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Again, I want to thank Dr. Karlfeldt and staff for being the best! I have more energy now than I have had for years. My blood sugar is more stable and I am sleeping better at nights. THANK YOU!!!

People at Karlfeldt Center try to keep your appointment on time and provide you with the necessary information and supplements to get your need met. Dr. Karflfeldt is always upbeat and informative. He tries to understand your difficulty and the recommends appropriate actions to take.

Great Staff, Docs, really being taken care of

Your check-in process and appointment with Dr. Karlfeldt was great. However, the checkout process what a struggle. It took 20 min to make 8 appointments and then she said oh - I was on the wrong week. There was also zero knowledge of supplements and how to take them. It would be nice if you trained the staff on the supplements. Thank you!

I had been exposed to mold and was feeling sick. Had a session with Dr. K, took the supplements he prescribed and am much better now! Thank you. -Tressie.

Dr. Karlfeldt has helped me through some hard medical issues over the last 8 years. I see him regularly and he keeps me healthy. I trust him and he has a compassion and willingness to help. I highlu reccomend him for just about any alignment!

Dr K explained what he was doing and why.

Everyone in the office is so nice. I loved my experience there. Dr Karlfeldt is very easy to talk to and he listens when you are talking and answers all your questions. He is patient and doesn't rush you. You can tell that him and his staff genuinely want to help you feel better.

I can’t express how glad I am to find Dr Karlfeldt. A doctor that actually wants to heal you instead of prescribing drugs, and so easy to talk to.

Very efficient and professional. Everyone I dealt with was very personable

I did not think all meds and steps were clear. What is dr k treating?

I absolutely appreciate and love all the amazing staff! They have bern so helpful and truly concerned about your health.

As always, Dr. Karlfeldt was accurate and compassionate . My energy continues to be better--even better than when I was 20. The best thing I have done for myself is to stay the course , trust my doctor ( Dr. Karlfeldt ) and to know healing doesn't happen overnight . My whole family is healthier because of Dr. Karlfeldt's knowledge on how to treat the individual. All the folks who work at the center are so kind and helpful . If you need true healing on the deepest level, go to The Karlfeldt Center ASAP!!

I have steadily improved even though I am an a person with oversensitivity and reactions to medications and supplements. We just use less to what my body can use without reacting. Very appreciative to Dr Karlfeldt for listening and hearing so he can adjust what he recommends accordingly to work for me.

You always help my daughter feel welcome and cared for! Thanks!

Knowledgeable and compassionate

As always feeling much better

Awesome job, as always! Thank you, Dr. Karlfeldt!

Happy and grateful I’ve meet Dr. Karlfeldt and several other Doctors at this clinic. They’ve been instrumental in helping me solve my complex health issues and guiding me to better health. I highly recommend The Karlfeldt Center to Improve your health.

My general condition is improving, my nails on my hands and feet are stronger and growing normally There is more hair growing on my head. It is thicker than it has been for five years. Gail. Matulovich

Your staff is always pleasant and helpful. Thank you for being a blessing in our lives!!

Friendly caring service. Had to wait awhile this time which I know is sometimes unavoidable.

Julianne with the PRP Department is highly recommended!

I feel like a family member when I'm at the Center. The staff is wonderful,& engaging. Before my initial visit, I had a question about how a prescription would effect Dr. Karfeldt's diagnosis of the condition & I got a call to verify. Had a wonderful conversation w/Mrs Reberry ,& Dr. Karfeldt was tremendous, he answered all the questions I had. I look forward to my follow up visit, & feel confident that health is closer! John Ding

Dr. Karfeldt always takes the time to listen to patient concerns and answers questions thoroughly and professionally.

Dr. Smith and Lori are wonderful professionals that help us make healthier life progressions.

Dr Brett was very thorough. He didn’t rush me and he listened to all my complaints! I felt like my problems were his foremost concern. He’s a gem!

All of the staff are always very helpful and friendly. I left my jacket in the exam room and Dr.Karlfeldt himself brought it back to me with a big smile on his face.

