Easy online appointment requests

Our online patient scheduling tool simplifies the process of booking appointments. Add the scheduler to your website, helping patients make appointment requests in a few clicks, and saving your staff time on the phone.

  • Attract new patients by making appointments more accessible
  • Reduce wait times by choosing the most convenient time slots that fit your busy schedule
  • Automate appointment scheduling to free up time for front-office staff
Book Appointment calendar for patients with time slots options

24/7 access to your calendar

Offering online booking for after-hours appointments is essential to attracting new patients.

Smart Scheduler simplifies online appointment booking with a user-friendly calendar widget installed on your website. Patients can easily schedule appointments at their convenience without the need for a phone call.

Book Appointment calendar for patients with time slots options and message

Patients love availability

Let new patients request appointments anytime, anywhere, without being limited to your office hours or phone calls.

Optimized scheduling

Manage your practice calendar efficiently, minimize no-shows, and prevent double bookings.

Improve patient loyalty

Offer a convenient and modern online booking experience that leads to happier patients.

Calendar control that fits your preferences

Enable your patients to book appointments instantly and securely with our immediate booking feature. Or, review and confirm appointments through our approval workflow to maintain control and streamline scheduling.

  • A user-friendly online scheduler shows your practice is modern and tech-savvy.
  • Online scheduling increases accessibility for patients with disabilities or those who prefer digital communication.
  • Focus on patient care instead of administrative tasks, boosting staff productivity.
New Appointment Request message for healthcare practices with calendar view
New Appointment Request message for healthcare practices showing doctor requested, time slow requested, and calendar view

Time management tools to boost revenue

Smart Scheduler syncs your calendar in real-time to prevent scheduling conflicts and maintain optimal time management. Bookings made by patients are organized by providers and appointment type to ensure each appointment is appropriately assigned and managed.

  • Keep your schedule full yet organized.
  • Provide a seamless booking and online scheduling experience for patients and office staff.
  • Avoid overlapping appointments and other conflicts with real-time updates.

We make appointment scheduling convenient

Don't lose another new patient. Integrate Smart Scheduler with your website and social media for wider reach and easy appointment booking.

Customer testimonials

"User-friendly platform, you get suggestions for a number of reminders that should go out but can easily change it if needed. Templates are easy to change and to upload photos. The morning email will let you know how many unconfirmed patients we have for the next few days so you can focus on those. Many patients prefer text messaging, and this allows us to meet their needs."

—  Christine S., Practice Administrator, Medical Practice

"I love the simplistic fashion in which our patient surveys are quick and easy for them to use and for our team to use. It has helped us with our reviews, receiving more raw feedback and the website messenger has helped with our community and patients inquiring about us and our services to give people options. This has helped with those who aren't fond of phone calls anymore."

— Julie L., Office Manager

"They are continually innovating the product and innovating at the correct speed as to not compromise on ease of use with the user - and simplicity of communication techniques with the patients. Very impressed with their progression over the years - the competitive price and the amazing customer service."

— Alise M., Office Manager



How do I add the scheduler to my website?

The Smart Scheduler connects to your website without installing anything on the back end. The platform ensures only available appointment slots are shown.

How are appointments confirmed?

You can set the appointment workflow to automatically accept bookings and send them to your EHR, or set it as an appointment request for the office manager to confirm and send to the EHR.

Do patients choose their providers and appointment type?

Yes, patients choose their appointment type. You can require patients to choose a doctor associated with the selected appointment type or skip it altogether and let the algorithm decide based on who's available.

Do you support practices with multiple locations?

Yes. We can provide patient engagement services to practices large and small, from one office to multi-location practices to MSOs and DSOs.

We make appointment scheduling convenient

Don't lose another new patient. Integrate Smart Scheduler with your website and social media for wider reach and easy appointment booking.