recommend your services to anyone who may need it. Thanks

Great was very nice and staff was great. We were in and out with no problems


Good post op instructions. Dr Searcy was very nice and made me feel comfortable.

It was a great experience, considering, dr search and staff great, I was really nervous but dr searcy

Everyone was professional and yet very kind.

Professional, efficient, caring, clean and pleasant environment. Not happy doctor didn't see us prior to procedure - it's comforting, reassuring, personal. Awful that woman was smoking 10 feet from recovery room door - hit with a blast of smoke going to car. Made me nauseous and I wasn't the one who just had procedure.

The doctors and nurses were all great!

Process was quick and seamless. Would have been nice to see the doctor. The post op nurse wasn't the most friendly, but she got the job done. --Hannahs mom

I felt very taken care of at OMA. Procedure was quick, and the surgeons are kind and have your overall wellbeing at heart.

Dr Searcy and the Staff were great!

Wonderfully supportive and skilled staff.

Staff and doctors very friendly. I was well informed about my procedure. Appreciate all the call to check on me.

Patient care was superb! However, I contacted the office 3 times and left messages with my phone number to find out how much I would need to pay, then never received a call back. Only found out the amount when I checked on. Dr. Martin and his assistants were wonderful!

I would highly recommend this organization when it comes to the removal of wisdom teeth. I am sure they have much more than that to offer, but this is the procedure that I had done. Very high caliber people and the service was hands down. Thanks again!


Wonderful accommodations and experiences

Great 👍🏾

All was good and they took good care of me

Great people made it stress free

Excellent work. Keep up the great service!

I loved how Dr. Martin called to check on me early in the evening of the procedure. Then, the next day, the office called to check me! Thank you for helping with my dental problems. I was treated with the upmost dignity and respect.

Great service. We appreciate the follow call from Dr. Martin that evening after surgery and from his office the following day.

My daughter was so nervous about getting her wisdom teeth removed. From our initial consultation to the surgery day, everyone treated her so kindly, knowing how nervous she was. The Dr explained everything in detail to us, I would highly recommend your office. Thank you for treating her and me so kindly.


Dr. Ross Martin and his staff were courteous and professional. I was able to get an appointment quickly and schedule follow-up procedures easily. Oral surgery isn't fun, but they did a good job of making me as comfortable as possible and answering any questions.

The ladies (hygienists/doctor's assistance?) were so kind and helpful-very genuine. Dr. Martin was great-he even called to check in following the procedure.

Such a sweet staff and we felt as if they truly cared. Thank you so much!

Everything went great! The wait was long but other than that wonderful. Staff very friendly and helpful.

The people at OMA were efficient and professional. Dr. Martin and his assistants did an outstanding job. Highly recommended.

My experience was A+. Professional, kind, considerate, informative, and very supportive all describe my visit. I had absolutely no problems or pain. I would highly recommend your facility.

Great staff, good timing. The entire procedure took less than an hour.

So professional and kind

From the personable staff to the gentle and effective procedure were all great. I appreciate it all.

These people are great!

Very kind to our son. He did great and all went well!

Great office and staff ! Dr. Searcy was very kind and personable. Thank you! My teenager appreciates it!

Still a little tender but I'm sure it will be ok in s few days

Excellent service. Quick, professional, courteous. Top notch.

The wait was a little long (almost 30 minutes past our appointment time) and I believe parents should be allowed to accompany children to the back especially when they are terrified & undergoing sedation for the 1st time, at least up until they go under. Other than that the experience went well. The front desk ladies & The aftercare nurses were great. Thank You.

Dr Martin did a great job making me feel comfortable during my wisdom teeth removal. Explained everything fully and was very personable. The night after the extraction he called me just to thank me for choosing him to do the procedure and I could call and text him that weekend with any questions I may have. He went above and beyond. I will definitely go back to see him again with anything I may need. Keith

Each appointment has been professional and quality treatment of the highest level was received.

Thank you for your wonderful care and concern. I felt like I was in the best hands. Dr. Martin was the best!

Everything and everyone was fantastic!

the staff was great and very attentive to our child while he had an extra tooth removed. They were all very friendly and took great care of him.

Highly recommend! Thank you so much!

Thank you for the work that you did

My experience was extremely positive. Dr. Martin as well as all of the staff of OMA I came in contact were professional, positive and efficient. I would recommend Dr. Martin without any reservations.

It wS good

Fast and stress-free!

Nice people! Great job!

Quick, no post surgical problems

Took good care of me and you were very nice

I could not be more pleased with my experience. Dr. Martin and staff were 100% professional and friendly. They got me right in on time and out of surgery very quickly. I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed and had zero complications post op. Dr Martin did an amazing job and I honestly had little to no pain afterwards. Thank You OMA for serving me and the incredible job you all did.

Everyone was very friendly and helpful even through my nerves. I had very minimal pain afterwards and the healing process has gone very quickly.

Excellent staff, very professional and courteous

I enjoyed working with OMA! Very personable employees and I felt cared for and listened to.

I liked not having to wait and Dr. calling me himself Friday evening to check on me.

I was very confortable going into surgery, they made me feel very welcome and less afraid.

Friendly staff!

Everyone was great! I was so nervous and they really settled thise nerves for me.

Everyone was very professional and friendly. I felt very comfortable and relaxed having my procedure Thanks

Entire staff was great to work with. I felt very comfortable with everyone. Dr. Searcy was great.

