Add Automated Voice Reminders | Supercharge Your Practice

Custom voice templates

Our customer service team, with your input, will create your voice template "scripts" using our smart messaging logic.

Allow patients to confirm appointments!


Custom schedule

Setup your  Outgoing Messages (OGMs) with cadence of your choice


View and Edit Schedule

View, edit, and test your Outgoing Messages from your dashboard


Patient receives OGM

Supports Happy Patients & Staff

Outgoing Messages (OGM) are received by your patients. In the event of missed calls, the OGM will be recorded to voicemail. 

  • Automated one button appointment confirmation (optional) 


Any message cadence (days/hrs)

Incorporate variables like location, and appointment time in your OGM

View, Edit, and Test Outgoing Messages

Patient Confirmation

Records to voicemail

Automated synthetic voice

Schedule on dashboard

Uses same number as Patient Communicator

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