You did fine.

Always good, knowledgeable. Finds out quickly what’s going on. Many avenues to take in resolving issue,

I love the Karfeldt Center. Great people, very knowledgeable in their area and are all about natural medicine and an actual "cure" for everything that Western Medicine has done to the people. I have refered my mother and grandmother there and told many of my friends about the Center. Thank you for being in our community. With love, Kirk Pendergrass

I have been seeing Dr. Butterfield for over a year. He has made such a big difference in my life. I have Hashimoto’s disease and been taking thyroid medicine for two decades. I just got my medicine dosage cut in half. My body is so much healthier, calmer, and I am able to work again. He has been a blessing! My family also go to Dr. Butterfield. My son has had severe stomach problems for a few years and had been on a limited diet. Dr. Butterfield has changed his life as well. He is simply amazing! I highly recommend.

The staff at Karlfeldt center have been kind, considerate, professional, personable, outstanding people. Went out of their way to track my order and called to check how we were doing. Joan Crum

Dr. Karlfeldt is very attentive and takes the time to answer questions thoroughly. He is very kind and makes everyone comfortable with their treatments.

All was good I benefit tremendously , but the supply of supplements need to be kept up better I often can’t get the prescribed supplements, l think if you don’t have them in when I’m there you should offer to mail them to me as soon as they get in & bill me.

Dr. Michael is THE BEST! Very knowledgeable and efficient You want results-do what he recommends to do👍🏽 It works👌🏽❣️

I visited with Dr Karlfeldt with a checkup on my health. He could tell WiFi is affecting me. He has given me supplements and along with that I purchased some smart dots for my devices. Also purchased an alterra EMF device. Hoping to shut down or at least put in airplane mode. Also I visited Dr. Smith. I have arthritis in my knee and did a platelet rich plasma injection. Hoping for some great results.

I appreciate Dr. Karlfelts knowledge, experience, and wisdom as he reads our bodies' needs and the time he takes. I have come so far since I began working with him almost three years ago and know it's because of him that I'm still here.. when the traditional medical doctors couldn't find answers and didn't know what to do, essentially giving up, dr. Karlfeldt continued to listen to what my body was saying, using alternative methods and supplements, and I'm truly grateful.

Dr. Karlfeldt was excelent. The office staff is a little disorganized.

Dr Butterfield was professional, presented himself well (attire, demeanor and communicated well), and seemed diverse in his knowledge. The office itself is aesthetic, calming and professional in atmosphere. The nurses that do blood draws were very down to earth and made me feel welcome. One negative would be that the front desk person with long dark curly hair and tanned skin had a rather unfriendly demeanor. I’d suggest some customer service training for her. Thank you.

Hailey was amazing. She was personable, professional, and compassionate. Dr K as always was outstanding. I'm very glad to have found him. He's very knowledgeable and always friendly and compassionate.

My health progress was evaluated and the supplement requirements were adjusted, added, or removed according to the change in need.

It was a very pleasant experience. Dr Karlfeldt is so knowledgeable, kind and gentle. I will certainly follow up with him again and I appreciate the help he gave me. The ladies at desk were so courteous as well. All of you can so proud of how you treat your patients. Thank you! Best regards Joan Crum Billings, Mt

Dr. Karlfelt has helped me for several years when traditional doctors could not. He is awesome!

I had a great appointment with Natalie Hart last week. I was supposed to have an appointment tomorrow with Caroline for APN??? I think it is, but got a call this morning that my appointment was scheduled in the wrong column so I don’t have an appointment at all. I am very disappointed because I have had extreme reactions to supplements in the past and didn’t want to start the supplements that Natalie suggested until I saw Caroline. I’m going on vacation on Wed for a week and a half and not sure if I should start the supplements and take the chance that I might have a reaction on vacation or wait for over 2 weeks until the 9th of July when I have an appointment scheduled that may or may not happen since Caroline is on jury duty. I have to be honest, I’m pretty frustrated. LF

Dr. Karfeldt was very courteous and professional. He made time to ask if we had questions and were part of the planning of the treatment process.

