Eye Surgeon Explains Patient Feedback Requests Support Better Outcomes

Ajit Viswanathan
April 3, 2021
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Dr. Max believes an important way to deliver better healthcare is to review patient feedback, especially online reviews. 

"When you have your team meeting, look at them and look to see if there is a trend in there."

Online Reputation Management Is Valuable

You can manage your Reputation. It's a branding thing at the end of the day. The brand is me as the doctor, the brand is the company. There's two brands going on at the same time
Dr. Max of NVISION believe online reputation management is valuable with Doctiible

NVISION has 40 clinics, and six surgery centers representing about 55 doctors in the states of California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon.

Dr. Max recommends medical practices automate their online reviews with tools like Doctible. Max has seen that some patients will not provide direct feedback.  

It's important to have tools that alert us that reviews have been submitted and how the reviews are doing .

Dr. Max Parikh is the Chief Surgeon in the La Jolla office and he believes it's important to have a strategy for online review requests and patient feedback.

Sometimes the patients will try to tell you that personally, you don't want to hear it. So they put it on, the internet and that's when you hear about it...

Every Office Should Read Online Reviews

Someone should be looking at your reviews... not just the positive ones but the negative ones as well. It can be completely true or it could at least be a kernel of truth in that review... If you don't have the stomach to do it, then you need someone in the office to do it.

Listening to Patient Feedback Is an Art

Sometimes it's art reading this feedback. The negative reviews are always what draws my attention because I want to see what's going on there. That helps you make sure that when the next patient is walking in she doesn't encounter the same thing too.

Reviews Are a Patient Feedback Loop

I take it personally sometimes. So will the staff. Someone should look at it and then decide how you want to act on it. Because just the data without doing anything is going to be a dead end.

Doctible's reputation management tool creates an effective patient feedback response framework and can ensure every patient is sent a patient experience survey.

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Ajit Viswanathan
March 3, 2023

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