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Arkansas Pain Centers, LTD

5.0 / 5Overall Rating

905 reviews

308 Smokey Lane, North Little Rock, AR 72117

(501) 771-2799

Patient Reviews
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It was very good. Thank you.

Every thing went well. Dr. A is trying to help my neck & headaches.

Friendly staff every time I've been here

Good place

Love my Dr. She is great I feel very comfortable with her! All the staff is friendly and helpful

Every visit is always nice. Everyone is nice. Even when y'all are swamped with people everyone is very courteous.

Informed me about the pain in my feet and how to do some things to help that and I am very hopeful this will help me!!

The best

Arkansas pain center gives me me a better life style

Dr. A is an angel.

Great experience with the staff.

Great experience each time

The only thing I have a problem with was. I have been trying to get the pain pump I had gotten everything I was told to and was waiting on the referral The nurse Practitioner just kept telling me it is in referral dept. when they didn’t have they was waiting on the Sica valuation. And I gave to her that maybe 6 to 7 month ago. When I starter to see the dr I’m seeing now she got right on it. She told me who to talk to. And in the mean time I’m hurting let hell. Now I will have to wait until the new year to have it done. I had my deductible I on my insurance this year. I have to pay my new deduction for next year now. Other than that I have no problem the dr and nurse are nice and they listen other than that nurse practitioner.

The staff lessons and gives good advice on how to help the symptoms of your problems prompt and very courteous

My experience are great, everyone was very professional and kind

Everyone is so professional and goes above and beyond to accommodate me. It is so nice to have people that understands your pain is real. Thank you staff and Merry Christmas.

Did not have to wait and the female Dr. Was very interested and helpful

I think that it’s a good place to go if u have pain like I do there is no long waiting period and they will get ur pain under control the people who work there are great and they take care of you and business thank u very much

Y'all have been great to me for 5+ years

Very professional and attentive to patient's needs.

Not a long waiting time.

Staff very pleasant and helpful

Doc is a very compassionate man He also talks to you like a normal person. He does everything he can to help me I love it I don't have to be miserable anymore

Awesome pain management plus I use physical therapy and now Dr.Rector and Dr.A is the best

Just coming in every 30 days is hard. I stay in pain and stress makes it worse. Make sure you let me know when appointments are. Phone does not have good reception.

Nice place and the people friendly and understands your problems

Staff is great especially dr. Morse I love him

I can never say eough about them I love them thanks Ashley in nlr

Dr. Butch is great!!

It was a nice and pleasant atmosphere, and very helpful staff

The staff is friendly, professional and considerate of my condition. I sincerely appreciate the timely manner in which they operate.

The Dr's and staff are so helpful and friendly. They do everything they can to make your visit easy and do what they can to accommodate you with your visits.

Everyone was great, efficient, and helpful

I was greatful I was able to get on and be seen the Dr and assistant were both very kimd I showing compassion for what I am going through and it appeared to want to be helpful to resolve my issuesthanls dr hutch or butch (nicknames)

The staff are always helpful,friendly and very professional. The services the clinic provides makes my life a lot better.

I am very happy in the way the service was provided. The staff was amazing and they all including my doctor took the time and listed to my pain issues. I thank them all for the great health treatment.

Great friendly staff . Dr. G was also amazing and knows what he’s doing

I would trust no one other than Dr. Butch with my spine!!!

My only issue with Arkansas Pain Center is that I am seen by MANY different ppl, none of them know me and my condition.. I feel like just a number. Other than that, Everybody that I have been in contact with has been very professional and they do manage my pain. I was a patient on the physical therapy side for a year and I give them a 10+! I have had physical therapy on and off for many years.. and none of the others compare to the physical therapists and chiropractor at Arkansas Pain Center. Overall, I am very pleased with the treatments that I receive from the NLR office on Smokey Lane.

