Doctible Consistently Delivers an ROI of 10:1 for SmartBox Dental’s Clients

For SmartBox Dental’s clients, Doctible’s solutions:

Paid back an ROI of 10:1

Overall practice improvement leads to a better patient retention rate. Online reviews and new patient acquisition channels consistently bring new patients in.

Saved 15-30% of the time for the staff daily

Time saved through automation is spent giving better care to patients, answering queries, and reducing waiting times. Patient queries are answered promptly through the two-way texting module allowing easier interaction with the practice.

Improved the patient retention rate by facilitating better patient experience

Better care and more streamlined communications lead to a better reputation. Review generator and autoresponder ensures a better reputation online and visibility on search engines.

Made the staff happier by transforming their responsibilities

Automated review management, communication, and patient acquisition allowed staff to do more meaningful work, making them happier.

Case Study

SmartBox Dental, a dental marketing firm serving dental practices across the US, has been consistently delivering an ROI of 10:1 for its clients with Doctible. They found Doctible two years ago during their search for solutions that automate and streamline day-to-day tasks at medical practices. Now they’re taking advantage of all of Doctible’s solutions.

SmartBox creates a balance between new patient opportunities and patient retention rates so practices can cut down on marketing costs while simultaneously increasing revenue. Part of their strategy is to equip the practices with the right tools and software, and Doctible’s solutions are their go-to option today.

Trent Arkema, COO and VP of marketing at SmartBox Dental, reckons that Doctible’s products are essential to what SmartBox has been able to achieve for dental practices.

More communication channels and better accessibility lead to higher patient satisfaction

By streamlining and automating different day-to-day tasks with Doctible, SmartBox improved the operational efficiency of its practices. This allowed the practice staff to focus more on the things that matter in improving the practices’ reputation, like the patient experience, answering questions, and reducing wait times.

SmartBox established two more communication channels for its practices: Doctible’s two-way texting and the website messenger—communication methods demanded by the digital age, which has transformed patient-practice interactions. While the chatbot takes care of the pre-sale questions, the two-way texting module is a game-changer for patient retention rates. The easily accessible, quicker communication channel has helped patients get answers to their queries quicker, making them stick with the practice, ultimately improving the retention rate.

Automating reputation management means automating patient acquisition

Generating and managing Google reviews was challenging and time-consuming for SmartBox’s clients.

”Review management is one of the biggest pieces for us. The number of Google reviews and responses has been shown to increase rankings. Automating reviews and responses with Doctible has been a huge time-saver for our clients.”

-Trent A., SmartBox Dental

SmartBox has been taking advantage of Doctible’s custom testimonial page as well. According to Trent Arkema, displaying reviews and testimonials on client websites rather than only on Google has successfully persuaded people to book appointments online.

”Studies say people trust online reviews more than they trust word of mouth. Having that kind of social proof in multiple places, especially on websites, is necessary. We have a review carousel on all of our pages; we also have a dedicated patient testimonial page. These are actual patients that have been there, stating that they had a wonderful experience. This reinforces what our content on the websites already tried to establish and gets people to schedule an appointment.”

-Trent A., SmartBox Dental

15-30% of time saved by the staff every day!

”Doctible’s suite is saving anywhere between 15% to 30% of the staff’s time on a daily basis, the time spent on answering calls, filling out paperwork, and doing plain office work.”

The time saved is spent doing things that actually matter—things that help the owners run the business and improve its reputation.

”Taking the administrative work and the paperwork off the staff’s plate has made them more efficient, and there has been a huge shift in what they were responsible for. The staff now actually help the owners run the business instead of working in the business. It has made the staff happier because they’re not tied up with paperwork and spreadsheets, but doing things that help the business move forward.”

- Trent A., SmartBox Dental

An ROI of 10:1 for SmartBox Dental’s clients!

”Dental practices do not need to have many appointments scheduled and implemented to have a significant effect on the revenue. A 5% increase in the answer rate can add $30,000 to the bottom line.”

Streamlining communications and automating reputation management alone saved the staff a significant amount of time, making them more attentive to phone calls and patients, thus accelerating revenue growth.SmartBox’s strategy has been very successful. Doctible’s solutions are playing a vital role in turning dental practices into profitable businesses, so much so that Doctible is paying back an ROI of ten to one!

”Doctible's tools have allowed us to solve the day-to-day problems dental practices face. These tools have been paying back an ROI of 10:1 for them. I am yet to come across a business person who doesn't like a 10:1 ROI.”

For SmartBox Dental’s clients, Doctible’s solutions:

  • Paid back an ROI of 10:1
  • Saved 15-30% of the time for the staff dail
  • Improved the patient retention rate by facilitating better patient experience
  • Made the staff happier by transforming their responsibilities

SmartBox Dental is a dental marketing firm based in New Albany, Indiana. As a practice growth firm, SmartBox Dental’s mission is to help dental practices of any size, from single locations to DSOs, thrive by turning their marketing into bottom-line profits. They provide dental marketing, team training, and consultation services to dental practices across the US.

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