Why Local Dental Practices Need An Online Reputation Management Strategy

February 8, 2021
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Key Takeaways

  • Essential Online Reputation Management (ORM): Dental practices need a robust ORM strategy to gain trust and visibility in the local digital landscape, where 83% of patients rely on online reviews.
  • Unique ORM Strategy for Dental Practices: Understand the importance of crafting a unique ORM strategy tailored to your dental practice, considering factors like location, the number of providers, and the nature of the practice.
  • Impact on Patient Trust and SEO: A positive online reputation contributes to patient trust, influencing more than a third of patients in choosing dental practitioners. It works in combination with local SEO efforts to build a trustworthy brand.
  • Strategic Growth with ORM: A comprehensive online reputation management strategy enhances visibility, improves patient experience, and fuels the growth of your dental practice, emphasizing the significance of genuine, time-earned positive reviews.
  • Doctible's ORM Solution: Doctible's reputation management software aids dental practices in building a positive online reputation by automating feedback requests, generating genuine reviews on platforms like Facebook and Google, and ensuring HIPAA security and TCPA compliance.

How Doctible’s Online Reputation Management System Helps You Improve Patient Experience and "Win"Google

83% of patients say that they trust online reviews for medical professionals, even more than they do personal recommendations. This is why managing your practice’s online reputation is essential.

Our patients place excellent reviews on Google, and some of them refer to it. They say that they’ve seen our reviews on Google.

Naples Endodontics

Why is Online Reputation Management (ORM) Strategy Important?

No matter what your marketing efforts are, they might be a waste of time if you don’t have a strategy to manage your online reputation.

Your online reputation management (ORM) strategy must define your long term ORM goals and how you plan to achieve them.

Every practice is different, and your dental practice will require a unique reputation management strategy. This strategy should account for the nature of your dental practice, the number of providers you have, the location of the practice, and other factors.

Google reviews help get you found, but they are also validating. They give the patient more confidence as they approach the practice.
Brain Gavitt - VP, Sales and Marketing, Cincinnati Foot and Ankle Center.

Grow your Dental Practice with an Online Reputation Management Strategy

A positive online reputation helps new and existing patients trust your practice. More than a third of patients (34.7%) said a doctor’s online reputation is significant -  a higher percentage than any other industry.

Your online reputation strategy works together with other search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and content marketing to build a trustworthy brand for your patients. Patients are likely to search on Google to find a new dental practice for treatment. Even if they were referred, most dental patients would still want to check out your practice online to make their decision.

Everything we do is geared towards ultimately helping the patient. And when you’re helping your patient, they’re more apt to speak positively about you.
Kelly Zielinski  - Business Development Manager, Doctible.

Building a detailed online reputation management strategy helps you become more visible online, improve patient experience, and ultimately grow your dental practice.

Great Reputation is Built, not Bought

Building a great online reputation for your dental practice is not an easy task. However, your strategy will ultimately help you create a system that is both efficient and scalable.

Using an online reputation management system gives me the finger on the pulse of operations in 18 different locations. It shows me the things I need to address in each of our locations.
David Gibson, Executive Director, Cincinnati Foot, and Ankle Care

It takes time to build an online reputation, so your strategy must take that into account. Acknowledging this means that you won’t consider faking online reviews or adopting a once-and-done mentality to your online reputation management strategy.

While it is possible to fake or even buy reviews, the truth will eventually come out and can seriously harm your practice’s online reputation. Google will find it suspicious if you suddenly have a surge of positive reviews and then a long period of silence, and so will prospective patients.

Most patients expect to see a couple of negative reviews. It makes your practice seem more authentic. Still, you do need to have a plan in your strategy to handle negative reviews.

Build a Positive Online Reputation with Doctible

Doctible helps dental practices build a positive online reputation. With our reputation management software, you can automatically request feedback from clients, making the process efficient and scalable.

Doctible’s reputation management software comes with review generating technology that makes it easy for your dental practice to get genuine feedback and gain new reviews on Facebook and Google.

Doctible easily integrates with hundreds of EMR, EHR, and other practice management systems, so it doesn’t disrupt your workflow, but it is still robust enough to function on its own as a standalone system.

Doctible is also fully HIPAA secure and TCPA compliant and is highly rated by trusted platforms like Capterra, SoftwarePundit, and G2 Crowd.

Request a consultation with Doctible to improve your practice’s online reputation management.

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