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Dr. Choi was kind enough to see me last minute and always answers all of my questions in depth!

Dr. Choi and the team are fantastic! They truly care about the patient and they have a comfortable, state-of-the-art facility.

The hygienist did a great job and I liked Dr. Choi giving me options. The office was a little too noisy and the new chairs are not comfortable to someone with a problem back. I will be back!

Had a very pleasant experience. Dr Choi is extremely respectful and took his time to answer all my questions. He did not force me into any dental procedures and the staff was friendly and fast in response.

Everyone was professional, helpful and friendly. Thank you so much.

Everyone is pleasant and knowledgeable. They’ve helped me care for my teeth properly and never judge.

Best office girls ever . Great Doctor and addistant. I truly love these guys.

Friendly staff

In & out so I could get back to work on time. Much appreciated.

The staff is so friendly

Dr Perry is WONDERFUL!!!! She is the best hygienist I have EVER had.

Very impressed with Dr. Robert P. Choi, in his explanations that which was our problem originally. Gave us a good solution and now we will go to the next step. Very Very friendly, and I’m looking forward to working with him.

Great upbeat atmosphere and Dr. Kinsel is amazing! Front office folks are terrific!

Always good a beautiful smile from everyone and very pleasant

First and foremost Dr. Pari is a superb practitioner. Bedside manner and subject matter expertise is all I could ever hope for. Then follow this up with a productive health discussion with Dr. Choi and his thorough examination and you have the recipe for an A+ dental cleaning visit. Can’t say enough good things about the practice!

Very professional, friendly and courteous. Great pleasant surprise.

I don’t do public reviews but will gladly note that Angie did a great job as she always does.

Exceptional service overall!

Great group professionals ... attentive, thorough and kind.

Very thorough teeth cleaning accompanied with thoughtful advice

Great experience

Dr Choi and his staff are always friendly, professional, efficient, and conscientious. My family and I have been patients for many years and highly recommended their dentistry

Since moving to Hong Kong the past 8 years, I am still go back to Dr. Choi because he provides such detailed professional care. He is not only thorough, informative, painless and meticulous, but very gentle. As I just went back to see him for my annual check-up, I am very delighted to say that I strongly recommend him if all that I said above resonates with you.

Thorough and patient oriented care.

I have been under Dr Choi’s care since 2005 when I moved to the Bay Area. He’s knowledgeable, always thorough and I never feel rushed like I’m “just another patient”. All of his staff is super friendly and considerate. I would absolutely recommend his office to anyone interested in good oral hygiene!

Doctor Choi and his team were efficient in explaining to me the procedure they would use to repair my dental issues. Mrs Hernandez

Dr. Kinsel is the best dentist!

This stupid review crap makes me VERY angry. No, I am not going to "opt out". YOU are going to stop this on your end. Or if you really want my opinion, I will be most pleased to speak with you on the phone. And bill you my base rate. Which is $200/hr Cordially, Vincent G Boston Kinsell patient for 20 years.

Was great the drKensel was wonderful can’t wait to start my dental plan felt really confident with Betty Nd Dr a actually fun app not a scary like other app with outher dentist ❤️❤️❤️

I have been a patient of Dr Kinsel since he opened his practice in FC The crown is a good color match It will be one week Thursday The stilli sensitive to eating and cold drinks ....yes I brush with Sensodyne Will call if sensitivity continues By the way, I like your office

The night before a piece of my front tooth broke off: how, I don't know. So I made an apt with Dr. Choi for the next day(Tues @ 2:50PM) to have him check my tooth to see if it could be filled or if I needed another crown. When I arrived, after Dr. Choi and I got caught up on our personal lives, he said it couldn't be filled and that it needed a crown. I said ok and that I would make another apt for the next few days; but he said he was busy for the next 2 weeks but that he could do the prep work today and fit me with a temporary crown and that the final crown would be ready in 2 weeks. Great! I did so and now I do not have that discomfort of cutting my tongue on my broken front tooth. Now, that is SPEEDY service that I did not expect. I would highly recommend Dr. Choi to anyone for ANY dentistry work and especially for any skittish patients who are afraid of dentists because he has a great bedside manner and makes the patient feel comfortable and protected.