The pain I had in my right foot was controlling my life and now it's not thanks to the Dr at Arkansas pain center there amazing people that actually care about your life,I would recommend them to anyone seeking pain management

Both sides of health care, MD & DC, and their combined staff have worked closely together and with me. They listen & understand a life of pain. I now enjoy life with less pain!

The APN that I'm assigned to is very caring. Wait time wasn't too bad at all.

I was seen very quickly and the staff is very nice. The doctor explained everything to me so that I could understand and I would recommend y'all to anyone. You have helped me a lot .

Clinic staff is great n doctor listens to patients n doesn't push pain meds at all. Encourages u to take control of pain n use other products to help u get thru rough patches like sprays n tens instead of uping dosages of meds. My old doctor raised my dosage n got mad cause I would cut in half n not cooperate. He thought u should never hurt but I would rather hurt n find other ways to deal w increased pain and not become addicted. He encourages that which works for me. My other doc wanted to take the control out of my hands n put me on morphine of phentensl patches so I refused n left him n found pain centers . He let me cut all my dosage to the lowest amt to try and we only raised one of them 5mg and it's works for me. I always have pain due to my condition but it is manageable and I will never be addicted to pain meds! I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who wants to control their life n not become a drug addict cause they listen. The only thing I hate is having to pee in a cup cause I have a shy bladder n hard for me to do in docs office but they do draw blood if u can't which is good n understand they have to do this because some people abuse the pain medicine. If u do don't go here because they are on their game. Love dr G.

Very efficient. Pleasant experience.

Pain center has blessed doctor and they concern about their patience!!!! I'm very satisfied my doctor's!!!

Nice friendly staff.

Very nice people and professional experience. Have a blessed day.

friendly staff, no excessive wait time

I was very pleased with my visits with Dr. A. She is a very blessed addition to the staff. We just seemed to "click". Perhaps because she wa female it seemed very easy to talk to her.

The nurse that called me back had a rude tone and said I had a pmp which turned out to be her mistake yet she didn't apologize and continued to have rude tone and body language. I come here so I'm not judged. I hurt my back saving another person's life bc I am also a nurse. I have MRI proof so to be treated like that over her mistake is uncalled for.

Things were professional. Waiting time is minimal.

They are good

Dr. A was very professional and personable. I have been seeing Dr. Garlapati for over 10 years and really like him too.

I appreciate all the attention you all put forth to help with my pain management. One thing I do wish is giving us an opportunity to try and see if the medical marijuana helped with our pain management, sleep and muscle spasms. Even cbd oil if it helps, but I've heard even it makes you test positive for thc

The staff is very professional at all time. Who ever I see doing my office visits, have options for any problem, that I may have. The environment there is honesty and friendliness. A place I trust going.

Was very caring and helping

My dr is just great. That being said, over all a good experience.

I find everyone very good at their jobs.I feel welcomed and cared about. I am seldom kept waiting. When I am kept waiting the doctor apologized for the wait. I never feel that the doctors are too busy for my quest

I love Ark. pain center. I'm glad we have them.

Good people

A patient who is suffering feels very alone at times because we don't want to bother people with the suffering you experience so having a doctor and staff who listens makes all the difference and the doctor did listen. Personally I felt I need a program of pain management that allows for more pain medicine since I've acquired a great deal more pain since first starting to go there and the quantity or quality was not raised to be able to allow me to manage the medicine based on all the new problems but my hope is that they will review my records and change the amount to include the new problems. Then I won't always be out days before the ok to refill. But if they continue to listen and work with me I have hope this will be corrected. I feel hopeful

The doctor I seen and the staff was very professional thank you

Everyone is very nice and kind. Answered all of my questions.

Great help & very friendly to the needs of our pains!!

