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i loved it

I love working with Bettina - her cranial sacrul work and adjustments truly help get me back in alignment and pain free. I feel like after working with her for so long I understand her bedside manner and way of explaining exercises and they are so helpful as well. She does tend to run late and be a little disorganized. It generally takes me a while to really understand how to do the exercises correctly and a lot of trial and error and sometimes this part of the session feels too rushed for me. But i would recommend her practice to anyone! Genieveve is a new clinician for me and is very sweet and attentive and a very active listener. A very different therapy style from Bettina but one I am growing to appreciate as well. However, it is a bit difficult for me to go to two different clinicians in one week especially when i feel like the communication between them isn't always the clearest. I was skeptical of going to a new person but would definitely see her in the future!

Rising Sun Therapy has met all my physical therapy needs. They provide prompt and thorough care and a plan for when you no longer are going to weekly appointments. I highly recommend them.

My visit to Bettina at Rising Sun was a very positive experience. I was referred to her for a specific problem. Throughout the course of treatment, it was clear that Bettina was concerned with my total body wellness. The outcome was not only a vast improvement in the condition for which I sought treatment, but also in my overall posture and exercise orientation. I can very enthusiastically recommend Rising Sun for anyone needing physical therapy, and I shall go there again as needed. Bettina's assistant Lori is very pleasant and helpful. Her appointment and reminded system is first-rate, and her approach to schedule development is as well.


500 Sutter St. Ste 514, San Francisco, CA 94102