Sat in chair waiting for doctor for 45 minutes after anesthetic was administered. Usually only wait 15 minutes.

Have you ever had your dentist do a masterpiece filling and then step back and say gosh I love doing this? That’s who I want working on my teeth ,super skillful and Professional

Great experience

Great as always. Smile on everyone .That is what everybody wants to see. Thanks Rex

My teeth was actually clean.

It's my first time working with Pari, and I was very pleased with her "bedside manner" as she calmly walked me through each step of the process. Thanks!

I am absolutely happy for the best care given by Dr Choi and his assistant. The reception desk staff are very punctual in giving reminders as well. Dr Robert Choi is an excellent dentist.

Dr Kinsel provided the excellent cleaning!

Dr Choi and his staff always extend professional, courteous, and careful service to myself and my entire family. Their support is always appreciated !

Hey there – I have always love seeing Dr. Kinsel, I even rent a car and drive down there rather than being seen in San Francisco . Since he has joined with Dr. Choi it’s twice is good! I absolutely adore the new staff I mean I liked the old staff as well but your new people are incredible I get the very best recommendations for product and practices to improve my oral health and I love the new environment. Thank you!

Rescheduled my appointment to 6/12/19. Gave 5 stars because my visit is always excellent.

The new office is bright, open and very inviting. At times though, it becomes VERY vocally loud. Dr Perry is terrific.

Beautiful place , professional staff and services know Dr Kinsel and is staff for many years they do excellent work they are very informative about what you need Jean-Marie Fayat

Very professional and took the time to explain procedures before they were done. Front desk people were very nice.

Everything went very well, in spite of those periods of waiting, but the staff was very friendly and helpful. However, I am wondering if there is supposed to be something along the bottom of the front tooth, on the inside. It feels different. Is this normal....should I come in on Monday for you to check it out, to be sure? Otherwise, I'm continuing the salt-water rinses 3 times a day. Thank you. Jean Stefan

Great fast cleaning thx!!

excellent work and outstanding service!!!!

Excellent friendly and professional service as usual!

Very gentle.

Dr. Choi performed an unscheduled procedure so that I wouldn’t have to make a second trip. Amy helped me with toothpaste suggestion

Dr. Choi his team you’re always fantastic and make you feel very comfortable in the office.

Great care. Dr Perry is terrific.


So thankful they could see me on short notice. Such kind staff and put me at ease

Love Dr Choi!

everything is good

It was depressing to lose the top half of a tooth, but Dr. Choi was helpful in explaining the situation to me. Dr. Choi has always been friendly and answers my questions. I hope that the removal of the root of that tooth, which is scheduled for May 17th at 9 am will go well, for both of us. Your staff is very professional, helpful and friendly. That's why I continue to have Dr. Choi, as my dentist...many years. Jean Stefan

Clean , professional

I have been going to Dr. Choi ever since he started on O'Farrell and I have been most pleased with his work. I enjoy his humor and his taking the time to listen to you and to explain what exactly he will be doing for your treatment. He answers questions gladly. His staff is extremely friendly and I feel like family when I go there. His entire staff is well educated and highly skilled. I would highly recommend Dr. Choi to anyone one of my friends and acquaintances in a heartbeat. -- Robert B. Ames --

Love this place! Dr Choi is very personable and truly cares for his patients.

Our family enjoy visiting Dr. Choi’s Office. Always a great experience there!

Finally I was able to find a dentist that cares for his patients and treat them like just another medical record

You’re accommodating to my schedule. Dr. Choi is knowledgeable

Dr. Choi chose the right material carefully for my crown depending on how strong is the bite.