I didn't have to wait long. The nurses and other members were nice and curtious. I saw Dr A and she was very helpful explaining my questions and helpful re: my new painful problem. Keep up the good work

Always has goood service out of Dr Butch's staff. Although after finally trying diff combinations of meds and my neurostimulator to get me so I can function and have some quality of life, I was told that Ar my next appt my medicines would be reduced. I hope I don't end up back in the bed writhing in pain again. That's how I was before I found Dr Butch.

I've been comming to the pain center for 10 years have been treated absolutely great I would not go any where else and would recommend you to my friends there is very little wait time on my appointments your great keep up the good work Butch is the BEST

The entire staff and doctors are very caring individuals. They see me as an individual and do everything within their power to help me eventually have my pain under control or to become pain free. Excellent, quality care!

Good professionalism very polite good environment I would recommend y'all to anyone who needs help

Y'all are so amazing and thank you for everything

I grade them highest point in great

I'm on able to give you an unbiased opinion of my visit due to the fact that I am hurt and scared because my doctor wouldn't stand up for me. I know for a fact they do final work at the clinic.

Have always been treated good by the employees . For a while I was seeing different Dr's about everytiime I went in . I have seen th same one for the last few visits and really like her . Her name is Cheri and she is awesome . Hope you have a blessed day


Very caring people

I always have a good experience with this company.... Have been going to them for many years!! They are very professional and do their jobs well!! This past visit I had to wait over 2 1/2 hours to be seen which is not OK..... I am in the healthcare field also and to make patients wait this long makes it look like you don't care about their time or them!! Need to improve on that a bit!!

Dr A is awesome

I am happy to have a doctor that is willing to listen to me, and give me feedback on what needs to be done.

I ask about another problem I had that is not connected to back problems and she was nice to give me advice on it.

As always , the dr and staff were very professional and nice. I've never had a bad experience here. They're understanding and helpful with controlling my pain. i highly recommend this clinic.

Dr A was very friendly and concerned. Thorough and helpful. Made sure medicines were refilled after taking a detailed history since last visit. Examined most recent surgery procedure incision before deciding what to do next.

Had to wait longer than usual, but otherwise no problems.

Great as always

Relationship and explainations

I love Dr. A!!!! She is caring, thorough, and I appreciate her expertise very much!!!!

I have been very pleased with the staff very friendly and treatments to.thanks and god bless

Your Job

It was very good and I would recommend it your clinic to others.

The lady doctor was very informative with the questions I had. I was taken care of shortly after I arrived. No long wait is very nice.

Office very cleanpeople very nice.the people who take s urine could be nicer.

I love everyone's caringness and understanding that there is folks that truely have things go wrong with there bodys. Its sad to hurt and wanna be normal, and you all are very great with explaining that there are proper ways to feel normal again and that your not alone out there, i see others worse off then myself, and i know there in the best care there, i wish i could do something special for each of you just for caring like you all do. I rate you a 5 star , i do wanna take the time to brag on Dr A, she really does wanna dig and find your problems and help you have some sort of a tolerable life. She always smiles and is easy to talk to. I am the type to freeze up with doctors, and just go on suffering, But with Dr A you have an angle working there who honestly cares for her patients, i hear others brag as well. So please please keep caring Dr's around who genuinely listen and try to help. Even if there wasn't any more she could do, she still an angel in her caring ways. She explains everything so well. I believe she will help many people in her life time. She just truely cares. I will always brag on her no matter how my health get better or worse. Please hug her and tell her i know other see the caring soul she is. Sincerely thank you.

Arkansas pain center has helped me they have address most of the issues I was having

I really appreciate the pain center, the medicine is a big help, the doctors are concerned about me, everybody is so nice, and friendly!

Very efficient friendly listen to you

I sure can that I have not received very little relieve you called and demanding me there by noon the next day their was no way you called me on25th to be there by noon on the 26th no way to go I was sick I was hoping that the dr could get relieve now I have to find a. New pain doctor I told y'all that I had. Been in Itwo wreck I in so must pain and 1 stroke and I really needed the Dr. Help in the worst place. But now I have got to find a nother pain Dr. This is by no means right.

