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Testimonial I’d like to share an extraordinary healing experience with Dr. Powers. I came in last spring because I had hurt my back. In the few weeks between asking for and getting an introductory appointment, I thought my back was better. I felt self-assured when I arrived, announcing how the pain was gone. The pain may have dissipated, but my back was stiff as a board, news that Dr. Powers shared with me. In the ensuing months, as my back relaxed, I felt joyous. And then I moved into other territory. Under all that tension were buried emotional issues, tangled into the tissue of my body and brain. It took me a while to comprehend that I was undergoing a dramatic shift, and that I needed actually to comprehend and then take care of what was surfacing: this tension reflected patterns that had impacted me for years and years. What I loved and so appreciated was how Dr. Powers would intuit how to relieve my body through this process of letting go, of finding peace. She didn’t need to know “my story”. She was there to listen to my body: to ease its journey as it untangled the knots that my mind, my life had created. I can’t say that it wasn’t challenging. What I can say is that Dr. Powers was there for me in the toughest moments. And as she found ways to allow me to experience ease in my body, my mind and soul were supported. And I can honestly say, I feel transformed by the experience. I could not have come this far, feel this good, without her. I am so much happier, so much more at peace. Thank you, Dr. Powers. Thank you. Salley Knight

Lifeworks has been treating me regularly for several years now and I recommend them quite heartily. They always are looking toward the goal of living the best life possible and partnering with their patients is key. They don’t just treat the physical they also make certain they understand possible contributing factors in your overall health - they have been outstanding in their treatment and certainly appreciate all they have done for me and my overall health

Highly recommend Dr. Abby Power as a chiropractor. She provides intuitive and personalized care... your body will thank you!

My experience with Lifeworks Chiropractic has been beyond superb. I am elderly and active. My lifestyle is demanding physically. Treatment by Lifeworks for injuries I have incurred has enabled me to continue well beyond expectations for my years. I’m very grateful.


202 US-1 #100, Falmouth, ME 04105