Caroline is so knowledgable and always figures out the best plan of action and provides the best personal care. I'm feeling better than I've felt in a very long time and feel like I'm getting my life back with natural remedies versus drugs. The ladies out front are ways so cordial and pleasant in a very busy office.

Every time I come, the experience is great: Dr. Karlfelt and the staff are all kind and professional. Thanks for what you do. Krystal Cieslar

Always a pleasure. Works to heal, not just take care of symptoms

Michael is always good at what he does! My knee is already better. 👍

Friendly-fast & professional.

Always a pleasure, at the Karlfeldt Center 😄. Thanks to you all, for your professionalism and caring 🐸

Dr Mester is amazing. Very intuitive and knowledgeable. I came in for one particular pain and ended up finding out all kinds of surprising things about myself. He spent an enormous amount of time explaining and answering all my questions. I am very impressed and will be continuing to see him.

The Karlfledt Center is the best place in the Treasure Valley to take care of your health concerns. Everyone is so kind, friendly and helpful. We highly recommend it!

Very friendly staff. The latest in alternative medicine. Never feel like the practitioner is on a tight schedule and needs you in and out fast.

Great staff many different modalities for allowing the body to heal, look forward to future visits.

Always a helpful and informative group of professionals

the visit was thorough and caring.

The entire staff is amazing and you can tell they have a passion for what they do!!!!

The wait time is minimal, enjoyable atmosphere as well as a variety of practitioners in one setting is nice. Very nice staff and prompt courteous professional experience. Fees are known upfront but they are not cheap, neither are the supplements. But some are necessary and needed so get used to answers and new health help but with a hole in your wallet lol

My appointment was thorough and answered all my questions.

Very grateful and satisfied with the service. Thanks

Very courteous, thorough, and enjoyable appointment

I had a great experience and I am looking forward to my next appointment

I have had constant issues for years with my digestive system. Told to take meds to cover the problem up. Side effects were awful so stopped them. After 2 months feeling great and no meds. Quality of life is back thanks to them.

Great job as always!! It’s the best place to be!!

My visit was great Dr. Michael is so helpful.

Hello! Thank you for the explanatory visit. I have looked at Dr. Harmon’s video, scheduled a group class next Tuesday that I may go to, have reviewed the Karlfeldt’s center booklet and am sharing it with a friend who might be interested.

I have been with Dr. K for many years now and he has healed me several times. I have complete trust in him. I have seen his practice grow and all the services he provides which is much needed in this valley.

Always a pleasure

Dr Butterfield was professional and a real expert. All the staff was helpful, bright, and friendly.

I was pleased with my initial appointment and plan to follow up with future appointments

I had been training for the Onward Shay Marathon, which occurred this past Sunday, when pain in my ankle and later hip flexors appeared like it was going to stop me from participating in the race. Under the care of Drs. Smith and Harmon, including cold laser therapy, not only did I run in the race, but I broke the 4-hour mark! Oh, and the rest of the staff is great too!

The doctors and staff are very caring and concerned about your well-being . Appointments are always on time. I highly recommend them!

I had a wonderful experience! The doctors and staff were all wonderful, I especially loved Dr. Karlfeldt and would highly recommend his services to anyone suffering as I have. I only wish I had discovered him years ago. Thank you again to everyone at the Karlfeldt Center.

I always feel like I've been on a mini vacation when I go to the karlfeldt center from the secretaries the nurses and the doctors there always so kind and caring and there's a lot of healthy laughter. They really care about there patience. They really do their job well. I always look forward to my next appointment! Just awesome! And now you have it my feedback....... 😊

Dr Karlfeldt is always so caring when helping his patients. He saw my son and has really made me feel as a mother that he truly wants him better and fast. I feel safe in his hands! Thank you Dr. K!

Handled my visit in a very professional way, and Dr. Harman took very good care of me.

Service is always friendly and professional.

