Increase and improve patient reviews

Easily collect online patient reviews with automatic feedback prompts via text after appointments. Save time by letting patients share reviews on Google and Facebook with just a few clicks. Monitor patient satisfaction metrics to identify trends and take corrective action.

  • Automatically  collect feedback from patients
  • Eliminate manual review collection for your staff
  • Quickly take action and resolve issues
Review Alerts from Google and Facebook in Doctible's reputation management platform—public Review Stats with average review rating and total reviews.
Review Data breakdown in the Doctible online reputation management platform—Google and Facebook patient review details.

Manage your online presence    

Online reviews are vital for patients looking for healthcare providers. But, asking current patients for reviews is often time-consuming. Doctible's EHR integration automatically requests and collects patient feedback via text. Strengthen your online presence by responding to reviews and tracking metrics like average rating, total reviews, etc.

Quickly boost online reputation

Negative online reviews can damage a practice's reputation fast. Proactively collect feedback and provide prompt responses to mitigate potential negative impacts and protect your online standing.

Attract more patients

The Doctible dashboard makes it easier for patients to provide feedback so you don't miss valuable insights or delay issue identification. Reinforce positive actions and stop negative ones quickly.

Understand  your patient experience

Understand how patients perceive their experience in a centralized platform. The dashboard pinpoints patient sentiment to identify areas of excellence and improvement.

Get more online reviews effortlessly

Elevate your credibility and enhance your practice's online visibility with automated review collection and management.

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Interact with patient reviews in real-time

Automatically send review requests and monitor mentions of your practice on online platforms like Google and Facebook. Our comprehensive view lets you quickly track trends and stay on top of your online reputation.

  • Collect feedback without manual action.
  • Get more reviews for strong online reputation management.
  • Increase your practice's online visibility so patients can find you easily.
Patient feedback message from Doctible, "Thank you for your visitor, how was your appointment? How can we make this experience better for you?" Weekly Review Stats from the Doctible dashboard.
Online review dashboard from Doctible with recent Facebook and Google reviews. New Review Alert from Google with patient's feedback and tool to respond to online reviews.

Expand and optimize your online presence

In the dashboard, you can monitor review trends and patient satisfaction metrics, allowing your staff to take action quickly. View all your activity on one online reputation management platform to respond to incoming reviews easily.

  • Centralize online patient feedback in one easy-to-use dashboard.  
  • Track average ratings and total reviews to gain valuable insights and improve your services.
  • Empower your staff to take quick, informed actions based on real-time insights.

Get more online reviews effortlessly

Elevate your credibility and enhance your practice's online visibility with automated review collection and management.

Customer testimonials

Doctible made it easy for our patients to quickly and effectively give real time reviews of same day services and staff. Patients were able to select from just using the 1 - 5 star options or adding a comment.  All of this right from the phone or desktop.    

—Joy G., Office Manager, Medical Practice

We started utilizing the Doctilbe service so we could easily gather Google reviews from our existing patients. We went from only having 5 Google reviews to 99 5 start reviews. We also have the reviews connected to our website as a testimonials page and have over 900 5-star reviews there as well.

— Paul M., President/CFO, Health & Wellness

Doctilbe has definitely kept patient retention as people don't forget their appointment as often. Even bigger than that, every 2 months or after the patients first visit they send an attachment to give the patient the option to either review or give feedback to our office on what we can do better. This review generator has amplified our new patients like no other product. Would absolutely recommend it to anyone... and even better it does not break the bank.

—Michelle H., Practice Manager



How quickly are review requests sent to patients after their appointment?

You have the flexibility to choose when to send requests. You can choose to automatically prompt patients for a review if they have not responded to the initial message.

How do I know who's received review requests?

You can use the dashboard to see a list of patients who were sent a request and view their responses.

Are reviews collected using Doctible automatically published on Google and Facebook?

Yes. You can connect your Google Business page, Facebook account, and other online platforms so reviews are posted immediately. Moreover, you can respond right from the Doctible Dashboard.

What phone number will my practice use to send reputation management texts?

Online review request texts will come from your office phone number!

Get more online reviews effortlessly

Elevate your credibility and enhance your practice's online visibility with automated review collection and management.