Your patient conversation hub

View a web-based dashboard of all patient communication channels. Manage message history, customize marketing and response templates, and automate texts/emails/reminders.

  • Two-way text patients from your practice's custom phone number
  • Secure HIPAA and TCPA-compliant data storage and messaging history
  • Save time with targeted group messages
HIPAA compliant Patient Communicator Dashboard with patient message history
Patient Group dashboard to select patients to send messages to

Keep every patient in reach

Responsive staff + reliable and customized appointment reminders = happy patients.

Patient Communicator gives you automated tools to connect with everyone according to their preference. Organize all chats and plan all patient outreach from one web-based platform. View your messaging history, text your patients, and automate appointment reminders/confirmations, aftercare messaging, and recall.

Instantly connect with patients
Send and receive texts with your patients in real time. Web-based and mobile-friendly platforms can access alerts and notifications for new messages.

Hassle-free group messaging
Easily send customizable messages to patient groups based on appointment types, current patient lists, or an uploaded list of phone numbers.

Easy-to-access records
Patient Communicator securely stores contact information to consolidate record keeping for easier and faster front desk access.

Make patient communication the easiest part of your day

Treat your staff and patients to a straightforward and seamless engagement experience.

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Integrate customizable messaging templates with your EHR

Your front desk needs to reach patients fast. Create templates for common messages (like appointment reminders and confirmations) to select and send to individuals or groups quickly.

  • Personalize message templates with custom variables to increase patient engagement.
  • Customize new or edit existing templates to fit your branding and marketing strategies.
  • Patients can easily opt in to text messaging, ensuring you meet all carrier security and compliance standards.
HIPAA-compliant message template library and appointment reminder text template
Patient Communicator chat history and patient contact details

Quickly scroll through patient chat history

Review contact info and all messaging history to stay up-to-date on the patient's health journey. Tailor your communication strategy, offer personalized outreach, and strengthen the patient-provider relationship.

Using the Patient Communicator, your practice can improve healthcare outcomes and patient satisfaction rates.

  • Improve healthcare outcomes and patient satisfaction rates.
  • Consolidate and track all patient contact information and integrate with your EHR/EMR.
  • Easily automate outreach to drive patient engagement.

Make patient communication the easiest part of your day

Treat your staff and patients to a straightforward and seamless engagement experience.

case study

Doctible Consistently Delivers an ROI of 10:1 for SmartBox Dental’s Clients

For SmartBox Dental’s clients, Doctible’s solutions:

  • Paid back an ROI of 10:1
  • Saved 15-30% of the time for the staff daily
  • Improved the patient retention rate by facilitating better patient experience
  • Made the staff happier by transforming their responsibilities
Cancellation alert for practice to create an EasyFill request. Select patients to fill availability and automated waitlist text

Customer testimonials

"We have been nothing short of 100% satisfied with the service we receive through Doctible. The programming has made managing our busy dental practice smooth and efficient. Everything from Patient Communicator to Easy Fill to Patient Recall has cut our time spent on these tasks in half AND produced better results! Melissa and the rest of the support staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. We will be using this product for a long time to come."

- Lee Family Dental Staff

"We have been using Doctible for a while now, and the platform is amazing. This service allows us to communicate with our patients just as we would with cell phones. We all have access to the website on our desktops and can communicate with our patients in unison. We know that hardly anyone answers their phones anymore. So, with Doctible, we can chat about anything, from confirming appointments to sending pictures of X-rays and insurance cards."

- Leslie D., Small Business

"Doctible is great, our patients love the appointment reminders and being able to communicate with the office via text message. The program is so easy to use and the reminders our patients get are wonderful and customizable."

-Fanrui Z., Dentist



How many templates can I create?

You can create as many custom templates as your practice needs and automate when they are sent, as well as which group of patients they are sent to.

Does Patient Communicator protect my patients' information?

Yes! Doctible Patient Communicator is HIPAA and TCPA-compliant. We also ensure all numbers are 10DLC compliant to prevent any disruption in your SMS service.

Do I get to choose my phone number?

Your phone number will reflect your office phone number so patients can recognize where the text originates.

Make patient communication the easiest part of your day

Treat your staff and patients to a straightforward and seamless engagement experience.