Fill your schedule with waitlist management

EasyFill, our automated waitlist management solution, helps you fill appointment cancellations in minutes. This digital waitlist and schedule filler for your calendar automatically contacts patients who need an appointment when an opening arises, saving your practice time and lost revenue.

  • Fill appointment cancelations in minutes
  • Automatically notify selected patients when you have a new availability
  • Don't lose revenue from schedule gaps
EasyFill cancellation alert to select patients to fill availability and automated patient scheduling message
Patient appointment request message and calendar with available time slot

Fill your schedule automatically

When patients cancel an appointment, it can be difficult for front desk staff to fill the empty time slot. Avoid playing phone tag and relying on outdated waitlist spreadsheets.

Use EasyFill to manage your automated patient waitlist with one click. Patients respond to automatically sent text or voice reminder messages and choose to fill the open calendar spot.

Instant time-saver

Don't let cancellations wreck the workday. Automate turnaround to fill openings with one click.

Custom waitlist management

Prioritize patients and create customized contact lists with our waitlist management software tools. With EasyFill, the right patients get notified of open appointments.

Opt-in patient texts

Patients can opt-in to open appointment notifications via text. The automatic process eliminates extra work for front desk staff.

Fill all your open appointments automatically

Never deal with time consuming phone tag and messy patient waitlists again.

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Integrate waitlist management with your EHR

Build a custom waitlist to receive open appointment notifications by selecting specific patients and those scheduled for the same procedure. Choose to fill time slots via "first come, first served" or by office approval.

  • Integrate waitlist management with your electronic health records system
  • Improve practice efficiency and organization by streamlining communication
  • Support better patient engagement and treatment outcomes
Create waitlist for automated patient scheduling after cancellation by selecting available patients
Automated digital waitlist calendar with available dates and appointment times

Drive revenue by reducing empty appointment slots

Get notified of appointment cancellations, and send an EasyFill request to your contact list. Patients waiting for an appointment or those willing to move up their current appointment get automated messages.

  • Patients opt-in to appointment opening messages with one click
  • The front desk gets to prioritize other tasks after unexpected cancellations
  • Revenue and profit immediately benefit from increased production

Fill all your open appointments automatically

Never deal with time consuming phone tag and messy patient waitlists again.

Case Study

Dentist Combats Appointment Cancellations with Doctible’s EasyFill

Hear how Dr. Olsen joined other EasyFill practices that fill 44% of all canceled appointments automatically with this revolutionary solution.

  • Automate your digital waitlist
  • Save time by improving scheduling workflows
  • Combat last-minute cancellations
  • Make rescheduling quick and easy
Man stands in corner office with open laptop in his hands

Customer testimonials

We have been nothing short of 100% satisfied with the service we receive through Doctible. The programming has made managing our busy dental practice smooth and efficient. Everything from Patient Communicator to Easy Fill to Patient Recall has cut our time spent on these tasks in half AND produced better results!

Lee Family Dental Staff

We love Doctible! I love the ease in which we can gather reviews from our patients and reply to them. Also, it takes the pressure out of asking people for a review. This is a very helpful product for our practice.

Reni G., Business Manager

The folks at Doctible are amazing. We have been using Doctible for about 3 years now and it has made communicating with our patients so much easier! Our patients appreciate the text reminders, online digital forms, and now our quarterly newsletter campaigns which we just launched. Chat and email support are always very responsive and helpful. We highly recommend using Doctible.

Lee Ann M.



What happens to the patients who don’t claim the appointment?

The patients will be notified by text message that the appointment was filled, and they will be contacted about future openings. EasyFill notifications are customizable, so the practice can choose how to manage the process.

When a patient accepts the appointment, does it go directly to my EHR? Or do I have control over that?

Practices have complete control. We do not push any appointments to your EHR or PMS until you approve them.

How do you manage the waitlist?

Practices can create their waitlist once and update it moving forward, making the process a breeze! The waitlist is then managed via your Doctible dashboard and is integrated with your EHR. You can select which patients belong on the waitlist and tag them according to your practice's needs.

How much does EasyFill cost?

We're happy to share that EasyFill is included in all Gold+ packages! Talk to a Doctible team member to learn how to use EasyFill in your practice.

Does EasyFill's automated waitlist fill the appointment automatically for the patient?

From the patient's perspective, yes. Practices have the option to approve the appointment manually or for the system to confirm the first patient that accepts. The practice will then push the information to their EHR or PMS.

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