I must say they are very professional and gave me my diagnosis of my health status and give me important information that can better assist me daily and as well as The necessary medication needed for my health condition And is even being more thorough and sending me to a specialist for a further observation of my conditions I'm experiencing daily n adjust appointments scheduling to a time convenient for me to take my daughter n niece to school and Dr.Adeogba n staff is awesome.

Everything went great! I was in and out in record time. the staff was very friendly.

My visit was for my 2 month checkup and refill my medicine

Ive been going to this clinic for 12yrs and never had a bad experience

Nurse practitioner was very polite and listened to what I had to say.



I like that clinic. When I first started coming there for my back I thought they would not be able to help me but they did and I would recommend them.


My Dr is a wonderful woman and answers all my question's....they treat me with respect.... in this type of clinic sometimes that doesn't happen....

Very curtious.

Providing me with the best pain management doctor's.Also always listening to my concerns.

I have no issues with the service I receive at the clinic

I was called in on time. I was able to talk to Dr. G he took all my info and he was easy to talk to. They are referring me to some other Doctors for other problems. Very professional. I am a long time patient

The staff are always courteous, frendly and professional.

Your clinic is staff is always friendly, kind, and professional. Also, patients are seen in a timely manner.

This is Herbert Boren's daughter. You're sending this to my phone number and I'm not interested in participating in your survey. Please do not send these to me.

GREAT OFFICE CLEAN PROFESSIONAL N THEY BEND OVER BACKWARDS TO HELP THEIR PATIENTS. Highly recommend if u don't want to end up strung out on pills.

You've took time to exam me and listen well. Thank you for taking care of me.

Everything, been taking good care of me for years! Always nice and very professional!!

They young lady that checked me into a room and verified my information was wonderful. Great personality and would listen to me. She seemed very sincere. Doctor Butch listened to me intently and seems to be trying to figure out the best way to treat my problems. Thank you and I would recommend this office to others in need!

I have been coming to the pain center for 10 plus years! Would not be able to live an almost normal life without their help!

Got me in quickly so i didn't have to wait long.

Great clinic

Got us in and out in a timely matter, all the staff was very helpful and nice

I've been going to the clinic for years and it's great

Everyone is really really nice

They're very nice and understanding

These Dr's here really care about their patients and I trust them I really would tell others this is the best Pain Dr's too come to.

They asked all the questions I needed the answers to

Nice staff, and knowledgeable MD's. Always friendly, and everybody is so helpful. They always take time to answer my questions and never try to rush me out the door.

Dr Galapatti is a doctor that does all he can to get you the best treatment and resources! The nurses and staff all do a good job! Thanks to all of you!!!

I only have one issue and that is being prescribed a medication that actually works and finding out my insurance will not pay without a pre authorization and ark pain centers will not do pre authorizations n e more.


I've been going to ABC for almost 2 years now and I'm very content with the care and quality of service that i have received. Dr. Garlapati is amazing and his knowledge is impeccable.! In grateful for their service that enhances my quality of life. Thank you, Rebecca Zamora

Good listener and friendly.

Everyone has always been very sweet to me and very helpful. I appreciate those things because it's hard enough dealing with the pain then having to deal with rude people who don't care as well. these people seem to care. thank you.

Love Dr. Bu tch, he takes good care of me

I love when I see Dr.Butch!! He listen's you then he explain's everything you. He wants to know if you have any questions!!! He always want's to know if the meds are working. I have recommended alot of my friends to this clinic. Most of the employees are friendly.

Pretty good

My visits are always thorough and problems addressed.

It is becoming very uncomfortable seeing a different Dr or apn or pa every appointment. I was told that I could request to see the same one but it hasn't happened. I feel that to have continuity of care I need to see the same provider. I do realize that there are times when that can't happen but this year I have been seen by too many.

