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First visit with Dr. Goodkin. Very impressed! Loved his equipment that allowed me to see on a screen where I was out of alignment, gently adjust me and then see my correction on the screen.

He is a very good Doctor! I’m just preparing some travel overseas. And I have no insurance and not working now so it’s difficult for me to go any further in treatment at this time. As for as the Fredback. I don’t feel like the Machine does as good a job as it done manually as far as adjusting my back ? I guess that the new way ? But yes ! I would recommend him !

It’s very simple. I roll in with pain, I walk out feeling good. The magic touch of dr Paul Goodkin

After 5 years of dealing with chiropractors with my issue, Dr Goodkin was able to spot it and diagnose it in one visit. Thank u.

Everything is going good, one session at a time. Stretching helping and adjustments also.

Very happy with the help from everyone in office thank you

Great chiropractor!!!!

Great staff and very caring Doctor.

Dr. Goodwin’s expertise was appreciated, but, more than his ability to help me, he was honest with his diagnosis; he told me he has done all he can for me. It was refreshing that the doctor was straightforward with me and did not have me come in for additional treatments that would be unnecessary.

Excellent, precise treatment.

I’ve just started seeing doctor

Dr Goodkin is a super cool guy, made me feel right at home! And fixed my issue right up, I feel great!

Dr. Goodkin and his staff are the best. Accommodating, professional and highly skilled.


4750 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308