ScoliSMART Clinics Wisconsin

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2031 S Webster Ave, Green Bay, WI 54301

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The longer We were there, the more confident I was that it was the right decision. I was happy with all aspects of the visit.

Such an amazing experience! It’s so exciting when you get to see the results. It’s hard work but so worth it! So glad we found scolismart!!

It was very helpful to consult an expert in scoliosis. Dr Dovorany did a nice job of evaluating the circumstances and explaining his diagnosis.

The clinic was very beneficial for our daughter. The staff is very kind and caring. It was an excellent experience.

The staff was great! Very patient and helpful. I loved that they encouraged the kids to be independent with learning how to use their equipment from the start. Love the progress we saw on my kids' curves!

Everyone was very friendly and helpful.

Schedule was good, explained exercises well, friendly staff, easy to talk with staff and ask questions.

Patient care was very good! All around a great experience!

Such care and detailed help from all of the staff. Thanks so much!

Great experience! Everyone was friendly and supportive.

Words can not express my gratitude. Every bit of our experience was beyond excellent. Amy,Andi,Jen and Dr D were awesome and I'm so happy that I chose this program. Thank you for everything you all have done for my son and myself!

The staff is excellent, caring, and make the whole experience great.

The people there were really nice and funny. You always had someone to talk to. The different machines were cool, and not really uncomfortable. It was a great experience overall.

Very nice staff and clinic. Doctor is very passionate about his job.

U were really good with kids and I like that I don't have to wear the activity suit for a long time

I feel a lot loser. I am able to have a lot more motion in my back and neck. People say I look taller. I had fun with you guys !😋😊thank you!😘

Gave really good instructions on how the exercises work, gave really good instructions on what to do when we go home. Everyone was very friendly.

Our time with you was so full of hope. Great staff and can't wait to see the final results.

Elizabeth and I came into the week not knowing what to expect and feeling overwhelmed. Andi and Amy did an amazing job transitioning us into the bootcamp sessions. They pushed Elizabeth to challenge herself. Dr. Brian also did an amazing job at pushing Elizabeth to change her attitude and embrace the process. Thank you so much. You took amazing care of her!

I am extremely happy that I came across Dr D's clinic. My only regret is that I didn't find them sooner. Everyone in the office was great and so helpful. I recommend their clinic to anyone who suffers from scoliosis. In one week I saw reduction in my curve and felt relief from pain.


2031 S Webster Ave, Green Bay, WI 54301