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This Doctor and his staff was very very professional, respectful and super clean!! This is the best dentist i have ever been to and im 42 years old. I would recommend EVERYONE to go to his place for all dental work. Not only was i treated very well but i even felt as if i was family. And he is very quick.

Thanks so much for taking care of me. Everyone in the office is very kind and Dr. Searcy is awesome!

Everything was great from pre-surgery consult to surgery discharge.

I'm really pleased with the work you guys did and the service was really friendly.

Thank you to the OMA team and Dr. Tracy McIntire. I was in and out in no time, my recovery has been pretty quick as well. Highly recommended!

Caring and professional

All was good and professional. No complaints at all. Everyone was friendly to me and my wife. Thank you john porter

The staff contacted my insurance and got everything set up and the were very easy to talk to. Dr Searcey was very easy to talk also. He gave me all my possibilities for my plan of action.

I was rather nervous about the procedure but Dr Searcy and Ha never left my side. They explained each step and made sure I was comfortable and well informed. It was a “piece of cake”! Sally Liles

I appreciate that they kept me informed during the entire process, from the first consultation through the surgical procedure.

Went well. Thank you!

Dr McIntire and staff are all wonderful! Dr McIntire is not only a great doctor but also very caring, gentle and personable.

Everyone was so nice and the doctor sis a wonderful job! I'm so grateful that he went ahead and removed all four of my wisdom teeth for the price of two. He saved us white financial burden and relieved a lot of stress for me and my family. Thank you all so much

Sent review last evening through your web site. Great experience. Will definitely refer friends & family!! Malcolm

Thank you for a very good experience. Staff was very friendly, professional and informative. Dr. Searcey's knowledge and experience resulted in a very good post surgery result. I hope the entire office has a wonderful Christmas!!! Malcolm

I was well taken care of by a Wonderful Staff and a Great Oral Suregon. I feel better today than expected! Nice surprise!!!

I don’t remember anything so IT WAS PERFECT!!😭😭

Very professional, friendly and efficient. Dr McIntyre was very kind, spoke to my son directly, rather than talking to me about him (with him in the room), but also made sure to address me with information he thought would be most important to me. Will definitely return with the next child!

I was made comfortable and put to ease from the time I walked in the door. As the process continued I was informed of what was going to happen and asked if I had questions and if I was comfortable. I thanked the doctor when he was finished. I felt nothing during the process and other than a little tired I felt great. Again I wish to thank the doctor and his assistants for putting me at ease.

I couldn’t be more happy with Dr. Searcy and his team. Thank you for sticking with me until we got the second implant to work with amazing results. Thank you for hanging in there and reassuring me, and providing the necessary care and expertise that you gave. It all ended perfectly today with Dr. Jones finishing up with her expertise as well. Thank you again Dr. Searcy! All the best to you! Gratefully, Diana Davis

Stephanie and the other nurses were so kind and informative about the procedure. They were very reassuring and kept me calm. Dr. McIntire took great care of me again. Thanks to everyone, including the front desk, for taking care of me 😊

The doctor & staff were all very friendly and helpful. Their follow-up was excellent with genuine care for the client.

Everyone pleasant and friendly especially Stefanie

Everything went great. I liked the non-rush environment. Everyone is friendly. Pretty much pain free, I did not accept the pain medication from CVS. Just took one Aleve at bedtime. Very little post op bleeding. All is good now. See you in 2 months. Thanks

You guys were wonderful and helpful and encouraging. You took the fear out of the day and thank you for that!

Great doctors and great staff. Create a relaxed environment.

Amazing! Got me in on time and I was well taken care of! Nervous at first, but they made me feel right at home! Definitely recommend

I am doing well, somewhat tender but nothing unsu

Great service . And very friendly ! I would highly recommend.

My tooth implant surgery went smoothly, I was in and out before I knew it and so far I feel great the day after! Everyone was very nice and professional! Also, thank you for the flowers from Dr. Searcey and Dr. Blossfeld (my dentist). I have already been recommending Dr. Searcey because of the sinus lift and tooth implant he did on my husband and I will continue to recommend him.

