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Thousands of practices use Doctible to improve and organize workflow processes. Doctible integrates with multiple systems and centralizes the entire patient flow for maximum efficiency.

practice management tools that streamline time-consuming tasks
Form Completion Alerts
Collect E-signatures
HIPAA Compliant
Text or Email Forms
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HIPAA Compliant
Online Scheduling
Smart Scheduler
Form Completion Alerts
Collect E-signatures
Digital Forms
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Modernize your workflow processes


Automated digital waitlist to fill last-minute cancellations

Last-minute cancellations are inevitable but with EasyFill your practice can generate a digital waitlist that will notify your patients when your practice has new availability.

Automate your digital waitlist

Build your waitlist by selecting the patients you want to receive notifications for open appointments and other patients who are on the schedule for the same procedure.  Choose to fill via first come, first served method or by office approval.

Keep your calendar full

Get notified when an appointment is canceled and send an EasyFill request to your waitlist of patients who are waiting for an appointment opening or are willing to move their current appointment to the open slot.

Dcotible's cancellation alert and EasyFill tool to select patients to fill availability in the schedule

Smart Scheduler

64% of patients will book their appointment online

Convenience matters, and easy tools to book appointments increase patient loyalty. Smart Scheduler provides convenience to your patients and ensures that you don’t miss out on any potential appointments.

Website Scheduling

Let us build your website to accept appointment requests seamlessly and easily. Installable on any website—no coding necessary!

Be Available 24/7

Accept appointment requests day or night when your website gives patients the ability to request or schedule visits without making a phone call.

Doctible's Smart Scheduler to book appointments

Digital Forms

Patients and staff prefer digital forms

Streamline patient check-ins, consent forms, and screenings. Create or update your own forms with digital form tools. Send patient intake forms by text or email and collect HIPAA compliant e-signatures.

Improve Patient Experience

Patients prefer to fill in forms from the comfort of their home or whenever and wherever is convenient for them. Form logic includes advanced if/then options to cover most patient intake scenarios.

Reduce Office Costs

Receive each patient's forms in a secure PDF that can be uploaded to your practice management software. Eliminate paperwork storage and filing systems and the associated costs.

Doctible's Digital Forms for patients and options to send via email or SMS

Patient Recall

Recall patients for their next appointment

Help patients get scheduled for follow-up appointments. Doctible's Patient Recall technology monitors visit history and practice recall schedule. Automatically send an email or text to remind patients to book their next appointment.

Recall by Appointment Type

Recall is critical for patients at each stage in the treatment journey. Reach out to patients automatically for specific appointment types with customized messages for each category.

Customized Timeline

Configure recall messages to alert patients based on the timeline that best fits your practice. Create custom series of reminders if a patient is past due for their routine appointments.

Doctible's Patient Recall tools with recall template and past due screens

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