Engage patients the right way.

Provide a seamless engagement experience between your staff and patients using each patient’s preferred communication method. Our patient communication platform increases the efficiency of your practice and boosts patient satisfaction.

Patient communication channels for practices including text and email and chat
Enable Landline Texting
Contact Uploader
Multi-user Support
Custom Templates
Image/MMS Support
Cellphone Detector
Instant Alerter
Web-based Dashboard
Broadcast Group Messages
Instant Engagement
TCPA Compliant
Custom SMS Templates
Two-way Texting
Custom Phone Number
Blackout Hours

Reduce no-shows, save staff time and boost your online reputation.

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Patient Communicator

Two-Way Texting & Automation

Quit playing phone tag and easily send patient messages in our web-based dashboard. View message history, custom templates, and more to track and automate patient communication.

Front Desk Friendly

Our platform supports multiple users and alerts you instantly when patients respond. Two-way texting with your practice’s landline phone number and broadcast group messaging is included.

HIPAA and TCPA Compliant

Google Voice and cellphone messaging risk patients’ privacy. Send messages through the Doctible Patient Communicator without worrying about fines.

Doctible's Patient Communicator with HIPAA compliant two-way texting and the communication dashboard
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Reduce missed appointments and keep your schedule full

Send automated and customized SMS text reminders for upcoming appointments. You choose the intervals and the messaging. Send from a custom phone number with your office’s branding to give reminders a personalized touch.

Slash No-Show Rates

Want a full schedule? Over 70% of patients confirm appointments without staff lifting a finger. EHR and PMS integrations sync your contacts for seamless implementation.

Automated Confirmations

Confirm appointments without making a single phone call. Get notification alerts when patients confirm their appointment.

Doctible's appointment reminder dashboard and confirmations
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Remind & confirm hard-to-reach patients through automated calls

Outgoing Messages (OGM) are scheduled to automatically send to your patients. In the event of missed calls, the OGM will be recorded to voicemail. Appointment confirmation allows patients to confirm their next scheduled visit with one button (optional feature).

Custom Voice Templates

Our customer service team, with your input, will create your voice template "scripts" using our smart messaging logic.

Custom Schedule

Set up your Outgoing Messages with intervals of your choice. View, edit, and test your Outgoing Messages from the easy-to-use dashboard.

Doctible's Voice Reminders template and call scheduler
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Smart Messaging

Unique messages tailored to your practice

Smart Messaging sorts communications by Appointment Type, provider, or operatory. Create and automate patient guidance, reminders, follow-ups, workflow screenings, intake, consent forms, and more using email and/or text messages.

Schedule Important Outreach

Deliver the right message when they’re needed most. Send schedule updates, office emergency hours, and more before or after an appointment.

Customize Messages by Type

Create unique messaging by appointment status. Attach treatment-specific forms, reminders, and aftercare to the right message type.

Doctible's Smart Messaging patient communication templates and contact method
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Traffic Alerts

Prevent late shows that disrupt your schedule

Traffic alerts ensure that patients receive the right reminder to your practice location along with the latest traffic conditions thereby ensuring they plan their departure correctly. Customize your alerts based on the time your practice would like to alert the patients.

Real time updates

Provide your patients with the right set of directions that enable them to arrive at your practice on time while skipping on traffic.


Create customized messages based on your practice workflow, including appointment types, to alert based on specific criteria at your practice.

Doctible's Traffic Alerts navigation for patients

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