My experience has always been very good. Each time, the diagnosis seems to be spot on. It takes time to go deeper into cleansing with nutritional support to be established. My last treatment was a foot bath cleanse with lazer light therapy, after which I felt great. Later that night, I felt very tired in my legs, but I understood intuitively that the cleansing-release was actually continuing. You all are just about perfect. Keep up the awesome work. We are blessed in Boise to have The Karlfeldt Center

Very polite and Dr. Knotts makes you feel very comfortable as well as good at targeting the issue!

Confidence inspiring knowledge with noticeable results. The staff is friendly and engaging. Thank you for making a difference.

My visit was all I had hoped for and more. The scan was amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing the results. I really need some answers and want to feel fully alive again so I am hopeful. Caroline was very knowledgable and thorough and took a lot of time with the testing and information gathering.

Always enjoy coming to the Karlfeldt Center everyone is so friendly. Dr. Michael is the best!

Dr. Brett was great, as usual. The only reason it wasn't five stars is that I didn't like having a third person (an audience) watching during something so soul searching and private.

Dr. Karlfeldt is always very patient and careful to listen to all my concerns and questions.

I’m a patient of Dr. Butterfield. I having been seeing him for 90 days and have seen a drastic change in my overall health. I have had PDST and debilitating anxiety. He has been able to calm my body down. I highly recommend Dr. Butterfield. I feel as though I have been given my live back! Thank you Dr. Butterfield!!!

Very modern naturopathic office. Lived the doctor- he is brilliant.

Always loving, caring and knowledgeable. Create small miracles each time I go in

Dr. Mester gave a great deep tissue massage , he found some troubled areas in my neck and shoulder he was able to have Dr. Karlfeldt give me a prolozone injection on the spot without a appointment and I feel much better . Thanks again Karlfeldt Team

Everyone was friendly and helpful. I especially appreciated the time Dr. Karlfeldt spent with me discussing my issues. I never felt that he was rushed. I never felt pressured into a purchase and found it helpful to have the supplements on hand.

Great visit with a dedicated and talented healer that looks for and treats causes. What I like is that this naturopathic modality facilitates the body healing without the marketing of pricey supplements or iv’s. Treats all aspects of health problems, including emotional and spiritual aspects. Always feel better after appt.

I, Kenneth Gordon Smith, and previously known as Ken, The Great Philosopher Mailman, or Cosmic, or Cosmo am dude happy that you 'unz and you all are here. Who would have known? Who could have guessed that I, that you, that we would be here like this? If you read through the wacko goofy humor, the core message is plain to see. If you do not smile a rather big smile, then you are a deliberately retarded cock roach maybe, just maybe approaching human. No cock roaches here, for sure.

Even though my appointment was 10:30 am and I didn't get called back until almost 11 am. I felt that Dr. Butterfield gave me the same amount of time as scheduled. I appreciated the he took time to listen to me and get to know me. I believe that he can help me and by the end of the year celebrate the success of helping me reach my goals for physical and balance in my life.

We have already recommended Dr. To many of our church family and our own family and friends. The office staff are fantastic. They are loving, caring and so helpful. Doctor is the best. I know he is saving lives with his (ministry) profession. I can't thank him enough for all the love and care he has given my husband Tito. We truly are blessed and thank God for him and his wonderful staff!

Good customer service, Dr visit went well good listener, little pricey on vitamins. Overall good visit

Always good a experience from ft office staff to the visit with the Dr.s !

Always a pleasure to come into the Karlfeldt Center. Dr. M is a great listener and healer, the staff are very welcoming and helpful. It is like going home.

Always a pleasant experience!

Dr. Sanchez is very thorough and took the time to explain what the reason was for each manipulation.

The Dr was efficient in his testing. Will be returning to have more testing to see what is suggested for treatment.

Dr. Karlfeldt and staff are very caring, I'll am happy to be a patient at this clinic.

