Washington Institute of Natural Medicine

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3701 Connecticut Ave., N.W #1, Washington, DC 20008

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First time at the Coleville Road location and it was very convenient, especially with lots of free parking on both sides of the building. It is always a good experience with Dr. Victoria.

This was my 1st experience with holistic industry. I had very little knowledge about healing naturally. Dr Victoria Goldsten was very helpful and educated and helped me through a really tuff medical situation. She always have time for consulting outside appointments. My health is improving drastically since my 1st visit. It really started to improve with also including the company dietitian Dr. Linda Khanzetian . I will continue with Washington Institute of Natural Medicine.

I saw Dr. Goldsten after suffering with horrible depression and anxiety for months. It began during my pregnancy and my OB prescribed me strong depression medications which would likely have caused side effects to my unborn baby. I went doctor to doctor, therapist to therapist to try to 'cure' myself. Finally, I stumbled upon Dr. Goldsten. She had the friendliest demeanor and was very understanding. She quickly did a full checkup and stated I had a lot of inflammation. She prescribed me natural, homeopathic remedies for my condition. I took those remedies for several weeks (NOTE: I felt a HUGE difference within the first week). During this entire time, Dr. Goldsten was very responsive and accessible by phone, e-mail, or in person consults. She is extremely knowledgeable. I regularly refer her to people and have her on speed dial in case I need to see her again. THANK YOU DR. GOLDSTEN. Without you, I would still be sitting in my room, staring at the wall, full of anxiety and depression.

Dr. Goldsten is what a doctor should be, She listens to your concerns and is always open to provide suggestions and advice no matter how small the issue is.


3701 Connecticut Ave., N.W #1, Washington, DC 20008