Couldn’t have been better. Thank you and the flowers were amazing

Kind, personable, painless ! Best Doctor and assistant ever ! Thank you Dr McIntire and Stephanie

Very professional, they make you feel really comfortable, I got a tooth pulled and they gave me meds for pain and I never had to use them, it never hurt at all, during or after

Under the circumstances it was a very pleasant experience. Staff is great and Dr McIntire is great!! And to my surprise I received flowers from this office thanking me for choosing them!! It made my day.

Very professional experience by everyone including the ladies up front!! The assistant 2 Dr. McEntire was "especially cordial", entertaining and made the entire procedure less stressful. Dr. McEntire was his normal professional self during this unpleasant procedure 4 the patient!!

Very organized office. Was taken right in and all paperwork had been completed prior to the procedure. I like that I didn’t have to worry about all that when I arrived for the procedure, as I was a little apprehensive as it was. Procedure prep was great. Appreciated Dr. Searcey coming in and being in the room when I was being put under general anesthesia. He let me know what was going on. All I remember was them telling me that “we’re done”. Recovery was without issue and the rest of my day went fine. No issues or complications to this point.

Dr. Searcy and his staff are wonderful. Highly recommend Dr Searcy for any oral surgery you might need.

Quick and courteous

It was quick and i appreciated the call the following day to see how I was doing!

Everything was great. First visit. Friendly professional team. Thank you!

I liked the way Stephanie kept me updated on where we were at “ going well “ just about finished “. She was also good at telling me what expect post operation. Wish you could have let the local anesthesia take affect by waiting a couple of minutes before starting. Things seem to be going good. Thanks

Awesome Dr. Searcey , staff and experience !

It was the most enjoyable experience one can have getting a tooth pulled. Ericka is the best. It was so good,, I'm thinking about having one of my good teeth pulled. Thanks

They did an awesome job and I'm not in much pain so far!

Dr. Searcy and his staff of professionals come highly recommended when it comes to my dental surgeon options Dr. Searcy's staff are caring and due to that care identified a healthcare issue I was having that most likely saved my life. I was suffering from high blood pressure and was unaware of it. I tip my hat to the staff I think doctor Searcy and I would recommend his staff to anyone needing Oral Surgery. Sincerely Kevin Duncan

Staff was professional and informative. They made a follow up call the next day to check on my well being.

The surgery took only at most 5 min I was even did not that he was finished , excellent job very skilled surgeon, no doubt.

Thank you for getting me taken care of quickly . Great relief! No following pain. Am completing antibiotics as prescribed. Happy, Happy, Happy😁

Dr. Searcy and his staff at OMA are outstanding. They are efficient and friendly and show great interest in providing outstanding care to the patient. I can highly recommend them for anyone who needs dental surgery.

Everyone involved was kind and professional. We were in and out in 20 minutes and had no complications.

Everyone was so kind and helpful. I greatly appreciate your skills and compassion.

I’m very happy with the service and results from my procedure. Very impressed with the amount of time it took to perform.

Efficient and fast.

Very efficient office. Dr Searcey is very intelligent

Clean, comfortable room quiet.

The positive atmosphere and the friendly professionals can be felt as soon as I walked in the door. Everyone works together to create a great team. Obviously it is a great place to work. Thanks team for taking good care of me

I just had all four wisdom teeth extracted and they made this the most comfortable I could’ve wished for. My anxiety was out of the roof and Dr. Macintire and his staff made everything so fast and easy. Thank you all for taking such great care of me!

Great friendly service from the staff.

From the very beginning of my experience with OMA, I found the staff to be kind, helpful and attentive. Dr. McIntire was reassuring and confident prior to my procedure. The Surgical team was professional and so sweet! The amazing thing to me is I have had minimal pain or swelling! The Lord has given Dr. Mcintire a gifted surgical hand and I will always be grateful I was referred to His office.

Every one is great But my mouth still hurts like hell

I am so thankful I chose OMA to take care of my dental needs! The entire staff and Dr. McIntire was very professional, caring and extremely understanding. I would highly recommend this office to friends, family, and colleagues!

Dr. McIntire has done implants on me several times. I truly believe he is the best around. He and his staff are so enjoyable and friendly. They make you feel like family! I have Never had any problems with the work he has done on me. I highly recommend visiting OMA and Dr. McIntire!