You all done everything right nice and friendly establishment and care about your patient and listen to what you say Is the problem and do your best to make me feel better thanks for all you do

Always understanding and works with you to find out what works for your pain, very nice and professional

The greatest thing about the Arkansas pain center is that you are treated like family. It's nicest Doctor/patient environment I've ever been in .

Ive been dealing with back pain and surgery for years Dr butch is by far the best i have dealt with . In a day when health care is so expensive and you have to pick and choose what you deal with it helps to feel like someone is listening .

Helped me to get off pain pills and improved my mobility.

The dr is needs are all met..

I couldn't make it without the pain clinic , there grate DRS There .thank you all everyone are very nice to me , THANKS

I always feel welcome.

The service is professional and caring. I couldn't imagine life without the Pain Center.

The Dr was very nice and listen to the problems I was having

It is a professional place, clean, all employees are nice and helpful.

Timely manner and always receive the appt time and day that I need.

I have been going for some time and really like all the care I received!!!

Usually quick visits, always friendly


It was a good experience. And the staff was helpful.


Great nurses and DR. They treat me like a person

For the most part, every one has treated me with kindness. Dr. Garlapati is the most understanding doctor I have ever been treated by.

Dr A & nurse practicioner are the best!!! They both take the time to talk and work out solutions. Sometimes even spending so much time with me the nurse will come and interrupt and say times up.

I was promptly called.back , Dr in patient room speedily , receive review and I was out in a matter of 30 minutes total ..

Everyone is kind and friendly. No long waits in waiting room or exam room. You want to help me feel better and function at my best.

Doctor explained things well & answered questions to our satisfaction.

Nit a long wait and all the staff was pleasant and helpful .

Very friendly staff. Always willing to spend time talking about any questions I may have and willing to help in any way they can. I would recommend to anyone one who is in pain all the time the way I am.

Dr. Butch & staff always acts so caring. He asks all kinds of questions concerning my illness. Offering other options for treatment. Staff members are always friendly & helpful.

I would recommend AR Pain Center to my family, friends, and a stranger.

All personal were very nice and helpful. Thank you .

Very nice people always

Fast service nice people and good advice real helpful folks

You have met all my needs with thoughtfulness and understanding making my life morw meaningful and comfortable

It was very good I would recommend y'all two anybody

Your staff is friendly and the docs, interns and nurses seem to care about what's going on with you.

Thank you for being there

Excellent experience.

you are very timely about getting me in the room and being seen. everyone is friendly and helpful

Good customer service

Each visit is always good. The only complaint I have is sometimes there is kind of a long wait.


Dr Butch is great always very caring and informing takes time and you never feel rushed

I met with Dr. Butch yesterday. As always he was very nice and helpful with my pain. All the staff at this clinic are very professional and pleasant to deal with. Wait time is always short. I've been a patient here for several years, and I'd highly recommend this clinic to others suffering with chronic pain.

My appointment went well. The staff is nice.

Everyone are professionals and treat patients with dignity and respect. I have been a patient of Dr. Garlapati for several years now and would recommend Arkansas Pain Centers to anyone with pain that is controlling their lives. I don't know what I would have done without the help of the staff there.

I have no complaints.all of you have been so great to me so nice to not be in horrible pain everyday thank you

I find that communication is lacking between patient & the Ark Pain Clinic policies. I misunderstood about the time between prescription & date of new prescription. I did not know that there are certain medicines that your personal physician Cannot give you, i.e. Pneumonia. So if u have a major illness, u should have ur doc call the Pain Clinic???? I also don't like getting an injection in the spine without more anathestic. I am trying to learn all of the rules. At this time, I feel that I have improved slightly.

Quickly got to back and was seen fast

The staff were all nice and we were treated well.


