Doctible Is Critical for Your Online Reputation

February 2, 2021
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Doctible’s Online Reputation Management Software is Designed For Medical & Dental Practices.

Learn why Dr. Ryan Corte has selected Doctible for his two practices.

Transcript: Doctible is critical for your online reputation

"In my opinion, Doctible is an online tool for reputation management that you must invest in." Dr Corte

00:06 | Hey, guys. I’m Dr. Ryan Corte. I’m an optometrist in Charlotte, North Carolina, and I have a two-location practice that has been up and running for about three years.

00:14 | At the end of the day, we have to think about our patients and how they go about selecting us as eye care professionals. Of course, the number one way that somebody comes to see us in our office is a direct word of mouth referral, but nowadays that word of mouth referral is also translating over into what they read in online reviews, and online reviews hold a lot of weight.

00:31 | Google kind of runs the world when it comes to a search intent. Google’s going to notice if you have reviews that are there from 2, 3 years ago but nothing in the past six months to a year, that becomes an issue. Patients also look at the relevance of the reviews because they want to know what’s going on right now when they’re going to come and see you. Having that online reputation that best reflects the services and the products that you provide in your office is absolutely critical.

00:54 | We were doing a lot of in-office incentives trying to get our staff to communicate to the patient about hey, go online and review us Google, or they may have enjoyed the experience but as soon as they get back into their day-to-day hustle, they forget about doing that, right? Even though they have the best intent, we’re busy people and we lose track of what we need to do on a daily basis unless we get reminded, and we found that actually getting a text message the next day has been the most effective way. We tried email. We tried even having them scan codes in the office, but that next day text message has been absolutely critical because our patients live on their phones and they respond to text messages over email.

01:27 | We started Doctible December of 2019, and we just started building up our online reputation for the new practice that we had taken over July of 2019. We had 2 or 3 Google reviews because we didn’t have our Google My Business page up right away. Right now, that same practice has over 200 Google reviews based on Doctible. We’re already doing what we’re doing in the office. We’re providing the best quality care we can for our patients, which is absolutely huge. Doctible is helping us seal the deal when it comes to that commitment at the end of patients going online and providing feedback, and so it’s huge for us because it gives them that next day reminder, which at the end of the day we all have the intent of trying to get them to review us. Doctible is our tool to help us do so.

02:06 | Doctible implementation took no time at all. I mean, we were up and running the next day, and the support team is fantastic. The sales team is very straightforward, and what you see is what you get. The demo they provided me is exactly what we are utilizing at our office, and it has been very, very effective.

02:20 | Doctible has a feature where if the patient doesn’t go and actually review online, they can provide private feedback. If the feedback is something that’s within our control, we go ahead and we take care of things accordingly. If it’s outside of our control, we still contact the patient, have a conversation with them, and make sure they’re on the same page. Doctible provides you with the opportunity to go ahead and put out that fire based on that private feedback, and it really is good for you. It’s good for your staff, and it’s good for the practice.

02:44 | Text messaging has a huge opportunity and a huge future in healthcare as long as we’re HIPAA compliant about it, and so the messages that we’re sending to patients are more so communication messages about, you know, hey, you have an upcoming appointment, or hey, we need your vision or medical insurance uploaded to the portal, which is a secure, HIPAA compliant portal, or you know, hey, let us know how you felt about your experience at our office. So, it’s a really good way to communicate about specific things that are HIPAA compliant.

03:06 | The ROI that our practice has received by bringing Doctible into the office has been astronomical, and in today’s marketplace and trying to compete in a digital environment to attract the best patients to your office, or patients in general to your office, having Doctible is absolutely incredible for your online reviews.

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