Automate personalized patient communication

Smart Messaging helps you create customizable patient conversations with automated outreach for clear, efficient communication.

  • Connect with patients via their preferred method of communication
  • Send relevant, customized messages based on appointment type, provider, and more
  • Schedule outreach before or after an appointment to deliver the right messages at the right time
Smart Messaging 'Schedule Message' to send options, contact method (call, text, or email), and 'Smart Templates'
'Smart Templates' for patient communication, including Appoint Reminder, New Patient Onboarding, Followup Reminder, Care Instructions, and Thank You for Visiting

Improve your patient engagement experience

Effective communication includes a range of messaging, including reminders, screenings, patient guidance, intake, consent forms, follow-up care, care reminders, etc.

Sending so many messages keeps your front office staff busy. Smart Messaging uses templates to give patients all the necessary information before appointments. Automation ensures the right message is sent at the right time and to the right patient.

Convenient patient communication

Communicate instantly with patients via text, email, or outgoing messages, reducing phone calls and call wait times.

Easy engagement automation

Schedule and send automated outreach so patients never miss vital info or updates.

Reduce admin burden

Automate routine patient communication tasks to free up staff time for patient care.

Streamline outreach and increase revenue

Manage your messaging effortlessly for the full spectrum of patient communication in one platform.

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Automate engagement without losing your personal touch

Build customized templates based on appointment type, provider, and more to ensure patients receive relevant information before and after their appointment. Send templates using patients' preferred contact method, like automated voice call, SMS text, or email.

  • Include personalization tokens for unique messages, including the patient's name, appointment time, etc.
  • Ensure treatment-specific forms, relevant reminders, and aftercare are sent at the most impactful time.
  • Send targeted messages about promotions, appointment updates, or educational content, fostering patient loyalty.
Smart Messaging options for Contact Method: call, text, or email; and a New Patient Appointment Template message: "Hi NAME, you are confirmed for your appointment on DATE at TIME with PROVIDER. Please complete the following forms before your appointment: FORM LINK. Thank you & we hope you have a great day! with Save message option
Schedule Message options for sending patient communication, and Smart Templates, including Followup Reminder, Care Instructions, and Thank You for Visiting

Save time and optimize patient outreach

Automate patient appointment messages based on type and provider to eliminate manual individual outreach and ensure clarity. Send schedule updates, office emergency hours, and more before or after an appointment to guarantee your patients get critical messages.

  • Sort and schedule messages based on appointment type, date, provider, etc.
  • Send updates, office emergency hours, and other messages even when you're not in the office.
  • Schedule follow-up messages based on the time lapsed for post-procedure care instructions and care reminders.

Streamline outreach and increase revenue

Manage your messaging effortlessly for the full spectrum of patient communication in one platform.

case study

Dentist Combats Appointment Cancellations with Doctible’s EasyFill

Hear how Dr. Olsen joined other EasyFill practices that fill 44% of all canceled appointments automatically with this revolutionary solution.

  • Automate your digital waitlist
  • Save time by improving scheduling workflows
  • Combat last-minute cancellations
  • Make rescheduling quick and easy

EasyFill Cancellation Alert with option to create an EasyFill request. Select patients to fill availability options, including patient waitlist and message template.

Customer testimonials

"The inclusion of doctible into our daily dental practice has drastically reduced no show appointments as well as enabled clear communication to our patients regarding office policies and appointment needs."

- Kodi M., Medical practice Office Manager

"Doctible has made our job of reminding patients much easier and less time-consuming. We love that we can contact our patients through text and our patients love the reminders and ease of communication with us."

- Kristy W., Office Manager

"Once you set up everything, you can pretty much sit back and watch your reviews come in. Auto responses are great; they keep you HIPAA compliant, and it gives you the opportunity to reach out to unhappy patients."

-Linda L., Practice Manager



Do I have limitations on how many texts or messages I can send per month?

No. You don't have a maximum number of text messages you can send with Doctible.

How do I send these messages?

You can send them via text, voice call, or email your patients.

Can I create my own templates?

Yes! You can create templates that fit your practice and use personalization tokens to customize your messages.

How often can I schedule messages?

You can schedule these messages as often as you need.

Is Doctible TCPA compliant? 

Yes! Doctible is a leader in the industry in TCPA Compliance (Telephone Consumer Protection Act (47 U.S.C. § 227)).

Streamline outreach and increase revenue

Manage your messaging effortlessly for the full spectrum of patient communication in one platform.