Doctible Celebrates Medical & Dental Office Managers & Administrators

April 28, 2021
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Who leads the charge for monitoring and improving patient experience?

We know the answer! it's the office managers and administrators.  

The Survey Says: "Everything"

We asked dozens of medical and dental office managers and practice administrators, "what do you do?" The most common answer was, "Everything!"

At Doctible, we know the practice administrators and managers spend a good part of their day keeping everyone happy! They're simultaneously juggling cancellations, technology upgrades, and patient intake, while also coordinating appointment reminders and tracking online reviews.

Celebrating Dental & Medical Office Managers

That's why we celebrate medical & dental office managers (and administrators) -- everything we build is aimed to making the jobs of dental & medical office managers easier and lives simpler.

We help dental & medical office managers and and their staff save hours every day while also empowering them meet business goals like patient retention.

Help us Celebrate! | What Can You Do?

Are you a dental or medical office manager or practice administrator?

  1. Celebrate yourself!
  2. Take time to relax and take the time to automate away the drudgery
  3. Find right digital tools that can make life easier for patients and staff
  4. Let us save you 1-3 hours a day!

Are you a Doctor, Dentist, Therapist, or CFO/COO? Here's how to help and celebrate your office managers and administrators:

  1. Encouragement, support and thanks go a long way!
  2. Encourage your Office Manager to explore digital communications tools that save time and money!
  3. Support your administrator by getting the right tools for the entire staff. Tools like Doctible that are easy to setup and use!
  4. Thank your managers and administrators for keeping everything running on-time even if it feels like 1/2 the patients are late and the other 1/2 are early!

We know there are days that lunch is more of an abstract concept than something nourishing and satisfying. We know it's hard to find time to talk with vendors!

We got bored and made this one ourselves!
We will make sure yours is made professionally!

The Pizza is On Us!

We are happy to buy a pizza for you and take a few minutes to show you why office managers say we have their backs!

For patient experience management, practice growth, staff retention and more, Doctible will help you do more, with less effort!

Three Foci: Patients, Staff, and "the practice"

It's hard to find three different toppings that everyone wants on their pizza -- just like it's hard for dental and medical office managers to balance the needs of patients, staff, and "the practice" but that is where Doctible shines!

We'll Buy You A Pizza and Help You Find The Time to Eat It!

  • Call us up at (855) 429-1256
  • Tell them "Harry said you'd buy me a Pizza"
  • They will ask you to verify the name of the practice, phone number, and details like your EHR or practice management system.
  • We will give you a gift card for one pizza! ($25 value), and take a few minutes to learn about your practice and give you a Doctible Demo
  • Doctible has already helped 1000s of practices save 1-3 hours a day (or more)

Oh My!  Please Schedule 6 Weeks in Advance

If your office and your lunch breaks are "scheduled six weeks in advance... " we are also happy to schedule your lunch and learn at a day and time that's convenient for you.


November 30, 2023

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