Dr.Butch is a very good Doctor and knows his pain management.( Hmm Excellent(

I love the dr. The billing system is horrible. I've talked to some many get different answers. I've asked the manger Sherry to call me at least 4 times. I've left my papers from blue cross three 2 times so we would both have a copy Never had she called. On the last bill it didn't show where I had paid my copay. I called the billing department. The answer we forgot to put it on there. You get one bill you pay it. The next day you get another with a different number. I'm getting 3 different bills from them. Makes no since. The care is great. The billing department is just about to drive me somewhere else My husband goes. He was charged 300.00 for the drug screen his copay is all he had to pay. I was charged close to a 1000.00 plus my copay. I had some injection the bill I got was very high don't have it with me. I called blue cross There answer it was because of the way it was billed.

I have been a patient of Dr. Garlapati's for several years. He and his staff are always professional and caring. It's a good combination of traits. I am very thankful that the Doctor found a way to treat my chronic pain. My hat is off to Dr. Garlapati and his staff.

I have been seeing Dr. Garlapati for about 5 years now and during this time I have never gotten into the popular notion that the Doctor's staff have always had what is best for my condition at that present time. Anytime I have ever had a question Dr. Butch has always been there to give me at any time. This man knows how to ease my pop

Great Doctor to have I have been with y'all sense Dr Valentine was there so I have lots of people that I have sent to y'all.

Wait time was great this visit. Sometimes it's a bit long, but I understand. If I am doing good the visit is nice and short, but if I have problems I have never felt rushed. On one visit I didn't ask for more medicine but my pain level had been high for a while, and one of your doctors added another medication. It made a big difference! I can sleep longer and yet I don't feel drugged during the day. I would recommend you to anyone in need of pain management.

I have always felt my needs have been met. Every professional has listened to my concerns and addressed other options to pain control besides medication I would and have recommended Arkansas pain centers to others

The experience with Arkansas Pain center was wonderful they have short wait times and friendly staff

Been coming to APC for 10 years or so. We like the staff and DR Butch otherwise we would change DRS. A Ok

Friendly, professional, and caring

I love Dr A!!! She is VERY knowledgeable, friendly, informative and cares about her patients. She takes the time to explain everything and takes the time to answer any and all questions. She is NEVER rushed and she cares about her patients. I'm really very happy with her and I recommend her to all. I believe she is only available for early morning appointments.

It was a simple process and I have experienced relief

Real concern for my pain, friendly service

Everyone is nice every time I go to an appt. all my questions are always answered.

Pain level today still at 1 Feel better today after yesterday

Arkansas pain center seems like a really good place to go and the people there seem to really care about your needs I will recommend people to come here

Crystal is a really awesome Dr and seems to really care about her patients. I was impressed by what she asked about and the suggestions she had about my health. That kind of compassion and care is what I first experienced when coming to APC a long time ago but have not received over the last few years until I first met her. What has happened to the old time love and compassion and care that healthcare was founded on? I believe healthcare needs to reennerate that in their patient care now! Thanks Dr Crystal for giving me that positive experience once again.

Everyone is very nice They get you in and out fast My last visit I Don'think the doctor looked at my med list I mean after 3 yrs my hydro codons varies?

Doctor, nurses, office staff treated me with respect. All well helpful in informing me of what they were doing to help with reliving my pain. As well as keeping me relaxed. During Ablassions . Great Doctor and health care team. Thanks everyone.

Always a good experience at The Psin Clinic. All staff is great and Dr. A is wonderful!

The doctors and staff are great people.They are and have really helped me..Would like to thank everyone.

I'm satisfied with my treatment. The Dr. Waited on me did and Excellent.. ... I felt so much.. Better. I think.. Dr. Pine.. GREAT Job. Dr. Butch is a Excellent.. GREAT..Dr.

Actually i find you guy's as the most informative Doctors i've had,and you guy's listen to my concerns.You guy's the best by for

A very pleasant visit. Everyone was nice and treated me well. Thank you all very much. See you in two months.

Everyone who works there is very nice and puts your needs first. They get you in on time, never have to wait very long.