Service and staff are excellent


Great prophylaxis!

Very professional and friendly. Thorough explanations for situations concerning condition of the teeth or any work that needs to be done.

Excellent dentist

Great dentist

I highly recommend this practice! Dr. Pari and Dr. Choi are great and professional. But their office staff are very valuable because they make sure that their patients are taken care of and accommodated to fit their appts into their busy schedules.

Dr. Choi is very professional, friendly knowledgeable and considerate. I would recommend him to my friends with no reservations.

I am so happy to have Dr. Choi as my dentist. The entire staff is friendly, caring and efficient.

Awesome. The best dental office. 😁

Very friendly, smart and knowledgeable

Excellent dental care provider.

Prompt and efficient! Everyone is warm and caring. Dr. Choi communicates well. Just a pleasant experience!

It was a comfortable and thorough experience

Not only is Dr. Choi very friendly but he takes his time in assessing the situation and also in informing the patient on what is wrong and what needs to be done. He was able to fix my tooth that morning in a relatively short time and completely pain free.

Great visit - cleaning and consultation were fast & smooth! Thanks ALL!

The practitioner was ok, very courteous and friendly.

I’m so happy with Dr Choi and all his staff service . They are best of the best. Thank you

Perry is fantastic. I look forward to her "cleaning" every 6 mos. The entire office staff is great. You and your crew are terrific Robert.

Dr. Choi and staffs provided excellent, professional service.

Nice and caring.

I always enjoy my visits to Dr. Choi's office. The office is nice and the staff are very friendly and Dr. Choi is very personable and easy to talk to about my teeth and concerns I might have.

A courteous & caring staff who welcomes you with a smile

Always super friendly and makes visiting the dentist enjoyable.

Feels like visiting family with great service !

I gave Dr. Choi 5 for treating me well evrytime I see him

Excellent service and staff!!

Great professional service as usual by hygienist as wellas the follow-up by Dr. Choi.

The services provided are top notch! Professional staff, knowledgeable and caring. Dr. Choi is an expert in the field of dentistry, honest and well respected!

I don't like the email requests asking me to create an account to write a review. This is in addition to the text messages I have received to give a review.

Taken on time, no wait time. Pleasant environment, friendly staff

Always a great experience, thx Dr. Choi and your fabulous staff! 👍 Nancy!

Dr. Choi, I want to thank you for taking me in such short noticed. I definitely feel much better with the procedure you performed so well on my problem tooth. Now I feel confident to take a planned trip aboard. I want to take this opportunity to wish you a successful hernia surgery. Sincerely Inge Hernandez

Dr Sing was attentive to my questions and answered them with great detail.

I have been going to Dr. Choi ever since he came to the O'farrell office and so has my family. I especially like how he takes his time to investigate what is wrong and then takes the necessary time to fully explain, often sometimes with drawings, what the problem is and then explain how he plans to correct it. The staff is top drawer and extremely friendly(so is Dr. Choi by the way). He is always interested in my comedy club exploits and my model airplane building, often donating some of his worn out long handled mirrors for me to use in my model building in tight spaces. He is very honest and when he can't perform a certain procedure, he always has recommended someone else that he personally knows who is very good at what they do. I would highly recommend Dr. Choi to anyone, especially to those who say they don't like going to the dentist; their new experience with Dr. Choi will be fantastic and they will come back again and again and recommend him to their friends. -- Robert B. Ames --

Thanks Love Dr. Choi

Doctor Choi is very friendly and knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable and at ease.

Friendly and very professional

Everyone was very nice and polite, appointment was on time, and it didn't hurt.


Very friendly, attentive and professional staff.


Outstanding treatment, as usual. Friendly staff, as usual.

Dr and assists very qualified and friendly

Always a friendly staff and professional

Just the best

Prompt, professional, on time sevices


675 Mariners Island Blvd., Suite 101, San Mateo, CA 94404