Excellent job. I’m doing great 😎😀😁🤠🤓

I appreciate the friendly staff that put my son (the patient) at ease for his wisdom teeth extraction. Also, the specific, written post-procedure instructions are helpful. My husband and I referenced them multiple times to ensure we were following them. I also thank you for the phone call from a staff member the next day to check on my son. My only criticism is we didn’t see Dr. McIntire on the day of the procedure. I expected to see him either before or after the extraction but didn’t. Our son is healing very well after this procedure. I credit the skill of Dr. McIntire. Thank you!

Dr Tracy McIntire took out my old rotten teeth and replaced them with beautiful dentures. I chose standard for the upper teeth and a permanent denture for the bottom. I am terrified of dentistry. The kindnesses shown by all the staff to me was simply incredible. The nurse for me never left my side. She held my hand at times without prompting which immediately reduced my anxiety level. During the surgery procedures themselves I was comfortable. No pain at all. When there was as an anomaly on the temporary denture, the doctor and the Lab Man fixed it. Dr McIntire was patient and exacting to ensure the best result. What else?? My ride who was waiting for me heard a mother lambaste the staff for not doing a dental procedure on her son, who was non compliant with pre-op instructions. My goodness, in the back while I was in recovery, the staff was professional and only spoke of the incident in a manner meant to allay future occurrences. No mention of the fact that this office was more concerned about the health of the mother's son than the mother herself. I had no idea that there was as a mom yelling at the staff in the reception area. So, bottom line here, if you want the best dental surgeon and staff around, don't dawdle to get your smile back like I did. Go ahead and Do It!!

Very friendly staff and good doctor who helped me have a positive experience. I appreciated the call from your office the next morning. Thanks😊

I appreciate all of you from the front desk all the way through. The extractions were done quickly and painlessly. The Dr and nurse acted professionally but we laughed and cut up too. I am healing nicely. Thank you to Dr. McIntire and his staff.

From the moment I walked in the door til the moment I left I received very friendly yet professional care. Since I was there for oral surgery don't know if I'll have a need to return, but I highly recommend this office. Thanks for for a 'scare free' environment 😊

Enjoyed my visit. Thanks

It was a super easy process, nurses were so sweet, and they even called to check on me. I highly recommend!!

It went better than I expected. :-)

Dr Mcintire and his staff are wonderful. They explain what’s going to happen and make sure you’re comfortable and in no pain. It’s nice to see his staff that’s been with him for years!

OMA delivers a professional comforting experience are in good hands here!

Great people! Everyone is helpful and positive. I felt comfortable through the entire process and my questions were answered thoroughly. I will definitely recommend.

The dentist did such a great job. Honestly, no pain! His staff is incredibly caring and attentive. The doctor and staff want to answer any and all questions. This is my third implant with Dr. McIntire and all with no problems!

It was another great experience with Dr Searcy and his staff. Dr. Searcy is a really nice man and does a good and thorough job. The flowers were a wonderful and beautiful bonus. Thank you!!

Thank you for your personalized care with my implant and a vase of flowers were just delivered, they are lovely and brighten my day! Thank you again, Janet Smith

Good patient / doctor /nurse communication Relaxing caring atmosphere for procedure

EXTREMELY fantastastic staff! Thank you for no pain extractions!

Very welcoming and organized throughout the process

A very kind and sensitive staff and dentist. The front desk clerk( 1 of 2 girls) offered to copy a magazine article on opioid use that I was reading, but did not get to finish, as my procedure was over. Very accommodating. The other front desk clerk was very kind and explained and answered a couple of financial questions and procedure vocabulary. I also got a cool long sleeved T-shirt . The most amazing part was later that afternoon, FLOWERS WERE DELIVERED TO MY HOME WITH A THANK YOU NOTE FROM DR. SEARCY AND MY DENTIST DR. CROWLEY. AMAZING!!! I’ve never received flowers after a medical or dental surgery. Thank you OMA of Edmond. Sincerely, Michelle McGee

It was very enjoyable and the dentist had me laughing . The Assistan was very helpful. I will be happy to refer people to your place. My time there went so fast and I had no pain after the procedure, did not need any help after the pull. Thanks so much.

Everything was good, excellent doctor, attentive and professional staff, and prompt response when calling with questions.