Everyone is always very nice and very professional.

Great job by all involved!!

Your always very friendly and concerned about how I'm doing and that means a lot to me.thanks for you help

Make it easier to get hold of you about visits.

I have been seeing Dr. Garlapati for several years. He is a very kind and caring doctor. I was lucky to have found him!

Dr. A. Treated me with respect, and listen to my concerns. She help me where she was able to. I have seen many pain doctors, and most of the time I leave knowing I did not receive the help that I should have received. I have seen Dr. A 3 times in the last six months, and every time I leave feeling like she actually cares about me as one of her patients., and sincerely wants to help alleviate as much pain as is medicaly possible. I am actively recommending others with chronic pain to come and see her.

I never have a long wait time. All the ladies are friendly, ready to help.

Happy with the way I get treated there but the people you call or try to get ahold of on the phone could use work. Or trying to get ahold of a nurse is not that good. But I do understand you look after a lot of people.

Always enjoy talking to Dr. Butch. He has greatly helped me through the years.

All the staff are very friendly & profressional!!

Went faster

I love it here everyone is so friendly and that means everything . I can't say enough great things about this pain center

Your staff is friendly and professional. I like coming here, my Doctor always listens to me and discusses things.


The people are very professional and answer all questions

Pain injections seem to be working as dr thought it would. Friendly and good service from nurses. Finally some pain relief !!

Everything. Everyone in this office is courteous and continues to be each visit and that includes everyone on the chiropractic and physical therapy side too. I would definitely recomend Arkansas Pain Center to anyone who is going through anywhere near the pain and suffering I was when I started going there. Thank you Arkansas Pain Center, my quality of life is actually liveable now.

I love my doctor! She is so compassionate and caring. It's also obvious that she is very knowledgeable about her job. I would give give her a 10/10.

Good visit, as always, I'm always treated very good, good Dr.s and nurses, especially Dr. Butch. I would recommend them to anyone.

I have been going to Arkansas Pain Center for years; everyone make me welcome during every visit. I don't have a long wait. I recommend APC to people that need a pain dr. I am thankful to have APC in my life; not all drs go far and beyond to see that their patients are taken care of, the drs, nurses, secretary and staff all work together to make their patients happy and satisfied. Thank You!

dr A is wonderful! She even called me last night to check on me! How often does that happen. I appreciated her concern! New patient but all staff have been outstanding.

I dont understand why the Dr would prescribe me medicine for only 2 months and then switch me back to my old medicine that doesnt work effectively

Everyone is very kind and knowledgeable about there job.Crystal Rainey is a very nice lady,she takes time and listen to what you have to say,she makes you feel like you are someone not just a number,I like that and I'm sure other people do a number from 1 to 10 she's a10 . Most of the people at the pain clinic are very good at there jods. Thank you

I have always been happy with the clinic, the staff and the help that has been provided by the clinic. I have recommended the clinic to others many times, including just today. Thank you for all of your assistance.

Staff very professional,short wait time and the office was clean and warm

Friendly staff, very professional. Always treat me respectfully.

I have been going to the pain center for over 15 or 20 years. They always help me. Or. Try to to help me. I will not trade my pain. Care, for any other. Beatrice Dill

Allways seen in timely manner and everyone is polite and seems to care about my well being

Got me in out promptly and treated me with respect.

Always been treated with the respect and privacy one should expect from a medical facility. The doctors that have treated me have always took time to listen and ask questions about my health and how I am feeling. I am very pleased with the service AND staff of this service.

Always a pretty good experience with yall. I feel like my needs are met and my doctor listens to me.

Great care center. Doctors are extremely knowledgeable and listen intently to your health issues.

