Streamline patient check-in, consent forms, and screenings

Enable better daily workflows with Digital Forms. Send patient forms before appointments to streamline intake. Collect insurance details, medical history, and consent forms automatically to reduce paperwork and manual entry errors.

  • Reduce paperwork expenses like storage and filing systems with HIPAA-compliant digital intake
  • Speed up the check-in process when patients fill out forms before their appointment
  • Get faster and more accurate data entry with digital forms
Patient Form platform for e-signature enabled digital forms. Options to create a new form, upload existing form and send form via email or SMS.
Intake Form Template digital solution with medical history and options to add new fields.

Expedite Patient Check-in

Filling out paper forms in the office can create appointment delays, throwing your schedule off track.

Collect patient information like insurance details, medical history, consent forms, and e-signatures with Digital Forms before the first appointment. Build custom forms to include advanced if/then options to cover most patient intake scenarios.

Streamline intake

Faster completion of forms and improved data accuracy can accelerate essential patient care processes.

Improve data integrity

HIPAA-compliant data delivery and storage secures access and reduces the risk of huan error.

Convenient for patients

Patients can complete forms at home or on the go, increasing satisfaction with your practice.

Hassle-free patient check-ins and digital forms

Implement digital forms for a better intake process and more efficient office.

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Reduce appointment wait times

Send secure digital forms to patients via SMS text or email. The flexibility of online forms lets patients complete them whenever suits their schedule.

Your front desk staff can monitor the status of received and pending forms.

  • Securely send and receive forms and images.
  • Design customized online forms to efficiently gather all the necessary information.
  • When patients send intake info before appointments, your front office can prepare and improve your office's service quality.
Mobile notifications for digital forms. Email and text samples from doctor's office regarding upcoming appointment.
New Form Submission for healthcare practices. HIPAA compliant with option to view the patient's form and patient data regarding all sent and submitted forms.

Secure patient data

Online forms eliminate the need for paper copies, saving printing, storage, and filing costs. Electronic documents are stored securely and cannot be misplaced or lost.

Keep your patients' information in HIPAA-compliant cloud storage, making it easily accessible to authorized staff.

  • Patient forms arrive in a secure PDF that can be uploaded to your practice management software.
  • Digital forms scale with your practice without incurring extra costs.
  • Follow HIPAA guidelines without worrying about losing patient information.

Hassle-free patient check-ins and digital forms

Implement digital forms for a better intake process and more efficient office.

Customer testimonials

"User friendly platform, you get suggestions for number of reminders that should go out but can easily change it if needed. Templates are easy to change, and to upload photos. The morning email will let you know how many unconfirmed patients we have for the next few days so you can focus on those. Many patients prefer text messaging, and this allows us to meet their needs."

— Christine S., Practice Administrator

"Doctible is continually innovating the product and innovating at the correct speed as to not compromise on ease of use with the user - and simplicity of communication techniques with the patients."

— Whitley M., Office Manager



How do I access Digital Forms records?

You can view all the forms you've received from patients in your portal. Your practice can download, print, and take other actions.

Can digital forms be accessed and completed on various devices?

Yes. Patients can access their digital intake forms on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

How are online forms' information stored?

Intake forms are stored in our HIPAA compliant dashboard for your front office to review.

Hassle-free patient check-ins and digital forms

Implement digital forms for a better intake process and more efficient office.