The entire team hoes an excellent job. They are professional in every aspect and very kind and gentle with this old man. I hope this is the only implant that I need, but if I need more I will definitely come to Dr Searcey. Thanks doc.😀

You guys are very nice and took care of me great thank you!

We were well informed through the whole process. Appreciated the next day follow up call.

I always receive such great care from OMA. Thank you for the careful attention you give to patients.

Great office! Super friendly staff!!

Great experience at OMA Friendly, kind staff. Well taken care of!

It was great first time experience.

Painless, speedy tooth extra. Great folks.

I am very pleased with my experience at OMA. The staff at the front desk are very friendly and helpful and then that extended on to the nurses and Dr. Searcey himself. I would highly recommend this office to anyone needing oral surgery.

Everything went smoothly and quickly. I’ve had soreness and some pain but the pain isn’t constant. I was treated well and even though I hope I won’t be back, I know where I want to go if I have another problem with a tooth that needs to be extracted! Thank you for taking good care of me 😊

Thank you Dr. McIntire and staff for taking great care of me during my recent visit for an extraction! Your professionalism and care made me feel comfortable during a procedure that is not so desireable. In following the prescribed instructions (and your follow up phone call), I’m healing and feeling better everyday! Many thanks!

Thank you.

Tooth extraction went well, thank you.

I didn’t like waiting in my room for 50 minutes. I felt like I had to come out of the room to make sure they hadn’t forgotten about me. Other than that, everyone was nice and procedure was fairly painless.

I had no pain with my tooth extraction and the Dr. and staff gave excellent care. Would highly recommend this practice to anyone!

Everyone was very professional and nice. Answered all my questions.

Staff very friendly and helpful. Would def recommend.

Dr Searcey and staff are so kind and caring and they go above and beyond to make you comfortable. Thanks for taking such great care of me!

Good job, in and out quit recovery

From the time of pre operation visit to the operation day and after operation, everyone in the Edmond clinic were very professional and caring group of people. Dr. Searcey was respectful, aknowledgeable and explained everything to me prior to operation, during and after operation. Day after operation his office contacted me to see how am I doing? It was positive experience, and I want to thank everyone in that clinic.

Very apprehensive before my implant placement. Finished very quickly with no problems. Staff and dr very professional. Only pain was paying the bill.

I was very nervous yesterday but Dr. Scott Searcey and his staff made me feel very comfortable . They even called this morning to check on me. I’m very happy with the service I was provided!

You guys are just amazing I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family Dr McIntire and all his staff, for my Surgery Thank you all for taking such good care of me 😘

I haven’t had any swelling since the surgery and haven’t had any complications. I didn’t get any more nauseation or dizziness so I’d say they did an excellent job

You guys helped me feel comfortable and explained the procedures well. You also helped to work with me and my family when our insurance wasn’t willing to cover removing all four of my wisdom teeth.

Everyone was wonderful once I got back for Surgery. The only issue I had was with the front desk lady who who snooty and stuck up and very rude. I almost decided not to go through my surgery but thought I should look past her. She never smiled and did not make me feel welcomed. Thank goodness for the nurses and the Dr who was very pleasant and nice!

Everyone was nice, friendly and professional. You all are awesome. Thank you for taking care of me and my brother at the same time.

All good. Easy time of it in the office. Dr McIntire was very efficient and the staff was helpful at every point of the process. It was a good experience-- relatively speaking. I seem to be healing nicely.

Every single thing wish I had come their first THANK YOU

Went in for my wisdom teeth to be pulled Was in and out in about an hour tops Good people, did good fast work

You were very patient answering questions. Your post op care and concern was beyond expectations. Thank you.

Things went well. Thank you!

My surgey was super fast and quick! the staff was very nice and even mailed me a get well soon card! i would definitely recommend!

Very friendly environment . Thank you for the work you did. No problems at all healing great .

Thank you guys you did an outstanding job and I appreciate of your staff and my surgeon

Pain to a minimum. Polite. Gentle. Informative.caring.

Hi, it was quick. I did not see the doctor before I left. Thought I might to go over a few things. But with just one tooth, αll is well.

Surgery was very quick and easy, and everyone was very nice.