I would highly recommend Arkansas pain center to anybody that had pain I'm very pleased I've been seeing you guys for about 10 years excellent doctors thank you for taking care of me

What is YELP? My Dr. Has really taken care of me for the past 6 years. He has carefully managed my medication, along with treatments that allow me to live a more normal live, and I feel dependant, even though I am disabled. It has improved my life, and I am greatful for the quality of care

Wonderful visit. Doc going to try new things to get my pain under control and I am excited.

Arkansas Pain Center has the most friendliest staff including nurses & doctors that I have came across. The doctors actually listen to you unlike any other docs I've seen. I live in Hot Springs and don't mind driving an hour + to get there.

Dr. Butch actually came in the room and talked to me. He was concerned about my foot and what they were going to do. They meaning pc dr. And orthopaedics.

Very great fast and easy in out nurse's and doctor was great yes I already have recommended to friends and fam.

Have always had a good visit!

The staff as well as the doctor there was very nice and friendly. All my questions were answered without hesitation. I was able to get in and out in a nice amount of time.

I would accelarate the process from checking in to actually seeing the Doctor. I was there more than an hour and half before I was able to see the Doctor.

Only been with y'all a few months but so far y'all have been great!! Dr A is a wonderful doctor & easy to talk to. Thank you Doc A!!!! Ps.......all staff are pretty awesome 😁

18 years at Baptist Health as a PTA. 1 year at a nursing home. 1 year at Back and Neck Plus

The staff there are very kind and considerate. I have been treated less than human by more than just one pain doctor. The doctor from Arkansas Pain Center treated me like a person should be treated.

A wonderful experience. Nurse was very helpful and polite. Nurse had a very positive and cheerful attitude.

Had a great experience with Dr. Butchi was very understanding and professional.

Tracye is always so nice and pleasant to be around!! She honestly cares and it shows!! She never misses a stick. Dr Butch is also so very caring and he actually listens to you and how you feel!! I trust them both with my life!!

Everyone was very nice. The office was clean. The staff was very knowledgeable.

This is Margie Brown. I did not have a good experience with you all. I was on 4 Norcos a day and yall dropped me down to 2 and left me with my morphine. My Norco was my breakthrough medicine. Not my morphine. Since then I have sat in a dark room with a migraine, they took my demoral away completely which was for my migraines. I haven't left my room at all. I can barley eat nor sleep. I'm gonna end up going to my pcp to continue my clonapins, because I'm dealing with deaths and issues with family. I couldn't even attend my great nephews first birthday party because of all of this. I cannot stop taking those, they help me cope with my problems. I was with Dr.  Umerah but now I am with Dr. Adeogba. I think I did very well on all my medicine how it was before it was changed.

I loved my resent appointment at your clinic.Your staff and Doctors are great and very understanding and so professional. I will send all of my friends to your clinic.

I really like Dr A. She was friendly and helpful with the stretches. She spent time talking to me instead of pushing me through just to get to another patient.

Everyone at Arkansas Pain Center was nice, professional, and very courteous. The wait time was very short and the Dr was very through with his examination.

Nice clean and professional clinic with nurses and doctors that strive to assist you the best way possible and get you the help that you need.

I like the way the staff and Dr listen

Your staff is very nice and helpful

I was impressed by the professional manner that Doctor and exhibited.

Great experience, friendly staff and doctor was easy to talk to.

Very helpful.


Other than my pain, I always have a good experience when I come in. The employees are always helpful and seem to always be smiling. I also feel that know their jobs.

I love Arkansas.Pain Clinic.The Dr's The Nurses the whole staff.Care about my health 1st.And Dr Butch listens to u and where your pain is.And does to make sure the. Meds he gives u .He runs check you heart and all.So I trust this clinic and My Dr.s and nurses.I was in bad shape when I fd him And I hope to continue being a patient There for as long as needed.Thanks Arkkasasv.pain Clinic The epiderals.i have made life a lil more bare able Before ii went there it was hard to jus get up .I'm not fixed but it's controlled to A 5 sometimes more.


308 Smokey Lane, North Little Rock, AR 72117