Product and Features

Is Doctible TCPA compliant? 

Yes! Doctible is a leader in the industry in TCPA Compliance (Telephone Consumer Protection Act (47 U.S.C. § 227)).

Is Doctible HIPAA compliant? 

Yes! Doctible's solutions are completely HIPAA compliant. Talk to our team about common risks many practices face with compliance using their current patient communication tools. 

Can Doctible prevent bad reviews? 

It's unethical to prevent bad reviews, and we can't legally stop patients from leaving negative reviews on your online listings. 

However, we've designed Doctible's automated review workflows to mitigate this challenge. Patients can share positive reviews on Google and Facebook with a few clicks. If a patient has a complaint, they can send personalized feedback directly to your office instead. 

Our secure patient feedback collection includes tools to monitor trends and patient satisfaction metrics. As a result, you can quickly take corrective action and resolve issues early.

Does Doctible integrate with my EHR or PMS? 

We integrate with most popular EHRs and PMSs across many healthcare specialties. Reach out to learn if yours is one of them! 

Is there a limit to the number of text messages I can send per month?

No. There's no maximum number of text messages you can send with Doctible. 

I already have a patient reminder system in place. Will moving to Doctible impact my patient experience?

Absolutely not. Our support team specializes in ensuring your system is set up correctly before launch with no impact on your patients.

Does Doctible support multiple locations?

Yes. Doctible supports multiple locations and has an enterprise dashboard that allows you to manage all your locations from one login!

What are the main features Doctible offers?

Doctible provides several different automation options that cater to your practice needs no matter the size or whether you are in or out of the office. Doctible offers reputation management, two-way texting, patient recall, patient reminders, smart messaging, website messenger, digital forms, and smart scheduler.

Who does Doctible serve?

Dental, vision, and other medical specialties.

How long has Doctible been in business?

Doctible was incorporated in 2014 and now works with over 7000 locations across the nation.


I'm currently using another patient engagement tool. How do I manage a transition? 

Our customer success team specializes in transitioning offices from other systems to Doctible. The process is seamless, and your patients won't notice any downtime as you switch! 

Does Doctible white label?

We do! Our entire suite of features is available to be resold under your custom brand.

Does Doctible offer reselling?

Yes, you can purchase a license from us to resell to your customers. In this case, you'll be the main contact for any sales and support.

Does Doctible have an affiliate program?

Yes! Recommend Doctible to your customers, and we'll handle the sales and support side.

How is Doctible billed?

Doctible services are billed monthly or annually, according to your service contract.

Is patient data protected?

Yes. Doctible is purpose-built solely for healthcare practices and takes patient privacy and data security seriously. We have many controls in place to ensure we are HIPAA compliant.

Does Doctible offer support?

Yes. We have multiple ways for our customers to receive support. Customers can call our support line, submit a ticket, or chat with a live support agent right from their dashboard.

What number will patients receive text messages from?

In most cases, we can use your office number to send and receive text messages (depending on your phone provider).

Getting Started

How long does onboarding with Doctible take? 

Typically, onboarding is a very fast process. Practices are usually onboarded and trained in a few business days. 

Are there any additional fees? 

No. All the costs associated with your agreement are clearly stated and outlined.

Does Doctible offer free trials? 

In certain circumstances, we can provide special offers. Speak to a Doctible team member to learn if your practice qualifies for trial pricing or other new customer offers.

What are Doctible's payment terms? Do I have to pay annually? 

We offer flexible payment terms. Most customers subscribe to our services via monthly invoices with annual contracts. We also offer services on a month-to-month basis. 

Do you offer custom pricing plans? 

Yes. We offer custom pricing for practices looking for a combination of features specific to their needs.

Does Doctible offer training?

Outside of personal onboarding with our team, we have a library of resources ranging from webinars to case studies and more! Check out our practice training resources.

How can I learn more?

Outside of a personal demo with our team, we have a library of resources ranging from webinars to case studies and more! Dive into our practice resources to learn more.

Is Doctible easy to use?

Yes! Doctible was developed to streamline the operations of your practice and help alleviate frustrations! New customers can learn how to use Doctible in a matter of days!

How do I get started with Doctible?

Getting started is easy!

The best way to get started is to schedule a quick demo so we can get to know your practice's specific needs and show you the platform firsthand. From there, our team can start your setup process and ensure a smooth transition for your practice.

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