Engage via your website - reach more new patients

Image of Doctible webchat visible on a medical or dental website

A front desk for your website

Powerful webchat works 24/7

Instantly engage with vistors to your website, answer common questions and accept appointment requests.

Benefit from your online reputation - convert more site visitors/referrals.


Instant Engagement

Customized to your practice

Chat-to-Text option

Email Notification with transcript

Can be added to any site

Multi-location Support

Instant interactions

Patients come to your website seeking information. Providing a quick interaction that answers questions enhances the likelihood they'll seek an appointment.


Increased search engine optimization

Google increases rankings for websites where visitors tend to stay longer.

Reducing bounce rates and increasing visit duration boosts your search engine ranking.

Fewer calls saves time

Monitor chat transcripts

Staff can quickly determine who needs attention. Using chat-to-text keeps your staff efficient and reduces calls further.

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