Make appointment related tasks quick and easy.

Manage patient scheduling, intake documentation, and patient recall in your communication platform—powered by your EHR data. Relieve your front desk from time-consuming workflows while optimizing whole-office efficiency.

practice management tools that streamline time-consuming tasks
Form Completion Alerts
Collect E-signatures
HIPAA Compliant
Text or Email Forms
Mobile Friendly
Create Templates
HIPAA Compliant
Online Scheduling
Smart Scheduler
Form Completion Alerts
Collect E-signatures
Digital Forms
HIPAA & TCPA Compliant

Modernize your scheduling workflows.


Fill last-minute cancellations fast

Backfill appointment cancellations with our digital waitlist management tool. Create a contact list, then send “appointment available” messages when you've got an unexpected opening to your list.

Contact Lists Save the Day

Setup contact lists by appointment type or provider, then prompt our platform to send availability messages to your list after a cancellation.

Fill Gaps Without Phone Calls

Let patients accept the empty time slot right from the availability message — no phone calls needed!

Dcotible's cancellation alert and EasyFill tool to select patients to fill availability in the schedule

Smart Scheduler

Real-time availability synced to your EHR

Show live appointment availability by location, provider, etc, in a widget embedded in your website. Doctible connects to your EHR and transfers patient appointment data instantly — no coding required.

24/7 Availability

Accept appointment requests day or night with your website. Include open time slots based on location, provider, etc.

Automated Intake Forms

Every new appointment initiates the creation of a new patient form, making onboarding easier for your patients and practice. 

Doctible's Smart Scheduler to book appointments

Digital Forms

Customize and bundle forms based on appointment type

Automatically send HIPAA-compliant digital forms (or bundle them) based on appointment type. Customized forms streamline patient check-in and save you tons in paper-based costs.

Track Completion Progress

See how far patients get into filling out your forms with live progress tracking. Doctible's Digital Forms also integrate with your EHR.

New Bookings Trigger New Forms

Select which forms to include in your bundles, and we'll send the right ones to patients automatically according to their appointment type after they reserve an open time slot.

Doctible's Digital Forms for patients and options to send via email or SMS

Patient Recall

Proactive patient recall

Help patients get scheduled for their next appointment automatically. Our platform continually monitors patient visit history and sends a reminder via email, text, or phone when their next appointment is due.

Recall by Appointment Type

Recall is critical for patients at each stage in the treatment journey. Let your practice reach out to patients automatically for specific appointment types with customized messages for each category.

Customized Timeline

Configure recall messages to alert patients based on the timeline that best fits your practice. Create a custom series of reminders for patients past-due for their next appointment.

Doctible's Patient Recall tools with recall template and past due screens

See Doctible in action.

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