Good job

I felt taken care of and safe. Everything went as planned. I am recovering well with no complications.

Great experience

Friendly caring staff.


Very cordial.

Very professional staff and excellent work.

I was really happy with care and treatment from dr searcey and staff I recommend them

Friendly helpful staff. Timely efficient treatment. No complaints.

I have always had a great xperience. The doctor and colleges are very professional and extremely nice to work with. They are very thorough in their work and they have a follow up call that is totally appreciated. They are definitely the best!

Every one was very helpful.made sure I was ok.thats very good.the doctor was very nice to .very good job to every body.they made me feel comfortable.thanks again for your professional service.

Everyone was friendly, professional and most importantly very proficient at each of their assigned tasks, duties, jobs. I had a tooth extracted and everything went perfectly. No pain, no swelling and sweat. Just a minimal amount of discomfort which is expected since a tooth is being pulled. Nothing painful.

Great staff and Doctor

Great experience with Dr. McIntire! He always keeps it pain free! His work is just perfect! Never a problem!

Very professional, friendly. Explains and listens

Great service

Everyone was very patient and nice. I would recommend them to everyone.

Dr Tracy McIntire is an awesome doctor. He has a great personality and comforting manner. He answer your questions and puts you at ease. His staff of nurses are friendly, warm, lovely, and charming. I cannot say enough of how great this experience was. I highly recommend this service to anyone needing these services.

Very pleasant and personable staff. Very knowledgeable and minimal wait times!

I had a very good expirence. Staff was super friendly and amazing. Hoping I never have to have mouth surgery again but if I do it will be with you guys.

My experience here was absolutely amazing. The second I walked in the door, I felt welcomed by all staff. My recovery has been going very well.

Everything was perfect. Thank you!!!

Dr. McIntyre was very good. A good total experience.

Quick and easy and painless prep for implant.

The procedure was quick and painless. The follow up care has been great also!

OMA took great care of me & were some of the sweetest people! I would highly recommend. :-)

The girl nurse that put in my IV was very nice & made me laugh & feel comfortable before surgery

Friendly, professional, and caring.

Efficient. Easy to get an appointment. Procedure was performed professionally. Instructions for homecare were clear.

Staff were very helpful and nice. The appointment process was very easy and they were polite.

Love the staff!


Staff was helpful, amiable, and helped to ensure I was comfortable before and after the surgery.

Very pleased with Dr Searcey and his staff. Procedure went better than expected. Would recommend him to anyone who’s worried or apprehensive about having a surgery.

Care folowing the procedure was good

Very nice.

The staff was very friendly and helpful

The surgery was perfect and I’m healing well

You were courteous and professional. Made sure I was comfortable during the procedure. Called afterward to check on how I was doing. Friendly staff.

Friendly staffs and doctor.

My experience was awesome!! Very professional and clean place. The staff was amazing! Thank you O M A!


I thought OMA did an excellent job. Staff was friendly and approachable.

Great experience at the facility and very friendly staff. Only issue was the gauze and syringe were not in the bag for me to us and had to be mailed.

You were awesome

The doctor who performed the procedure was excellent as well as the staff! Doc got me relaxed and numbed up in record time for me. He was extremely efficient in each task performed. I clearly could sense what he was doing. In other words he had a plan and followed the plan. In the past with previous dentists/oral surgeons come into the room and wing it and 2 hours later finish with my jaw aching. He was so efficient he had me in and out in 45 minutes. I would highly recommend OMA to my friends and family!!!

Everything went very smoothly. I would’ve maybe appreciated a review call or email before the operation because I had messed up with the fast and didn’t know water was one of the things we couldn’t have before the operation. But the doctor was very helpful in working around it and I really appreciated it. Also recovery has been very easy and straightforward

Everyone was so friendly and helpful. It was wonderful.

Very nice from the reception area to recovery. Very thorough with after care instructions. Thank you for making this procedure as less stressful as possible

In and out and very little down time for me!

My doctor cancelled my surgery two days before I was supposed to get my wisdom teeth out for unknown reasons and couldn't accommodate me until over a month later. The day of surgery went smoothly but the doctor did not speak to my mother nor I about post op instructions but just gave a sheet of paper to someone and they read it word for word to my mom.otherwise, The day of surgery went smoothly.