Dr. Karlfelt is an extremely knowledgeable and compassionate natural care physician. His modalities for healing are extremely up-to-date and effective. I am doing so much better than I was 2 months ago. Very thankful for him! TF

Listened to our needs and expectations. Now we just need enough time together to see if this option is helpful.

Seen the same day Very pleasant personnel and atmosphere Good care and results

Very intelligent and caring physicians. Professional staff obviously interested in what they do. Great experience so far.

I appreciated the time the doctor spent explaining what was occurring and different ways I can improve my situation.

My health questions are always answered with great concern, the physician is never in a rush to get me out of the room, listens and answers,assures that he is happy with the health progress. Rest of the staff are amazing. Smiles and communicates very clearly. That is where healing healthy has been transformed that l gave recommendations to a number of people.

Dr. Karlfeldt and his staff are always wonderful and friendly. They answer all of my questions and give me tips and ideas. Great experience every time!

Extremely helpful.

Great experience! Excellent staff. Dr Smith was very good

Dr. Karfeldt addressed the underlying causes for my asthma. By sticking to his protocol, within days of my new diet and supplements I am noticing big improvements.

I was very impressed with Dr's phone consult he was very professional and honest, and answered all my questions!

I am getting very good help.

Great service from Diane, Madison and Hannah. The X-ray room needs to provide more privacy for patients and accommodations need to be set up for Dr Sanchez to provide better privacy for his patients.

The staff is courteous, kind , helpful to clients and informative about products and treatments. The staff makes me feel like a family member. They are pleasant and smile . It is a very welcoming atmosphere.

The Doctors are amazing and the staff is so friendly. Thank you so much.

Dr Karlfeldt is a wise, kind, and compassionate person. I always feel like he cares about my well-being and wants to help me feel better.

Very professional service!

Always wonderful staff. Dr. Karlfeldt listens & treats the whole person. See ya in a few weeks. :)

The staff is awesome-the treatments are great-the videos in the lobby are very informative-could not be treated better!!

Awesome! Better than Disneyland.

I appreciate that Dr Karlfeldt is able to identify the real problem and treat the root cause instead of the symptoms. That is why my first choice when my family has health problems is to see him.

So wonderful to have such loving caring professionals helping us find solutions to our health care

They usually run on time. Great treatment and service.

Dr. Karlfeldt took his time and explained how he would treat my issues - I really appreciated his input and thoughtfulness.

Timely and polite check in and seeing Dr Knotts quickly. Easy and quick check out. Ckean facilit

Pleasant experience, very professional. The medical conditions I have are Improving and am satisfied with the treatments.

I have been a patient for over eight years and have seen Dr. Karlfeldt regularly and had an assortment of tests and treatments in that time. I am so grateful for the care I have received and believe it has been life saving!

I appreciate that the time spent with me was not hurried. The most loving and kind Dr. and staff.

Dr. Peter was very helpful, knowledgable and professional

Had a good visit with Dr. Michael he is always very helpful.


I felt Dr. Karlfeldt and his nurse were very efficient and helpful. They explained everything in detail. And really are going to help me get the root of the problem and fix it! So refreshing!


The staff are very professional, courteous, sensitive and concerned about your welfare and the services they provide to you. I have enjoyed all my experiences with them.

As always everyone is so kind and personable! Every visit is like being with family! They all take great care of you and treat you with the best care. I look forward to each and every appointment. Thanks so much everyone!

I'm pleased to be a patient at the Karlfeldt Center. The staff is terrific and Dr. K is very knowledgeable and personable.


Everyone so pleasant in the office! Always greeted so cheerfully! All staff very competent and of course Dr. Karlfeldt is the best ever!

Open and honest answers.

Pleasant folks to converse with, curteous and friendly. Left me as a patient feeling hopeful for improvement.

Dr Karfeldt is very knowledgeable and does his best to get to the root of the problem. I am not 100% yet but feel greatly improved. With his care I am confident I will be my old self in no time. Great staff too!

Staff and dr. Went out of their way to get me in a spur-of-the-moment appointment in time of need. Thank you so much for all you do for all of us out here, May God continue to bless you

My first visit with Dr Bechtel was great. Very informative. I will definitely be back.