Great experience with Shelly and Dr. Cohenour on May 4th at the 138th Street location. I highly recommend Dr. Cohenour and OMA. Glenn Floresca

It took several tries to start my IV. 5 nurses tried.


Thank you for providing me with excellent care while I was there for my appointment and calling to check on me post op. I really appreciate how much you care about your patients!

They treated you like family!

Everyone was friendly



I feel like I matter

The staff was friendly and treated me like family I didn't have to wait long to be seen and the staff talked me through everything and my surgery was completely painless I was really impressed when my actual surgeon called me the next day just to check on me and see if I had any questions he and his staff even sent me a thank you card in the mail I was so impressed with the level of care and compassion that I would gladly recommend them to anyone I meet

All the staff as well as the surgeon were very friendly and made my procedure very clear and what to expect. It was a good experience as far as dental experiences go:)

Staff is always super friendly and informative during my visits.

Overall a very nice experience. Friendly, courteous, and professional.

Everyone so good and reassuring. Doctor put me at ease, very kind. Procedure went well and had little pain the next day.

Always receive good advice and Megan is a sweetheart.

I can't remember the name of the blond lady who assisted while my teeth were getting extracted, but she was really great. She was nice and made the whole thing very comfortable. It was some of the best service I've gotten anywhere for anything. The guy who pulled my teeth was good too.

From the very first day,you folks there was so very helpful and very kind. I am so glad I decided to finally get this work done . Everyone there just made me feel so good. I was scared my experiences​ before has not been well. I would definitely tell anyone needing work done ,go for it !!!! You are definitely in good hands ,they will take good care of you!!! Good luck to anyone going !!!!!!!

Everybody was excellent and pleasant to speak to. Dr Martin made a very tough situation for a 17yr old seem like it was a walk in the park. His compassion for his patients is amazing.

Everyone was nice and explained everything thoroughly.

Very quick service and great staff.

The surgery was quickly completed and I was released to leave to recover at home with plenty of instructions I could understand.

Appointment on time - extraction completed fast and efficiently. Directions post-extraction were clear - prescriptions were given. No complications. Extremely satisfied with doctor and support staff.

Thank you for your great service! I didn't have any pain and I was very happy with the results.

Thanks for being the best.

The process was pretty good. Just could have used a little more thorough info at the time of surgery... at least on what was gonna happen step by step. Everything else was very good. Very quick and precise.

For having a tooth pulled it was a good experience. Everyone was professional, nice, helpful, and caring. Doctor Searcey did a nice job. Painless I would recommend to anyone

Friendly staff

felt very comfortable

Great great people, could laugh and felt comfortable with everyone, Dr. Martin was amazing checked on me after hours and made sure that I knew everything went smoothly. That's hard to find 5 golden stars

Excellent ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great experience. Nice staff. Professional environment

OMA made the process very agreeable. From checking in, being sedated and recovery process. I appreciated the friendliness of the doctors and staff. Thank you!!

Thorough, prompt and friendly. Highly recommended!

Dr, Martin and his assistant explained everything well. The procedure was painless and he gave good instructions for aftercare. Dr. Martin was personable and polite. I will recommend him to anyone needing an implant.

They took really good care of me, I am very satis

I felt as though they took good care of me while I was sleep and under their mouth had no extra cuts bruising and the extraction has not caused me any unusual discomfort. Each person who prepared me through the process wasprofessional and kind.

My experience at OMA was wonderful! All of the staff were courteous and professional. I felt completely comfortable preparing for my procedure and will continue to go here fo all of my follow up work.

Wonderful staff!! Thanks for taking care of me👍


the only thing I would suggest is calling in the pain prescription beforehand, by the time we got back to edmond and filled, annah was definitely feeling the pain.

Great dentistry! Dr. Martin even called to see how I was doing after my surgery. That is the first time a doctor has ever followed up with me after a medical procedure.

Thank you Dr Martin and everyone else for taking such great care of my daughter. She may be 20 y/o but she is still my baby and any surgery is scary. She is doing fantastic today. She took one pain pill yesterday, just because Dr Martin said it would be a good idea before her numbing medicine wore off. She took one Ibuprofen before she went to sleep and has taken only one today. She wants a cheeseburger! She's not getting one though! Ha! Thank ya'll!!!!

Wonderful staff great job on surgery

Professional friendly staff. No problems. Thank you!

Thank you so much for taking such great care of Amie. Your office staff was great and very friendly!

I trust Dr Searcy implicitly - not only because of the care he provides to me but also because of the jaw reconstrution he completed on my grandson in the past. I appreciate the care and kindness of Hau as well as other staff I have dealt with at OMA

Our entire experience was exceptional. I have worked in the medical field a long time, and Dr. Martin and his entire staff were extremely kind and professional. We wanted to especially thank Dr. Martin for sharing his cell number with us in case we had any questions and for calling to check on our daughter that evening. He is a wonderful and compassionate doctor whom we will highly recommend to others. Thank you for taking such great care of our girl!

DR. Martin and his team removed my wisdom teeth and did a wonderful job, the procedure was quick and healing well. Dr. Martin even called later in the evening to check up on me. I could not have had a better experience.

I really appreciated that Dr Martin checked in on me personally via phone call after my procedure.

Surgery went perfect. Doctors were amazing. Dr Ross was awesome