Great experience! Great staff!

I always feel comfortable. Staff is very friendly and makes sure you know what to except. Dr. Searcy is outstanding.

Good job

Very efficient and professional

Your staff and care were great

Dr. McIntire and staff have always made me feel comfortable and confident that they are good at what they do.

Wonderful experience. Knowledgeable and friendly staff!👍

Great service.

Very professional, all personnel was very courteous. Highly recommended!!

You took care of me while there, and made me feel comfortable.

Dr. McIntire and his team are outstanding. Always friendly and concerned about how I am doing. My experience with his work on implants has been exceptional.

The staff was incredible, they all seemed to really enjoy what they were doing, and Dr. McIntyre was awesome, too. Rate 5* for the experience.

Excellent care all around!

Very professional and enthusiastic about their jobs!

Surgery went well with no complications and recovery was easy. Staff was friendly.

Everyone was so sweet!! My nurses were calm and made sure I was comfortable, and everything went even better than I expected!

I was very comfortable, and loved talking to the staff before hand. Recovery has been super smooth. They did a great job!

I am very nervous around doctors but everyone made me feel calm and relaxed. I appreciated how friendly everyone was and how understanding they were.

All the staff was friendly and made me feel welcomed. Dr. Macintire and his assistant was great. They had me laughing the whole time.

Great family staff, and love Dr McIntire!

Dr. McIntire and his staff are the best! Highly recommend. Considering the work to be done, I had a great experience. Thank you!

All the doctors there were very nice, and really made me feel much more calm and relaxed about me getting my wisdom teeth taken out that day!

The surgery and helping to calm me down before it.

Everyone was kind,helpful, and professional.

These guys are professional courteous and kind and they always follow up to make sure that you're having no problems after your surgeries I would recommend them to anyone

I was knocked out and woke up when the surgery ended. It was good nap

In and out! Very easy and very friendly staff!

Put patient's comfort first

Excellent service by the staff and especially Dr. McAntire. Explanations of my procedure by Dr. McAntire were easy to understand.

Everything was perfect! Loved my experience.

Wonderful Dr and staff 🙏🏻

I came here to get my wisdom teeth out. Everyone was very friendly and caring, and the procedure went very smoothly. Nothing to complain about at all.

Medical staff are friendly and professional and receptionists are always helpful and accommodating. Wouldn't think of going anywhere else for my mother's care. My mom has been with dr Morgan since the early 1990s.

Well organized, courteous, very pleasant attitudes pleading personalities

Great customer service!!

Very smooth and stress free.

Everyone was wonderful and made my daughter's experience as easy as possible!

I had a very easy sugery. Everyone was very nice and made the process as painless as could be. They were very talkative and polite.

Friendly and timely staff!

Very professional and everyone was nice and kind.

Everything! Friendly,fast, efficient, painfree!!!

Staff was caring, and wonderful to be around. They made me comfortable from the moment I walked into the office. Would recommend Dr Mcintires office out of Edmond to everyone.

it was great. my son did not experience any pain after wisdom teeth extracted,

Everything was good. Fast, straightforward and helpful. Friendly staff. Dealing with OMA of Edmond was definitely NOT like pulling teeth.

It's was great. Now when I come back no pain. Ha 😜

My surgeon was very nice and the care was impeccable

I was very pleased with how quick and painless my procedure went. I had a cracked tooth pulled and i recovered I. 1 day. Fantastic!!

Help the healing process

Everyone was extremely professional, genuinely caring and polite. The results where fantastic with a very fast recovery time.

Fast, friendly, professional.

Tooth implant

Great results, just a misunderstanding on the time frame and who would do the bridge work. you need to be more clear to your older 😊 patients.

Awesome nurses and doctor. Made me feel comfortable and cared for. Also appreciated the phone call a few days after surgery to see how I was doing. Everyone there made an unenjoyable situation much easier!

You did a fantastic job. Staff is great. Dr's are great. Highly recommended.

Friendly and helpful staff! Doctor was very professional and did a great job! Would absolutely recommend to family and friends!!

Very friendly and hardly any wait time!!

Good job

Made us nervous parents feel at ease as you took our teenager off for his procedure.

Everything was good