The front office was very nice, and the doctor explained a lot of things.

Very good personal attention to health condition

Great as always. Thanks for fitting me in.

My follow up appointment gave me more very useful information. Im feeling better than I have felt in years. Energy is increasing daily. Sleeping better than I have in a very long time. Finally starting to lose weight, after only the first week. Very pleased with my outcome thus far.

I always look forward to my next visit, because I get the best treatment I ever had ... plus everybody is so friendly and helpful.

Dr. Mike sincerely cares about my well-being. He listens and offers hope. I appreciate his heart for people and his knowledge of the human body and ways to heal it. He is a blessing from the Lord :)

Thewait was very short and the doctor was knowledgeable and caring.

A very enjoyable, educating experience. Dr K is very knowledgeable and intelligent. I will definitely be recommending him to anyone who will listen ;)

My initial visit was fine, except for the fact that my appointment was for 11:45AM but I did not get to chat with Dr. Karlfeldt until 12:25PM. That's a bit longer 'wait time' than usual, and you might want to tighten that up.

Carrie was very nice and gave me a lot of info in my packet. I had a good experience!

Staff very friendly, Dr. Karlfeldt has been treating me for a stomach condition and it has been improving. I enjoy his style and professional manners. Thanks,

No comment

Kartfield Center listened to my concerns and addressed them as I needed. Thank you.

I feel totally blessed that we found a great chiropractor Doctor Bechtel that seems to connect with us. He seems to know his stuff. He is the only chiropractor that has helped my shoulders and I have been to many since 1998. So thank you for the Karlfeldt center!

Dr. Betchel is wonderful. Takes time to listen and ohhh his adjustments. He knows his stuff. We have been to many chiropractors and we feel very blessed to have him as our chiropractor. Thank you!

Something I didn't know. If you have a loved one who has ailments and is unable to be personally present with the Dr. You can be a proxy for the ailing loved one!! Dr. Karlfeldt can do testing on you on behalf of the ailing person!! Totally amazing.

Staff was professional and timely. Did a great job of explaining the blood analysis

Amazing, Dr. Karlfeldt has offered me a new way to heal. Dr Karlfeldt's team is some pf the best in the Northwest. Thank you!

Dr Karlfeldt was wonderful and helped me get well. The nurses and staff couldn’t have been nicer and more accommodating!! I have a new wellness home!

Always a blessing to come. Everyone so professional yet so loving

Everyone so pleasant ! And of course Dr Karlfeldt is the best ever !!

Appointment ran well and on time!

Addressed my concerns. Dr. and staff very courteous, efficient, and prompt.

Great place! Wonderful people and an amazing place to regain your health.

Always helpful and always welcoming! Great staff and an overall wonderful team!

Easy check-in and nice atmosphere in the waiting room.

I like that Dr. Karlfeldt listens.

All my visits to the Karlfeldt Center are positive thanks for being there!!!

Everyone was just wonderful!

so far so good

Excellent ca

From the moment I walk in I'm treated with kindness and professionalism! Dr. Katlfeldt and Dr. Bechtel are both amazing and have literally changed my life and my families. We are thankful and feel blessed to have found the Katlfeldt Center! Thank you! Blessings Allison Betts

Everyone at TKC is always extremely helpful, kind and supporting. There is no better place to go when you are facing health challenges.

The TBM seems to be helping me already!! Also the Dr.s magical touch 😉 I can't wait to find out what foods my body doesn't accept!!! I love the idea of my body healing in harmony!! Thank you for this natural solution and experience!!!

I really appreciate Dr Karlfeldt’s personal approach to care. He carefully listens and then applies his knowledge and experience to determine a personalized treatment plan. Our family has been helped in ways that no one else was able to figure out or treat.

So appreciate the advice and excellent service!

Everybody including front office staff are very helpful!

On time, good service, well done.

You were very professional and friendly.


3451 E Copper Point Dr., Meridian, ID 83642