Strategy and Solution

“If you desire to see, learn how to act” (Heinz von Foerster) My view of change has been strongly affected by the notion that in order to experience and see life differently, one must learn how to respond and act differently. As long as you see the struggle in front of you in one way, your mindset and reaction will most likely remain the same. This is the feeling of being stuck. Typically when people are in the face of a problem and overwhelmed, they try whatever they think will solve it the fastest. Sometimes it solves the problem and no problem exists and sometimes the problem comes back. It is common-sense logic that usually tells the person to keep implementing the same old thing even when the exact issue repeatedly resurfaces. “Small changes, in themselves, can lead to other, bigger changes” (Richard Fisch) I want to help you find a different solution. What I have learned is that I can help people feel and act differently by introducing a small change in their environment. By initiating only a minor shift, a cascade of changes is possible. Change is scary, so we go slow in order to get there fast. I have the skills to help you discover HOW the issues you are facing are functioning in the here-and-now and what repetitive attempts to solve those problems are preventing you from moving forward. People come into therapy because what they have tried time and time again to change things has been unsuccessful, either personally or with others. We all need a better solution to move forward and create the life we see for ourselves.

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